The Brexit strikes a blow to globalization and is a victory for freedom


The UK approving the “Brexit”, its exit from EU, is one of the greatest blows to the globalization movement that has been occurring over the last half century. And make no mistake – it is just the beginning.  Lord willing, America will be the next to deal it is own crushing blow to the globalization movement by electing Donald Trump as President this coming November.

Two types of globalization groups

There are two types of globalization groups.

The first are Cultural Globalists.  These groups believe that we must attempt to minimize and unify cultural values across the world so that everyone has the same social values. In most cases the advocates are socialist and to a greater or less degree they believe in the government mandated and controlled redistribution of wealth throughout societies in an effort to eliminate economic inequality. In fact for this group inequality in all areas is their greatest enemy.

This group also seeks to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism throughout the world. In addition this group encourages abortion on demand services and it encourages women to rebel against their traditional roles as wives, mothers and homemakers.

Cultural Globalists have both atheists and religious people in their ranks joined in their common cause.  But the religious Cultural Globalists want to break down boundaries between religions in the same way that they want to break down borders between countries. Also for most religious Cultural Globalists, their religious views are made to fit their Cultural Globalist views. Another way of saying this is – their beliefs in things like social and economic equality trump any apparent contradictions the core tenants of their religion.

The second are Economic Globalists.  The Economic Globalist does not care about the cultural concerns of social and economic equality for people throughout the world.  The Economic Globalist cares about the economy of the world acting as one unit. While the greatest enemy of the Cultural Globalist is inequality for individuals (whether it be social or economic) the greatest enemy of the Economic Globalist is Protectionism.  They do not believe governments should take any actions to protect their economies but should simply allow various sectors of their national economies to rise and fall as the global market dictates.

Economic Globalists believe there should be absolutely no tariffs, import or export taxes by any nation in the world. Free trade, rather than fair trade is their goal. If a nation fails because too many of its business sectors failed then this is seen as no different than if a company failed because too many of its products fail.

Both of these Globalist groups are wrong.

Nations have a right to protect their cultures

Cultural Globalists have tried to cast Nationalists like Donald Trump and British and other European nationalists and Xenophobes and Racists.  But this is not about religion or race – it is about culture. Britain has a certain culture.  France has a certain culture.  Germany has its own unique culture.  America has its own unique culture. Each of these nations and every other nation in the world has the right to take steps to protect its culture.

Am I saying cultural change is always bad? Of course not.

I talk a lot on this blog about how American and to a great extent Western culture has changed for the bad and not for the good. I and many other conservative Christians would like to see our culture return to a different set of cultural values.

But there is a difference between pushing for cultural change from WITHIN and causing cultural change from WITHOUT. It is one thing for natural born citizens of a nation to push for cultural change and another for a massive influx of immigrants to push for cultural changes. Immigrants are supposed to assimilate themselves to the new nations that they enter.

When natural born citizens push for change on a large scale this could be classified as a revolution. But when immigrants push for change in the new nation they have entered this could rightly be classified as an invasion.

In the United States and in many European countries the natural born citizens of these nations feel as though their nations have been invaded because of the complete and utter unwillingness of the governments of these nations to regulate immigration and enforce immigration laws.

The people are saying to the governments of these nations including the United States government – “NO MORE”!!!

We are not against legal, controlled and limited immigration.  We are not racists. We simply believe that our governments should be more concerned about protecting the rights, economic interests and culture of their own people than the rights, economic interests and cultural concerns of immigrants coming into these nations.

Nations have a right to protect their economies

Nations have a right and a duty to protect their national economies by instituting protectionist policies. To be clear protection is not in contradiction with free markets and free trade WITHIN a national economy.  Free markets and free trade WITHIN a national economy work best – this has been proven time and time again throughout the world.   However free global trade has led to the devastation of various sectors of national economies.

Governments have a right to encourage and protect economic independence in all their key sectors to the best of that nation’s ability.  Whether it is in food production, natural resource production, energy source production, financial, technical and manufacturing nations have a right to seek to be as independent as possible in these various sectors.

