23-Year-Old Traditional Christian French Man Seeking Traditional Christian Wife

I recently had this young french Christian man who strongly believes in Biblical patriarchy and is seeking a wife who believes the same reach out to me. Here is how he described himself and what he is looking for in a future wife.

“Hello, my name is Sullyvan and I am a 23-year-old French Christian traditional man living in Bordeaux, in the south west of France. I believe in Biblical patriarchy and that it is my responsibility as the man to lead, provide for and protect my future wife and that sex is reserved for marriage.  I am 5 feet 11 inches. I have blonde and curly hair. I am studying computer science and particularly cybersecurity. I also have savings from inheritances. I will have a well-paid job after I am graduated.

I am looking for a conservative Christian bride, who believes in traditional gender roles within a household. I expect my wife to see me as her Kurios: lord, master and owner, just as Sara called her husband Abraham “lord” in 1 Peter 3:5-6. I want a wife who is a virgin and has the character of being docile, quiet, submissive, obedient, meek, soft and caring.  A woman who will serve her husband and have a pure heart and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I want to be married to somebody who would like to live as a housewife after marriage and have lots of kids.

I plan to move into a rural area of Europe or maybe the US, I am still thinking about it. I want to live a simple life with my wife and children near nature and forests.  As for as looks, I just have a preference for blonde women but I’m not difficult. Just I want a wife who is White (Caucasian) as I am. She can be younger than me or of the same age.”

If you are a traditional Christian woman who believes in Biblical patriarchy and you feel that you would be a good match for Sullyvan please email me at biblicalgenderroles@gmail.com. When you email me, please include a similar profile about yourself as a woman, what your beliefs are, a brief description of your appearance and how you believe you would be a good fit for Sullyvan. And then I will forward your information to Sullyvan for him to review.

23 Year Old Traditional Catholic Woman Finds a Husband!

About a year ago, a young 23 year old Catholic woman reached out to me to discuss a strategy for finding a husband. I am happy to report she is now married!

When she approached me via email she was discouraged and just wanted to find a godly husband. She asked if I would do a dating ad on my site and Instagram for her. I had never done any dating ads on my blog or Instagram page before this. I decided to do this for her and it led me to do this for others as well.

I did tell her that my site and Instagram pages combined only reach about 6000 viewers a day on average (sometimes its 10,000) and that is minuscule compared to the reach she would have if she went on some normal dating sites.

I am not sure how many dating sites she tried – but she did eventually meet her husband on CatholicMatch.com

Below is her email that she recently send to me:

“BGR, this past Saturday I married my husband! Praise God!

We met online on CatholicMatch in early November. We eventually met in person and 3 months later he proposed. It was short and sweet!

One of the first conversations we had was me introducing him to your website, which he really appreciated. During our courtship I used your advice to properly vet him and it was clear he would be a good provider and that God had brought him to me.

3 days married and things are going great. I still have a lot to learn about being a good, obedient wife but with God’s help I know I can succeed. Due to your advice we are now implementing Christian Domestic discipline and I can already see the positive effects of it.”

Thank you so much for all your encouragement and advice and for posting my advertisement.”

41 y/o Masculine Christian Man Seeking a Young Feminine Christian Virgin Sister

Below is a profile I recently received from a Christian man seeking a Christian wife who is a sister in Christ as fully believing the doctrines of the Bible concerning Biblical patriarchy.

Daniel’s Profile

“My name is Daniel.  I reside in North Carolina.  And I am a virgin man.  Yes, I am.  My mom taught me to not have sex until I was married and by the grace of God, I kept to this commitment.  I was saved 16 years ago and believe that all Christians should uphold Hebrews 13:4 highly and live it out in their lives as faithfully as possible.  The marriage bed should remain undefiled before and even after marriage.  Sexually purity is crucial for a happy marriage.

I am in the process of becoming a homeowner and desire a godly wife who wants to be a submissive homemaker and who desires a large family (like at least 10 children).  When God said to be fruitful and multiply, he meant it.  This woman should already be involved in church activities and be held accountable or be discipled by a more seasoned Christian woman who interacts with her on a weekly & monthly basis.

I work with my hands as a handyman, landscaper and mechanical repair man. (Auto and home appliances to be exact).  I also have skills in electrical and plumbing work.  I am physically fit and hope the woman I marry would at least value her health enough to stay active in some productive way too.  I don’t want a lazy woman.

I am pro-marriage, pro-gun (self-defense), pro-biblical gender roles.  And I am also for Biblical Patriarchy, I just believe it should be practiced the way the Church and Christ practice it in their relationship.

Lastly, I love to cook, dance, sing, read books, host people over for meals, evangelize my neighbors and community and even have a online Christian ministry.  I currently serve as the ‘precinct chair’ in my community and I am politically conservative and desire the same in my bride. 

