“I Was SURE I Would Never Make My Husband into an Idol!”

This is absolutely a fantastic post. While the Bible commands wives to submit to and follow their husband’s leadership – they should never make their husband into an idol by making all their happiness and joy dependent on him. God must remain our source of joy both before marriage and after marriage. Our spouses(husband or wife) will let us down, but God never will.

The Peaceful Wife



I am starting a new prayer group on Facebook. It will be just for women who want to become leaders in ministry for this prayer team for the first 4-6 weeks while I train these leaders. Then we will open up the group to all women who would like to join. It will be a closed group in a few days. Right now, I have it as a public group and have links on my FB pages if anyone is interested in joining the training for leadership. Please join me in prayer that God might direct every step I take and every step we all take in this endeavor for His kingdom and His will to be done and His glory! There is a link on the right hand column of my blog for my Facebook page. 🙂

From a dear sister in Christ whose marriage is facing…

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