When men were men and women were women


I love this ad.  I saw it posted by a Feminist on another site.

The feminists were of course railing the sexist nature of the ad.  They were sad to see that it ever happened.  I am sad to see that that time period in America has gone.

It is no coincidence that not long after such ads were seen as sexist that divorce rates sky rocketed, cohabitation sky rocketed and kids started getting dumped in daycare when they were 6 weeks old so mommy could have a more “fulfilling life” than just caring for her husband, her children and her home.

Homemade cooked meals were replaced by microwave meals and ready made oven meals.  Husbands and wives would then come home from their jobs and fight over who had to do the dishes and laundry. Wives started fighting with their husbands over whose career was most important.

Yes sir – the times of this ad were a much better time for not just men, but the American family and women as well.

But the women may ask – how was it better for us?

It was better because you could didn’t have the stress having to provide for your home, your husband could take care of that.

It was better because you didn’t have to fight about your careers, your husband had the career and there was nothing to fight over about jobs.

You didn’t have fights over who would do what in the home, because you knew your roles, they were well defined.

You could depend on the security of marriage, because men did not file for divorce very often then, or now, as women do today(70 percent of divorce filings today are by women).

You would be happier, because your children would be happier to have a mom around to take care of them.

When it was a man’s world, it was a better world.


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