Women are NOT required to have Anal Sex with their husbands


Tonight when I was a guest on the Alan Colmes show a caller named Emily called in(not to be confused with the Emily who comments on here all the time) and she told Alan that I told a woman she had to submit to her husbands desire for anal sex.

The woman she is referring to I believe is Victoria.  Victoria asked me if she had to submit to her husbands desire for anal sex and this was my response to her:

September 17, 2015 at 6:49 pm


The Scriptural requirement for you to give your body to husband to meet his sexual needs does NOT require you submitting to abuse. It is a medical fact that the anus, unlike the mouth or vagina, is a truly an EXIT ONLY orifice. The lining on in the anus is easily torn and bleeds and infections can easily be caused by this.

Biblically speaking when we desire something that God did not intend us to have that is selfishness, that is covetousness and it is sin. God did not design your anus for your husband to penetrate it, so by definition his desire is selfish…”

The comment has not been edited – the time stamp remains September 17, 2015 at 6:49 pm when I made my statement.

So Emily – you spoke something untrue. 

Perhaps you misread my comments elsewhere and if you thought I supported that please feel free to reference those comments where you think I did.  I have never ever supported anal sex or told women they must submit to it.

I found it positively exhilarating that Alan Colmes, a self professed liberal and strong believer in feminism, actually took Rosie to task on her rape accusations. He was just going on what she said so he called me supposedly telling women they should submit to anal sex “creepy” but he said it was not rape.

In fact he went on to tell her that if a wife did not like it she could just leave the marriage.  It is her choice to stay, her choice to submit to anal sex. Again I am not promoting anal sex or that wives should submit to it.  But if a man pressured his wife to have anal sex – not physically, but simply by convincing her it was her duty to submit to it and she does submit to it – that is not rape.  It is a decision she made.



19 thoughts on “Women are NOT required to have Anal Sex with their husbands

  1. On all of your posts, you CAN see there were comments, but when you click on comments, there are NO comments. How stupid do you think people are? Also, you’ve deleted my comments on your blog. You, Larry, are a boy!!! You’re NOT a man! Coward!

  2. ^For the record, I have been around her for several months now, and I have never ever read Larry saying that wifes should submit to having anal sex.

    And gahh! There are way too many women with my name 😦

  3. *correction: about. Emily, you are still a child and immature. You are following a man, who has no idea what Christianity is all about! He is trying to make himself look good, after I posted the definition of rape, and it’s penalties. If you read my posts on his blog, before he deleted them, you would know, that my advice was sound.

  4. “knocked up”?? What?
    The definition?
    Marriage implies consent. There isn’t such thing as rape in marriage unless it involves violence.

  5. …and yes! Larry told the woman that, ” should have anal sex with her husband because her husband has aurhority over her. Also, he told me, that the Catholic Church should NOT have granted my mother a divorce from my father because he had had multiple affairs and a family with another woman. Do you think this is right Emily?

  6. Where did he say that?
    I don’t agree w everything Larry says, but seeing is believing, and I haven’t seen him say that.
    Since when does the Church even grant divorces?

  7. The Church?! I’ve been a Catholic my whole life. We don’t believe in divorce. Actually, Christians shouldn’t believe in divorce.
    “Let not the wife depart from her husband…let not the husband put away his wife”
    “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”
    You can seek an annulment through the church but… for adultery? I think it’s case by case. If a husband or a wife merely ‘slipped up’ that is not grounds for annulment, at least from what I know of the Church.
    If he’s repeatedly cheated on her since their marriage.. perhaps the marriage was never sacramental.
    But annulment dne divorce.

    I live in Texas too. I know the legal definition of rape, and marital rape. But we are not arguing the legality of it, but the morality of it.

  8. Rosie, he just answered the question why are you insisting he advocates something that he does not?
    BGR: “Women are not required to have anal sex with their husbands.”
    Rosie: “That’s not what you think..neeeer”
    Who’s the child in this conversation?

    Funny with the “exit only” sign, BGR. 🙂

  9. Emily,

    I apologize for letting Rosie escape and her personal attacks on you – that is a clear violation of my comments policy. As is clear to all this woman is quite delusional. Why would I tell one woman she had to have anal sex with her husband because he was under authority, while telling another woman she does not have to submit to anal sex from her husband because God did not make it for that purpose of sex.

    I now remember who Rosie is – I dedicated a post to something stupid she said a little while back.


  10. Emily,

    I found an older comment than the one posted here where again I answered a woman’s question on this subject of anal sex:
    May 30, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    Her question was:

    “What if a husband wants to do things with his wife that she does not like or that make her uncomfortable? I can think of a lot of examples but I am talking specifically about sodomy. My husband says it is not real sodomy because we are married and the biblical references are to homosexuals or to fornicators. I understand his argument but I still do not enjoy it. I allow him sometimes in order to please him, but I don’t believe I am being sinful in not agreeing every time he wants this. Sometimes I think if I agreed all the time he would never want anything else.”

    This was my response:
    May 30, 2015 at 4:38 pm


    What I am talking about in these posts are chronic “sexual denial”, not “sexual performance”. I would never advocate for a man to use these 8 steps because his wife would not do certain sexual things, as long as she is willing to have intercourse, then she is not denying him. I do not believe God created the anus for sexual penetration, and while other types of sex are alluded to in the Song of Solomon, anal sex is never alluded to or mentioned. I would recommend you seek counseling with a Christian counselor or your Pastor on this.”

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