Is advocating for overthrowing the government?

I love both the institution of government and my American nation in particular and I also love the institution of the Church as well as my local church that I attend.  But that does not mean that I will not point out failure and corruptions that have occurred in both these institutions that are ordained by God.

There is a feminist and egalitarian writer on name Suzanne Calulu that has been reviewing various articles on my blog for some time.  She is not really writing full reviews – but they really are just quick comments.  Every once in a while I will check out what she has to say about my blog if I am in the mood for a chuckle.

If you search for the tag “Larry Solomon – Biblical Gender Roles” on you will see all her reviews of my past articles.  If you look closely at many of her reviews (which are just a couple of paragraph comments) you will see she often misrepresents me to build a straw man for her audience.  Up until now I have not felt the need to respond but because of recent accusations she has made against me regarding my views of government I felt I needed to publically respond to her libel.

Suzanne Calulu posted a review of my blog on April 5th 2018 entitled “Seizing Christian Evangelical Control Over the Government by Suppressing Women?” in which she stated the following:

I have used screen shots here just in case she tries to delete the article or change her wording.  So if you notice in her title she says I that advocated for Christian evangelicals seize control of the government.  Then in her comment she writes that I said Christians need to “overthrow everything…in order to establish an Evangelical Theocracy.”

In a second review she posted on April 12th 2018 entitled “Suck It Up Brown and Black People – White Folks Rule According to Larry Solomon” Calulu writes the following statement below:

Calulu ‘s statement “He has advocated the violent overthrow of our government by his Theocracy buddies…” and then she insinuates that I should be on the radar of the FBI for what I have written regarding government.

If you look at the two articles she is referencing, which she does not even mention because she does not want her readers actually reading my site, you will find no such assertions by me in either article or for that matter any article on

The two articles she is reviewing are “The Case for Christian Nationalism” and “Why Whites Don’t Have to Apologize For White Privilege”.   Read these articles for yourself and you will see the falseness of her accusations.

In the Case for Christian Nationalism I write this about how I envision it would be possible for Christian Nationalism to come to power:

“Secular humanism, feminism, egalitarianism and a host of other false gods have fortified themselves much like Jericho did.  They control the courts, legislatures and media.  Only God can take down the stronghold of these false gods that are entrenched in our society.  But we must do our part as Christians to call it out until he does and when he does we as Bible believing Christians need to be prepared to go in after God brings the walls down.”

So, in no way was I advocating for the “violent overthrow of our government.  I said clearly that only God can take down the strongholds that exist in our government and that eventually the government will collapse and I did not insinuate this would happen due to some evangelical Christian army invading Washington, D.C. But rather it will collapse because God brings it down for violating his design of government, nations, marriage and genders.

How will God cause the collapse of the United States?

My wife and I like to watch home remodeling and improvement shows.  What you will find when watching these shows is when they look to knock out walls they must take into consideration that there might be main support beams.  They have to work around these beams or if they can’t they have to add additional supports elsewhere.  If they just cut out the support beams what used to be a solid house structure will eventually crumble.  Sure the house might look nice cosmetically, but if its structure is not sound none of that will matter and it will eventually fall.

The same principle is true in a nation.  As I showed in my article “The Case for Christian Nationalism”, there are three main pillars which support any nation.  These pillars are common religion, common ethnicity and common language.  If you remove any of those pillars eventually that nation will fall.

I showed the United States started as a nation whose people were overwhelming Christian, were mostly of British descent and who spoke English.  I said the founders in their efforts to guard against Christian Church-State governments left the door wide open for secularism to take over America.  Eventually this pillar, that of common religion, began to collapse.

After the Civil War and then changes in immigration law in the 1960’s another pillar was badly damaged and this is the pillar of common ethnicity.  Previously there were quotas in place to make sure most immigrants to America came from Northern European white countries.  These quotas were removed.

So, in a way it is like someone took a saw to two of the main support beams of a house (common religion and common ethnicity) and cut three quarters of the way through each one.  Eventually when one of them snaps the house caves in.

I believe that God has been holding the weakened supports of the United States together but at a point very soon he will let go and allow his natural laws to take full effect.  We in America have sowed “diversity” or what it really is – “division” and we will reap the consequences of that.  Racial, political and religious differences on multiple fronts will eventually lead to the collapse of the United States.

My point in my statements in previous articles was not for advocating for the violent overthrow of the United States government by some Evangelical Christian army.  But instead it was that once the government collapses due to a variety of factors Christians should be ready to take control in the absence of a functioning government as opposed to overthrowing a functioning government like what we have now (despite its many flaws and imperfections). Even then when I talk about taking control what I am really alluding to is secession or the mutual breakup of the United States into smaller more unified and thus less diversified parts.

