Short Essay – “Between Men and Women There Is No Friendship Possible.”


We need more Christian wives like you who do as Proverbs 31:26 says and open their “mouth with wisdom”.

I have maintained this thought for 20 years, that it is utterly ridiculous to think men and women can be friends. You are spot on when you talk about how women are a distraction to men in the work force, and we would be more productive with an all male work force.

It is a fact that children do better in all boy schools and all girl schools for the exact reasons you state in this article.

Many affairs have happened because of “work place” friendships between men and women, because people try and believe the lie that men and women can be friends.

I think there is another angle to this “friendship” thing as well. I women online all the time saying they are “looking to marry my best friend”.

While I do believe that sometimes marriage can feel like friendship when we are close to our spouses(as we should be), we must never forget that neither friendship, nor partnership are ever mentioned as purposes for marriage.

Companionship – yes, friendship and partnership no. Instead of a woman looking for her “best friend”, she ought to be looking for the best Christian leader, provider and protector she can find, a man of integrity. If she wants a friend, she can call one of her girlfriends. As I say on my blog all the time – “your husband is not your girlfriend”.

It's the Women, Not the Men!

Oscar Wilde - (1854-1900) Oscar Wilde – (1854-1900)

Oscar Wilde was a brilliant Irish novelist (The Portrait of Dorian Gray), poet (Ballad of Reading Gaol) and playwright (The Importance of Being Earnest). His writings show his innate predisposition towards humanity’s foibles and as such he was a keen observer of people. This was a critical element of his success.

He was married and had two children before acknowledging his homosexuality, and as a result, he was a uniquely qualified observer of women in particular, and their predilections.

Mr. Wilde’s many quotes about women, and their relationships with the men in their lives, are at times, profound. Most of his observations still apply to the women of today, but only if the shroud of feminist orthodoxy is first removed.

It is very unfortunate that much of the truth about the natural interconnection between men and women is now clouded by radical, second-wave feminism’s bizarre assertions…

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