Do Christians cherry pick the Bible?

If I had a dime for every person who writes me accusing me of “cherry picking” what verses I like from the Bible while leaving those out that I don’t like I would be a wealthy man. The attacks are usually more centered on the use of the Old Testament than on the New Testament.

I hear attacks like this all the time:

“You Christians say the Bible says adult women have to obey to their fathers and husbands but your Bible says you have to stone your children for disobeying and stone women for adultery too.  Do you do all those things as well?”

“You Christians say the Bible says the care of the home and the children falls on the woman but it also says you can’t eat shell fish too.  You just cherry pick what you want and leave what you don’t want to follow!”

I could go on but you get the point.

I believe in taking a very systematic approach to the Scriptures. If we do anything less than we could make the Bible say just about anything we wanted it to say.  So I have spent several weeks writing a three part series on how I approach the Scriptures to help my readers understand my philosophy and methods of interpreting the Scriptures.

With that said you please read these three posts in the order they are listed.  I hope this will help my readers better understand the Word of God.

Part 1 – How to correctly interpret the Bible

Part 2 – What is the distinction between the Moral, Ceremonial and Civil laws of the Old Testament?

Part 3- What are the Moral Laws of God in the Old Testament?


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