Update 4/25/2018:

I was going to do an article with small short story illustrating a possible future breakup of the United States scenario.  But I have really gotten into writing the story and it is growing and will take some time to get all my ideas into it.  So I will do some other shorter articles in the meantime and get back to you when this story is done.  I am really enjoying it and I might have some friends help me proof read it and make adjustments for style.

7 thoughts on “Is advocating for overthrowing the government?

  1. I don’t think any sane person who has read either article, of which I have read both, could extract you calling for “the violent overthrowing of the government”, but someone out there has to make a name for herself somehow, right? The problem with news related sites, I have found, is that they must constantly have a steady stream of news to stay relevant, and when news is not readily available (or to their interest) they tend to inflate non-news worthy items into bloated stories that leave intelligent people wondering why someone took the time to write anything about something so innocuous. From her writing style she doesn’t seem like she should be writing anything!

    “Larry sounds off very frequently on racism and government lately.”

    She should be on the FBI’s watch list for murdering that sentence. I mean, I hate when people have to fall back on pointing out grammatical error in things I type up because I feel like its the lowest you can go when you have no real counter-argument to something, and I typically try to avoid it myself, but this is so glaringly odd that I can’t help it. You have been targeted by someone desperate for attention and the chance to hit on a “real” story, but, in the meantime, made up stories will do.

    Looking forward to your next article.

  2. Pathos has long been an anti-biblical site of feel-good Christianity. They specialize in leading the gullible sheep astray.

    BGR, If they are noticing you, it is likely that they feel threatened that their feelz might get squishy. It is clear that reason has never been their forte’.

  3. When upside down is right and right is upside down, people are completely confused. They themselves are confused all the while while convincing themselves that they are right. I think all you can do is go back to the Word “and the Word was God”. To people who do not know the Word, it will be foreign to them.

    Women in this country are completely out of control and it is only going to get worse. Society and culture are producing selfish, self serving, self gratifying, ambitious monsters! Young men are bad when they assert themselves, but young women are “empowered”! Getting tired of that word yet? Let me tell you empowered really means – rebellious. Rebellious to men and rebellious to God.

    I have very simple advice for men of this time – do not marry a woman who will not bless, respect, follow, and obey you as her husband. Do not even consider it. In fact, for young men getting into relationships – if you FEAR the woman you are wanting to date, you will be a TERRIBLE and INEFFECTIVE husband to her. You will FAIL her by being unable to to wash her in the word so she can be presented blemish free to yourself. You are far better to find a DIFFERENT woman that you can do what is right with and lead into Holiness than be with a woman you fear and will be PARALYZED into inaction with.

    It begins with finding a woman who actually wants to be a woman! If she wants to live the life of a man and go out into the world and rule and subdue it, then she doesn’t want to be a woman, she really wants to be a man. Or at least the world told her she wanted this.

    “Wait, what, you should have mentioned you were a feminist 3 dates ago. I don’t date feminists.”

    “It sounds like your dream is to go through life as if you were a man, making career and personal ambitions your priority instead of your husband and family. Our road parts here, that is not what I am looking for.”

    “When you find a boy or immature man who is willing to engage in this idea you have for relationship, don’t be at all surprised when he FAILS to meet his obligations to you and your children like a mature man who expects to be treated like a man would have.”

    “I will not marry a women unless we are going to have a biblical marriage, one that is based on what the bible says about marriage and marriage roles instead of the crazy that society calls marriage these days. I’m doing it right or I am not doing it at all.”

    If enough men man up and stop putting up with this stupidity, things will improve. I’m not sure if things will turn around on a societal level however given the current state of things. Still, my advice to the young man out there is that this starts with you. Have a plan to do what it is right and lead right. There is no reason for you to engage in or sign up for doing it wrong. Reread that last sentence. The pain of watching your children suffer because you don’t lead right will be costly. Get it right from the start, then lead with strength and stability. A wife and children could use that these days.

  4. Snapper just FYI I added this note on this article yesterday:

    Update 4/25/2018:

    I was going to do an article with small short story illustrating a possible future breakup of the United States scenario. But I have really gotten into writing the story and it is growing and will take some time to get all my ideas into it. So I will do some other shorter articles in the meantime that may or may or may not be on this nationalism topic and get back to you when this story is done. I am really enjoying it and I might have some friends help me proof read it and make adjustments for style.

  5. “[Patheos] has long been an anti-biblical site of feel-good Christianity.”

    And a Social Justice cesspool at that.

    Jeana Jourgensen is even worse than Calooney. She carries on about that whole “cultural appropriation” thing while supplementing her income as a belly dance teacher. Yeah, me neither.

  6. 1. I don’t know how anyone who actually read your article could think you were advocating a real-life overthrow of the government and 2. I look forward to reading your story!

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