23 Year Old Catholic Woman Seeks Traditional Catholic Man

It is amazing to me how the Lord took this little site I started back in 2014 and how much he has expanded it. And most of this expansion has been just from people asking me for help or suggesting new ministry expansions.

Some years back I had a Christian woman write to me asking if I would start a podcast site and put my material that I write here on that podcast site in verbal form as it was hard for her to read through my posts. So I started that podcast site and the Lord has greatly blessed it. Many of my articles from this site I have turned into podcasts there and now it has over 100 podcasts dealing with the subjects of courtship, marriage, sex and many other things from a Biblical perspective.

Last year I split off many of my articles on sex on to a new BiblicalSexology.com site and the Lord has greatly blessed that ministry as well.

In addition to those areas, my new Instagram ministry which I started about a year and half ago has really blossomed. I actually have more contacts and discussions with people on Instagram then I do through comments here or emails I receive. And my Instagram site just taking off so big is a lot of the reason I have not posted here as much. I actually need to copy many of the posts I have done there back here and to my other BIblicalSexology.com site. They are shorter because of the nature of Instagram and its size limits, but I think they will be a blessing here as well.

It looks like the Lord may be leading me to creating a BGR dating site to allow both single men and women who believe in Biblical gender roles and Biblical patriarchy to find one another. Pray for me as I am building and expanding that new ministry.

In the meantime, before there is a BGR dating site, below is the profile of a young woman who recently reached out to me.

“I am a 23-year-old devout traditional Catholic woman looking for a devout traditional Catholic man. I dress modestly, go to church and pray daily. I believe in traditional biblical gender roles and desire to be a stay-at-home wife and mother as I believe God intends for women.

I am a tall woman (5’11”) with curves and a few extra pounds. Right now, when straightened, my hair reaches to mid breast and is a darker blonde. My eyes are blue with flecks of green and gray and I have been told that I have a “young” face. I typically wear skirts and dresses because they help me feel more feminine and accentuate my naturally feminine features. Because I know it is of interest to men, I will add that my breasts are naturally large and my hips naturally wide and curvy.

The Catholic man I am looking for must attend Traditional Latin Mass. I personally attend an FSSP Parish but am also interested in SSPX and would welcome someone from either. It is important that he be knowledgeable about theology and Church history. Anyone who attends a Novus Ordo Parish or aligns with their modern beliefs will not be considered.

I live in the state of Texas where I work as a nanny.  I am willing to do a long-distance courtship with any man who is a U.S. citizen and I am willing to relocate to where he lives if we were to marry.  But during the courtship process I would want to see him in person at least once weekend a month.  Whether that means he has to fly to my state or he pays to fly me to his state matters not.  I believe paying for travel each month will be a good demonstration of his ability to provide and I do not think longs distance courtships where you rarely see each other in person work well, at least it would not work well for me.”

Traditional Catholic men, please feel to reach out to me either by DM here or by emailing me at biblicalgenderroles@gmail.com if you would be interested in finding out more about this young lady.  She is using me to vet men who respond to this ad, so you need to get through me first before you get to communicate directly with her.

2 thoughts on “23 Year Old Catholic Woman Seeks Traditional Catholic Man

  1. Great for you! As a Christian man I can say that finding another of same values is next to impossible. This is how it must be. In this era we are unequally yoked. There is no true faith in the Father to be found out… includes within the church.
    All 6 chapters of Galatians makes this clear as day that if we live by the law (thinking that it makes an impression with God).
    This should be our prayer… “Lord, my God, your will be done.”
    Where in this simple prayer includes room for fulfillment of my desires?
    Simply just deny this fake worldly love and then True Love will be given. God is love and all you need.

  2. “it is important that he does not deny the legitimacy of Vatican II”

    That’s a strange request considering Vatican II is modernist. You would think a traditionalist would want nothing to do with modernism. A Catholic can still be in good standing whilst rejecting Vatican II, seeing as it is non-binding.

    I am not a part of the SSPX, but I believe they are in full communion with Rome.

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