I am reformed in theology and presbyterian in church government.  I am anti-abortion, anti-feminism, anti-LGBTQ alphabet monster and anti-socialism/communism. There’s more, but this is a good start.”

Contacting Daniel

If you are a Christian woman who believes in Biblical patriarchy and is interested in speaking further with Daniel please email me and give me a little of your background and testimony and what you are looking for in marriage. Important details to include are your age, general location (like what state you live in) and background on your faith (please include the Christian denomination you were raised in) and family.

Manjot – Christian & Traditional Indian Man Seeks Christian & Traditional Wife

A man going by the first name of Manjot has given me the following information about himself for any Christian and traditional single women who may be interested:

“I am a 24 years old Indian traditional man living in Spain, waiting till marriage. I am 5 feet 7″ I am an average built guy. I am finishing electrical engineering, and will have a well paid job when I finish my bachelors. I believe in traditional gender roles within a household, I want to live a simple life with my wife and children. I want to be married to somebody who would like to live as a housewife after marriage and serve her husband and raise her kids. Looks/Ethnicity wise I don’t have any particular choice, she should be in shape (doesn’t mean looking like a model, it is unrealistic), feminine and Virgin.”

If you are a Christian and traditional woman who believes in Biblical gender roles and you are interested in speaking to Manjot further – please email me at biblicalgenderroles@gmail.com.  Make sure to include in the subject header “Regarding Manjot profile”.

And for others who would like to send me their profiles to put up on my page – please feel free to do so.  The required things I need from you are first name (even if fake), age, ethnicity, general location (like country or state you live in) and some basic information like you see in Manjot’s profile.  Also a requirement for any ads I place are that the person must be a Christian and believe in biblical gender roles – with the man leading, providing and protecting and the woman submitting to her husband, bearing and caring for children and being a keeper at home.

Katie – 24 year old non-denominational Christian woman from Oregon seeks patriarchal husband

What follows is Katie from Oregon talking about herself and the kind of husband she is looking for:

“I’m a 24-year-old non-denominational Christian woman from Oregon. I could not move too far from Oregon.

I’m a virgin and intend to stay that way until marriage. I have no debt, no tattoos and no piercings. I’m about 5″4 and slender, with long brown hair.

I believe my role as a wife is to be a helpmeet to my husband, and mother to our children and a keeper at home.  And I believe this includes being under my husband’s authority.

I believe in courting. My excellent Dad passed away two years ago, but I’m sure my older brother would be happy to oversee.

 I was brought up in a home with my father as provider and head and my mother as a stay-at-home wife and mother. I have six siblings and we were all homeschooled.

I am working on gaining domestic skills such as sewing. I can cook but I can still improve quite a bit.

As far as what kind of man I’m looking for, I would say a non-denominational Christian man who believes in a patriarchal relationship, someone who is able to support a wife either now or within a year.

I’m open to courting someone up to 35 years old.

I’m hoping for a man with an earnest desire to lead. A man who reads The Word and forms his opinion on what Scripture says and not necessarily always with what his preacher says. Someone who wants to lead his wife and who looks to God for his own guidance.

Finally, I am looking for a Christian man who holds to my same beliefs regarding not celebrating holidays.”

If you are a Christian man living in or around Oregon and you believe you match what Katie is looking for in a potential husband please email me at biblicalgenderroles@gmail.com and be sure to include the subject line “Regarding Katie from Oregon”.

Also gentlemen – don’t just tell me you are interested and ask for her contact info. You need to go through me first. That means telling me about yourself. Important things to include are your Christian faith and beliefs, your age, your occupation and where you live. And include anything else that you believe would interest Katie about you.

Then I will share your information with Katie and discuss with her whether or not she is interested in speaking further with you. And if she is interested, I will give her your email for her to get in touch with you.

Traditional Indian Woman Seeks Godly Traditional Husband

A 24-year-old Christian Indian woman seeks a godly Christian husband who ascribes to traditional gender roles and believes in Biblical Patriarchy.  She is looking for a man who will lead her, provide for her and protect her as she seeks to serve him by fully giving herself to him and giving him her respect, her obedience and bearing his children and keeping his home.

She is fluid in English and even tutors’ others in English as well. She is fine with men from other nationalities and is willing to relocate for the right godly man.  She loves children and ministers to children.  She is also bold in her faith is a faithful witness of the Gospel to those around her.

Physically speaking, she has lovely dark skin, long dark hair and has a slim and fit figure.

She does not mind if her future husband is a little younger than her as long as he fully equipped to lead her, provide for her and protect her.

Please email me at biblicalgenderroles@gmail.com or leave a comment here with your information as a man if you are interested in speaking to this young Christian woman.