Nations should only seek trade in areas where they lack certain resources or where the trade is beneficial to their economy and not detrimental to their economy.

Donald Trump spoke on the Historic protectionist positions of our founding fathers this last week:

“We got here because we switched from a policy of Americanism – focusing on what’s good for America’s middle class – to a policy of globalism, focusing on how to make money for large corporations who can move their wealth and workers to foreign countries all to the detriment of the American worker and the American economy…

This is a wave of globalization that wipes out our middle class and our jobs…

Our Founders understood this. One of the first major bills signed by George Washington called for “the encouragement and protection of manufactur[ing]” in America.

Our first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, warned us by saying: “The abandonment of the protective policy by the American government will produce want and ruin among our people.”

There was a time in the last century when America in keeping with the traditions of our founding fathers protected both its culture and its economy.  We need to return to those values.  That is why we need to vote for Donald Trump this coming November.

And just a note to my fellow conservative brothers who don’t like Trump.  Yes I voted for Trump in the primaries not because he was perfect or that I always agree with him.  But I voted for him because of his desire to return the historic traditions of our founding fathers specifically when it comes to protecting our economy and our culture.

But the primaries are over. Trump may not have been the candidate you wanted.  But make no mistake, if you vote for any other candidate than Donald Trump or if you do not vote at all then you are voting to hand our supreme court and the next several decades of judicial and political policy to the global cultural and economic folks.  It really is that simple.

As my history teacher in high school used to say – “When it comes to elections and politics, it is not always about being able to choose the best candidate – sometimes it is about choosing the lesser of two evils”.

As believers we have a right and duty to fight for the interests and well being of our families and our nation:

“And I looked, and rose up, and said unto the nobles, and to the rulers, and to the rest of the people, Be not ye afraid of them: remember the Lord, which is great and terrible, and fight for your brethren, your sons, and your daughters, your wives, and your houses.” – Nehemiah 4:14 (KJV)

I encourage you all to consider this as we approach the November elections.

14 thoughts on “The Brexit strikes a blow to globalization and is a victory for freedom

  1. Nations have a right to protect their cultures and economies, but I’ll never vote for Donald Trump as he is too immoral and I can’t give a vote of approval of some of his views. I and everyone else that voted for him would only share the blame for anything immoral he does in office because of his views because we put him there. I’ll simply write in Mike Huckabee, even if it will do no good, as he is the only trustworthy one out there.

  2. everything about Trump says he will not be a great president for America. Trump is the type of person who talks a lot and instigate mess and riots. A lot of his supporters are more of the ones who believe white is right and those type of people Trump should have from the get go said ” look, I don’t want your support” – because people like them are like wildfires, once they start they are very hard to stop.

  3. Tyler,

    Your Statement:
    “Nations have a right to protect their cultures and economies, but I’ll never vote for Donald Trump as he is too immoral and I can’t give a vote of approval of some of his views. I and everyone else that voted for him would only share the blame for anything immoral he does in office because of his views because we put him there. I’ll simply write in Mike Huckabee, even if it will do no good, as he is the only trustworthy one out there.”

    Mike Huckabee is a good man of good character. But he is not a choice on the ballot. You can write him in and it will mean absolutely nothing. By writing in his name you have effectively chosen Hillary Clinton(equally or even more immoral) and therefore more liberal justices that will further undermine Christian values.

    I agree Donald Trump is not the most moral man and he certainly it not more moral than Huckabee. However we are not voting for the man – we are voting for the policies that the man has pledged to enact. Even if Donald Trump only keeps half his promises his polices will be far friendlier to Christians and to Americans in general than will Hillary Clinton’s.

    When you vote for Mike Huckabee by writing his name in and if many voters do what you do and give the election to Hillary Clinton – you will share the blame with all her voters in allowing her to come to power and allow degradation of our cultured through continued illegal immigration as well as her appointment of liberal justices to the supreme court.

    On the other hand I can vote for Donald Trump with a clear conscious. Even if he does immoral things while in office(as many presidents before him have) those are not things I voted for. I know what I voted for when vote for him – I voted for the policies I agree with and I voted for the lesser of two evils and to make some kind of difference.

