Why did God make sex?

There is no verse in the Bible where God says “I made sex for these reasons and these purposes”, but if we closely examine the Bible we can see the purposes and reasons that God made sex.

About a year ago I wrote a post entitled “The 7 reasons God made sex” where I showed based on Scriptural principles and Biological principles these 7 reasons why God created sex:

  1. For Procreation
  2. For Unity (to bring a couple close together, but this unity may not always come before sex, but may come later as a result of sex).
  3. For visual pleasure
  4. For physical pleasure
  5. For relief of physical and emotional stress, to comfort one another
  6. Sacrifice & Submission – husbands are called to sacrifice themselves by giving their bodies to their wives when they need it, and wives are command to submit their bodies to their husbands as they need it.
  7. To bring us out of our comfort zone, to be able to love our spouse not as we would desire to be loved, but as they would desire to be loved (e.g. sexual preferences).

I encourage you to read that post in its entirety to see how I came to those conclusions.