Hannity Guest Gavin McInnes says woman happier in the home


I was working late tonight watching the rerun of Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News when I heard what he thought would have turned out to be an innocent interview about Hillary Clinton turn into something very different. I grabbed my DVR remote and recorded this golden piece of television history.  The interview started out with a discussion about recent reports that Hillary Clinton has paid her female staffers significantly less than her male staffers. Tamara Holder, a regular Fox News contributor who represents left wing feminists, took the position that the reports were false.

Gavin McInnes, the co-founder of Vice Media(and also a regular Fox News guest) stunned Tamara leaving her mouth wide open when he made these statements:

“The big picture here is, women do earn less in America because they choose to,they would rather go to their daughter’s piano recital than stay all night at work, working on a proposal so they end up earning less…They’re less ambitious, and I think this is sort of God’s way, this is nature’s way of saying women should be at home with the kids — they’re happier there.”

Gavin backed up his assertions with a book entitled ““Why Men Earn More” and encouraged Tamara to read it.

Gavin was right – this is “God’s Way”

The Bible states that a woman’s place is in the home, and this was the design of God from the very beginning:

“Teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” – Titus 2:4-5 (KJV)

God is clear, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, that his intention, his design for women, was for them to keep and manage their homes. This is not some drudgery, it is a privilege from God.  He has beautifully equipped with women with an eye for fashion so that each woman can beautifully decorate her home, in a way most men would not have a clue.

Who is better at taking care of the kids when they are sick, who is the great empathizer? Mom or Dad?

Who do little children cry out for most of the time – Mom or Dad?

Who did God equip with a natural way of feeding infants? Mom or Dad?

This is not just in the God’s Word, it is common sense, the truth stands before us.

I love one of Gavin’s final remarks to Tamara Holder:

 “Look, you’re miserable. You’d be so much happier with kids around you tonight…Feminism has made women miserable. Women were much happier when housewives were glorified.”

The look on her face after he said it was priceless.


All I have to say Gavin is Amen.  Amen brother.

I am curious if Sean Hannity will respond to this or not, he looked like he was trying to stay out of it, but this may catch a fire storm in upcoming days and I truly hope it does.  We really need to examine what feminism has done to this country and our culture, and this was a great discussion about that.

Women are truly happier, when they live according to the how God designed them, instead of daily trying to fight that design.

8 thoughts on “Hannity Guest Gavin McInnes says woman happier in the home

  1. It’s true! It’s also in the bible.

    Women are ambitious, we just have a different kind of ambition than men do. Women are ambitious about their homes, their families, their communities. I have not met a single working wife and mother that didn’t wish she could spend more time at home being what she was designed to be. That is what makes most of us happy! It is a perverse ideology that tries to teach women to follow a path that is the precise opposite of what most of us truly want.

  2. I agree some women are ambitious, and others ought to be ambitious about their homes, their children and their communities. I see many women at the church I attend that are SAHMs taking care of the daily needs of their home, children and husbands as well as serving meals at the church for various things like funerals and weddings. This is what God intended women to do. They are the best caregivers in the world, if they will only listen to the nature God gave them.

    Sadly I have met some women who dread going home and all the duties of the house and the kids, and would rather stay and work late then deal with it. But many women are like what you have said, and truly do regret being so tied to work, and they miss out on so much of what it means to be a wife and mom by sacrificing it all for a career.

    As I have said many times on this blog, it is not about women being less intelligent than men, it is about men and women having different natures. There are actually more average intelligence women, than average intelligence men because men go across the whole spectrum. So it is factually correct to say there more below average intelligence men than women, but there are also more above average intelligence men than women. There are 8 male geniuses to every 1 female genius.

    But I believe no matter where a woman’s intelligence lies, she ought to channel her brains and ambition into the things that God says he made her for – her husband, her children and her home. When follow the owners manual(the Bible), everything will work as it should.

  3. I tend to agree with you. When it come to intelligence however, there are lots of different kinds of intelligence and staying home, raising families can be incredibly challenging. It’s kind of sad that women have been lied to so much that they honestly believe that to be at home means to waste your intelligence.

  4. Insanitybytes,

    I definitely agree there are different kinds of “intelligence”. For instance there is an “emotional” intelligence, where someone can just read the feelings of others while many of us might be oblivious(women tend to have much more emotional intelligence then men). For instance one my sons has great “mechanical” intelligence, you give him a motor or something to take apart, he can fix it and put it back together. Another of my sons i very good with computers(like me), but he is horrible at mechanical things(like me).

    Some people can come into a room, and they have incredible “decorative” intelligence where they can just organize a room without thinking about it.

    Some people are fantastic artists, musicians and writers.

    I think most tests measure intelligence from a math,science and logic perspective, but you are right these are not all the ways a person can be intelligent. But when it comes to math and science, me far out perform women, but women should not be upset about this, it is just a mindset difference.

  5. Modern ‘have it all women’ are not happy. They are asked to juggle work life and home and family life with too few hours in the day. It’s even worse when you consider that for every woman in some high-flying or intellectually stimulating career there are many, many more simply doing dull ‘jobs’, which takes them away from their children for no greater purpose. Women are now told by society that they must do a job, any job, in the economy to be ‘free’ and wanting to look after your children is ‘letting the side down’.

    Of course, as the purchasing power of working and middle class people has been decimated few see any way out of the ‘two income’ household. But if we reject much of the consumerist treadmill of modern life, I’m sure more use, by practicing intelligent frugality, could get back to a simpler, happier state of being.

    Current social norms are miserable for the man too as he can long longer use the home for rest and recuperation as, because his wife often works full time too, he is expected take on many domestic duties in some egalitarian quest. A good man is no longer one that works hard to the best of his ability and loves his wife but rather one that does laundry and washes dishes.

    Thus stress levels build, joy evaporates, conflicts occur almost daily. Stress and exhaustion often mean normal sexual relations stop or become infrequent. Relationships then break down altogether or become vulnerable to pornography, extra-marital affairs, even prostitution.

  6. So what about women who have no choice but to work? I would love to be a stay at home mom. I thought I wanted a career, until I became a mom. Now I want nothing more than to quit. But I can’t. We need my income. As a result, my home is never perfectly clean, I don’t always cook, my son has to go toi daycare, and I don’t have sex with my husband every night because I’m exhausted. It is extremely difficult being expected to do it all. Whose fault is that? Mine, for doing what it takes to make sure my family has enough money to support ourselves? My husband’s, for not making enough money, despite working 55+ hours a week? Or society’s, for expecting people to work for nothing while increasing prices on everything? Trust me. I’d be much happier at home, but I’d rather my son have a full belly and a comfortable, stable home than to have me all the time, but never knowing when our next meal will be and sometimes having the electric cut off.

  7. Celeste,

    If you have no choice but to work there is no issue in that. There are many women who because their husbands died or left them, or because their husband is disabled or even because their husband’s job does not pay enough they have to work.

    What I am talking about is women who choose from the time they are teenagers that their entire plan is to have a career and leave their homes and children to others to take care of. I am talking to that young 18 year old girl who has her career as a marketing executive all planned out. She is going to get her degree and get married. She will have her two children. After each child is born she will return to her marketing career job withing 6 to 8 weeks after the child is born. She will take her infant child and hand the child off to strangers who do not care for or love that child, or perhaps she will hire a nanny to do the mothering duties she thinks are beneath her.

    But with all due respect Celeste, while you may have no choice but to work – you can’t let your sex life with your husband slide because of it. It is not an “either or” proposition. It is both. I know you must be exhausted at the end of each day, but taking that time to be intimate with your husband is critical.

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