41 y/o Masculine Christian Man Seeking a Young Feminine Christian Virgin Sister

Below is a profile I recently received from a Christian man seeking a Christian wife who is a sister in Christ as fully believing the doctrines of the Bible concerning Biblical patriarchy.

Daniel’s Profile

“My name is Daniel.  I reside in North Carolina.  And I am a virgin man.  Yes, I am.  My mom taught me to not have sex until I was married and by the grace of God, I kept to this commitment.  I was saved 16 years ago and believe that all Christians should uphold Hebrews 13:4 highly and live it out in their lives as faithfully as possible.  The marriage bed should remain undefiled before and even after marriage.  Sexually purity is crucial for a happy marriage.

I am in the process of becoming a homeowner and desire a godly wife who wants to be a submissive homemaker and who desires a large family (like at least 10 children).  When God said to be fruitful and multiply, he meant it.  This woman should already be involved in church activities and be held accountable or be discipled by a more seasoned Christian woman who interacts with her on a weekly & monthly basis.

I work with my hands as a handyman, landscaper and mechanical repair man. (Auto and home appliances to be exact).  I also have skills in electrical and plumbing work.  I am physically fit and hope the woman I marry would at least value her health enough to stay active in some productive way too.  I don’t want a lazy woman.

I am pro-marriage, pro-gun (self-defense), pro-biblical gender roles.  And I am also for Biblical Patriarchy, I just believe it should be practiced the way the Church and Christ practice it in their relationship.

Lastly, I love to cook, dance, sing, read books, host people over for meals, evangelize my neighbors and community and even have a online Christian ministry.  I currently serve as the ‘precinct chair’ in my community and I am politically conservative and desire the same in my bride. 

I am reformed in theology and presbyterian in church government.  I am anti-abortion, anti-feminism, anti-LGBTQ alphabet monster and anti-socialism/communism. There’s more, but this is a good start.”

Contacting Daniel

If you are a Christian woman who believes in Biblical patriarchy and is interested in speaking further with Daniel please email me and give me a little of your background and testimony and what you are looking for in marriage. Important details to include are your age, general location (like what state you live in) and background on your faith (please include the Christian denomination you were raised in) and family.

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