Endless, Erroneous “Education” Vol. #1 Essay 14

This is a great article by Kathy Duane on the history of higher education. I agree with 90% percent of this article. College used be seen as privilege for the best and brightest of our society, not as a right. I agree that many colleges have so dumbed down their curriculum and standards that they have become little more than extensions of high school.
I also agree that the liberal philosophy that is taught in our universities and colleges today is very destructive to our youth. This is why I am highly encouraging my children to attend Christian colleges that I know have very high academic and moral standards for their students.
Not all kids are meant for college though, and we as parents need to help guide our children in this area. I have 5 children. My oldest son will be a junior in high school next year and I am definitely pushing college hard with him as he is made for it, he is very bright academically, but a little lazy.
My second oldest son has always struggled academically, but he is very mechanically inclined, he loves guns and is great athletically. Guess what I have encouraged him to do? Join the military. As his father I believe he is built perfectly for that.
With my daughter – it is different. I am encouraging her to go Christian college, but not for a career. I am encouraging her to go so she can meet a good Christian man and so she can maybe homeschool her children. It would not make me upset in the least bit if my daughter were a freshmen in college and met a wonder Christian man who was a senior and she quit college to marry him and be a wife and mother. This would be wonderful in my view.

It's the Women, Not the Men!

There was a time when a college education was held in high regard. It was considered a privilege that only the truly deserving were permitted to experience. And, unlike today, America’s first colleges were educational institutions whose sole purpose was the training of  young men for the ministry.

America began its path to higher education with the establishment of Harvard and Princeton in the


1600’s. Both colleges were religious education institutions and this was to be their sole mandate for the next 100 years.

BibleHarvard began as an extension of the Puritan Church and Princeton was established by the leaders of the Presbyterian Church. The professors were highly respected ministers themselves, many of whom hailed from England. They held fast to their religious beliefs in both their public lives and their private lives and insisted that their students do the same. Their life-long vocations were to prepare young men to preach God’s word to the widely dispersed population of rural America.  Once ordained, the young ministers were dispatched throughout the country, to establish new congregations or…

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