School sends sheriff to order 7-year-old boy to stop sharing Bible verses

We need to accommodate children with gender dysphoria (aka transgender) but we will not accommodate children who give out Bible verses to their friends at lunch. This is the completely wicked and utterly absurd world that we are living in today.

Here are some parts of the story as reported by Fox News:

“A public school in California ordered a 7-year-old boy to stop handing out Bible verses during lunch – and they dispatched a deputy sheriff to the child’s home to enforce the directive…

Here’s the back story:

Mrs. Zavala made it a practice of including a Bible verse and encouraging note in her son’s lunch bag. The boy would tell his friends about the note and read them aloud at the lunch table.

It wasn’t long before children asked for copies of the notes and Mrs. Zavala obliged – including a brief note to explain the daily Bible verse.

On April 18 a teacher called Mrs. Zavala and said her son would no longer be able to share the Bible verses because he was “not allowed to share such things while at school.”

But on May 9, the school’s principal decided to implement a complete ban on the Bible verse sharing.”

The words of the Prophet Isaiah cry out against the wickedness of our modern American culture:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

Isaiah 5:20 (KJV)

Besides these actions being wicked by God’s standards – they are utterly unconstitutional by American legal standards.  Thankfully the Liberty Counsel has agreed to represent this mother and her son and they had this to say about this situation according to Fox News:

““This is a clear, gross violation of the rights of a child,” said Horatio Mihet, a Liberty Counsel attorney representing the first-grader who attends Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale. They are also representing his parents, Christina and Jaime Zavala.”

“The deputy sheriff said he had been sent by the school,” Liberty Counsel attorney Richard Mast told me. “The deputy went on to tell the parents that the school was worried that someone might be offended by the Bible verses.”

“If students are permitted to pass out Valentine or birthday cards at school or to talk about Superman and Captain America at lunch, they cannot be prohibited from sharing Bible verses and discussing their faith during their free, non-instructional time,” Mihet told me.”

We as Christians need to use every tool at our disposal to fight against those forces in our culture which want to silence Christianity.

Yes some people are offended by hearing the Bible no doubt.

“For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Hebrews 4:12(KJV)

The Bible offends them because it pricks their conscience and show them where they fall short of God’s standards or “miss the mark” which is literally what sin is.

This is one of the reasons that people hate the Scriptures that I show on this blog regarding Biblical gender roles. They don’t want to be told that they are not living up to God’s unique standards and plans for each gender.  They don’t want anyone telling them how God would have them to live their lives.

I had a situation when my son was in elementary school where his teacher told him he could not bring his Bible to school to read at lunch – needless to say I took care of that quickly and the teacher never bothered him again.

I have told my children they should not be reading a Bible or trying to talk to kids about their faith during instruction times unless the teacher is asking them questions that would lead to them sharing their faith. But what they do during their free time at school is different.  God has given us certain rights and worshiping him, reading his Word and sharing our faith is one of our many God given rights.

Our founding fathers believed that all men were “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights” and while we may as Christians agree or disagree on what all those rights are one of the rights we agree on is the right to worship God and talk about our faith.

When schools, local governments, state governments or even the Federal government impede upon these God given rights our founders said of those who rights are violated that “it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government”.

In other words sometimes as Christians we must practice civil disobedience even if we are arrested or threatened. In the Scriptures Daniel practiced civil disobedience when he was ordered not to pray to God and when the Apostles were ordered to stop preaching about Christ they said “We ought to obey God rather than men.”(Acts 5:29)

I pray that more Christians will have the courage that this mother and her young son are having and stand up and fight against this tyranny of secularism in our schools and higher education facilities that would silence Christians from expressing their faith in public settings.

5 thoughts on “School sends sheriff to order 7-year-old boy to stop sharing Bible verses

  1. Fathers have the God given responsibility to train up their children; it is not the jurisdiction of the state. There will always be some delegation in the training, but father’s should be the one making those decisions. There is latitude from private parochial-school to home-school to military-school, but whatever the decision it rests on the father. Father’s if you find the social setting or the curriculum dangerous to your children’s souls or blasphemously humanistic, you have the duty to protect your children in body, mind, spirit, and sexual purity.

    I do not condone government schools, they are socialist institutions both in their existence and in their worldview. While it would be best if Bible verses were not banned in the public schools, it would be better if government schools were banned. The secular state raises compliant secular socialists that easy to control and govern rather than pass on the values of faith, the founders or freedom. The rise of the feminist and secular state could not have been achieved without the public schools and parents abandonment of their obligation to raise up children for Christ. But don’t be too hard on those parents, they act as they were taught when they were raised in secular schools so they did not know better. The church did not impress on them the sin of turning their children over to socialist surrogate parents, so they did not know and went along the path of least resistance With each generation of children attending the public schools, we watch another circuit go around the toilet bowl, each circuit a little shorter.

    We home-schooled all five of our children and started introducing them to classroom-learning in their Jr. High years beginning with one class a semester and gradually delegating more. My older children took classes in high school at the community collage and had only one or two home-school courses. My younger are following suit now. By taking the classes at the community college they received HS credit and college credit for the same course. One of my sons very recently turned 18 and is already a Jr. at the local state university. A major part of their education is accomplished after every dinner, we spent time around the table with the Bible with me teaching them God’s word, we pray before and after each meal and severely limit brain numbing TV. Your mileage may vary!

  2. it could have been worse, the sheriff could have body slammed the child to the ground

  3. All I can say is Christian parents need to stop sending their children to public schools. Many private schools have financial aid programs. We need to find a way to make it work.

  4. Ash,

    I agree that if parents can do homeschooling that is best, followed secondly by private Christian school, and the last resort should be public school.

    I have seen all of these in action and I do believe they all can work if the parents are deeply involved.

    I had went to Christian school in my early elementary years then there were a few years in between where my parents were broke and I had to go to public school. Then I was able to go back to private school for junior high and high school. My mom home schooled my niece and nephew when her and my dad adopted them. Many of the kids I went to school with in Christian high school had previously been home schooled in elementary.

    But between my divorce(and having to pay child support as a result) and having 5 children there was not a prayer of me being able to home school or send my kids to Christian school. When I was married to my first wife I tried having her home school the kids while I worked my two jobs and she was too lazy to do it correctly and my children’s education would have massively suffered if I continued in it – so for me public school was the only option for my kids.

    However as a father I did believe it was my job to know what my kids were learning in school and we would discuss it frequently each week. Every day whether it was watching the news together, or going some places I would teach them about the world and about the Bible. In many cases I had taught my children about certain subjects long before their teachers did in school so when the teacher taught certain things(like evolution, or other liberal ideas that conflict with the Bible) my children were ready for it and knew they were wrong.

    Even with our church when my children have gone on church activities the pastors have commented on how much they know about the Bible and the Pastor will ask them were they learned it and they say “my dad teaches us these things”.

    I don’t say that to brag but only to illustrate that we as parents, and especially we as fathers can still teach our children no matter how they are schooled. While there are some disadvantages with the public schools my children have had an opportunity to share their faith on multiple occasions.

    But again – I agree with you that if the mother is disciplined home schooling is best, followed by Christian school if it can be afforded and the last resort should be public schools but even then fathers can teach their children even when they attend public schools.

  5. I am stunned by this! Public schools are making so many questionable decisions as of late that my mind if officially blown. If I had a school aged child at home, I would home school for sure. Schools are no longer for children.

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