  4. Unfortunately, Donald Trump is a con man and a fraud. He was very good friends with the Clintons shortly before he decided to run for president. He is not to be trusted any more than Hillary. He wants to be a dictator just as much as Hillary does.

  5. Doesn’t matter. You can’t vote for Trump at all without giving your full approval and endorsement to everything about him, immoral views and moral ones. Can’t endorse some things without endorsing all things. So even if Hilary is worse, voting for Trump is still an agreement to condone his immorality, and even if it is worthless and will help her, I still won’t ever vote Trump because I won’t condone sin, which is a sin in itself and unavoidable if I did. I hope he wins in a sense, but he doesn’t get my vote.

  6. Apparently, Trump may have accepted Christ according to Dr. James Dobson.

    Also, will be posting some links in the next comment, a heads up so that they’re released from mod.

  7. Tyler, this is why I will either vote for the Constitution Party candidate or a good conservative write-in candidate. In Texas, write-in candidates have to be registered first. So, writing in any name won’t work in Texas, from what I understand. Hopefully, we will know who all the write-in candidates will be for the presidency come August.

    Unfortunately, there are no perfect candidates because there are no perfect human beings. Other presidents have committed adultery. However, the difference between them and Trump is that Trump not only does not attempt to hide it, he actually brags about it!

    I see both Trump and Hillary as being equally bad for the presidency. Like someone said, they are two sides of the same coin. However, at least with Hillary conservatives know that she is evil and the Republicans in congress will be more likely to resist her than Trump, whose policies will be equally disasterous for the United States as president.

    We Christians need to stand up for what is right, even if it makes no difference and nobody listens to us.

  8. Stephanie,

    Yes I think I heard that somewhere as well. It may have been genuine, it may have just been a political move. But either way we as believers must realize we are not voting for Pastor – we are voting for a President. And our vote does mean we approve of everything Trump as done in either his private or public life or what he will do in the future in private or public life. We are voting for a set of proposed policies – his policies while being far from perfect are more in line with a Biblical worldview than Hillary Clinton’s are.

    I just wish that our the conservative side would realize the very simple Biblical principle that “And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” – Mark 3:25. The liberals and Democrats for all the wrong things they stand for and propose understand that principle but we in the Republican party and even in the conservative wing of the party do not grasp that concept. We will continue to loose until we do grasp that concept.

  9. BGR, as far as Brexit is concerned, what do you think about people who are living in the UK as EU citizens? That is currently the case for my sister whose husband does not make enough to meet the minimum threshhold to allow her to stay there (based off of what she has told me). She is very upset about Brexit because it may mean that she has to leave the UK. Now I’m not rolling in sympathy for her particular case (not to sound cruel), as she’s made a lot of very unfortunate life choices which put her in her situation. She’s in the UK to begin with because the US was too conservative for her and she seduced her current husband (an older man) away from his wife. Her husband will not leave with her because his teenage children are still living in the UK with their biological mother. However, I’m sure there are other people in the same situation who got there in more honorable ways. I’m not saying Brexit was a bad thing, just wondering how we should deal with issues like this.

  10. @Jordan I said “in a sense” since I don’t want Hilary to go in there and there are some moral view about him, BUT because he has much immorality to him, I won’t vote for Trump since I’d be agreeing to condone and try to help his immorality get into the White House. I’m in no way condoning his immoral views or endorsing them.

  11. However, if what Stephanie says is true about him getting saved, and I see improvement in Trump in the coming months, I’ll reconsider and vote for him. Only if I’m convinced of his trustworthiness.

  12. Before we can assume that Donald Trump got saved, we will need to see some geniune fruits of salvation. Just repeting a prayer is not enough to show that someone is really saved. If he still thinks that he has never had to ask for forgiveness from God, he is still not saved.

    How many have been Evangelical Christians long enough to remember how Larry Flint, the owner of Hustler magazine, “got saved”. His “salvation” sure didn’t last very long!

    Since Donald Trump is a great con artist, you have to be especially careful of believing claims that he “got saved”. I really hope that he did, but I will have to see some real proof of it!

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