23 Year Old Traditional Catholic Woman Finds a Husband!

About a year ago, a young 23 year old Catholic woman reached out to me to discuss a strategy for finding a husband. I am happy to report she is now married!

When she approached me via email she was discouraged and just wanted to find a godly husband. She asked if I would do a dating ad on my site and Instagram for her. I had never done any dating ads on my blog or Instagram page before this. I decided to do this for her and it led me to do this for others as well.

I did tell her that my site and Instagram pages combined only reach about 6000 viewers a day on average (sometimes its 10,000) and that is minuscule compared to the reach she would have if she went on some normal dating sites.

I am not sure how many dating sites she tried – but she did eventually meet her husband on CatholicMatch.com

Below is her email that she recently send to me:

“BGR, this past Saturday I married my husband! Praise God!

We met online on CatholicMatch in early November. We eventually met in person and 3 months later he proposed. It was short and sweet!

One of the first conversations we had was me introducing him to your website, which he really appreciated. During our courtship I used your advice to properly vet him and it was clear he would be a good provider and that God had brought him to me.

3 days married and things are going great. I still have a lot to learn about being a good, obedient wife but with God’s help I know I can succeed. Due to your advice we are now implementing Christian Domestic discipline and I can already see the positive effects of it.”

Thank you so much for all your encouragement and advice and for posting my advertisement.”

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