Is Donald Trump making America masculine again?

Could Donald Trump have been elected because a large group of Americans believe America has become “too soft and feminine”? Could Donald Trump’s strong masculine persona have been a major driving force in his appeal to millions of Americans? Some surveys suggest this might be the case.

“Right now, a large group of Americans are feeling very hopeful about Donald Trump’s presidency. In polls, they show up in different demographic categories: They’re Republicans; they’re Trump voters; they’re of all different ages and from every geographic region…

America has been experiencing intense gender anxiety in recent years, and this is particularly true in conservative evangelical communities. White evangelicals’ ambient concern that the country is becoming “too soft and feminine” speaks to that anxiety, and to a deeper concern that the foundations of life in the United States are changing.”

“The two motivations—conviction and bigotry—are difficult to tease apart. Particularly in the United States, a country that remains more religious that its Western peers, faith and culture are in a feedback loop, complementing, responding, and reacting to one another. This is especially true when it comes to trans people in public bathrooms. Wisdom from the Bible can be brought to bear on any question, but on this issue, the ideas at stake are foundational. They are part of “the way of reading the Bible, going back to Genesis” said R. Marie Griffith, a professor of religion and politics at Washington University in St. Louis. “There’s this belief that God created man, and out of man, he created woman. And these are really crystal-clear categories. There’s something very deep and fundamental about that for the Christians who have … a way of thinking about the Bible as the word of God…

But more broadly, this is also a question about gender roles. In a recent PRRI / The Atlantic poll, 42 percent of Americans said they believe society is becoming “too soft and feminine.” Thirty-nine percent said they believe society is better off “when men and women stick to the jobs and tasks they are naturally suited for,” including 44 percent of Republicans and 58 percent of white evangelical Protestants. These numbers suggest nervousness about fluid gender identities—and that America isn’t even close to a consensus that men and women should choose the way they act.”

While secularists and liberal Christians may see little to no difference between “conviction and bigotry” we as Bible believing Christians know there is a huge difference between the two.  I can’t tell you how many people write me every week calling me a bigot for teaching the following three truths straight from the Scriptures.

Biblical Truth #1 – While men and women are equally human, they are not equally made in the image of God

“For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of God: but the woman is the glory of the man.”

1 Corinthians 11:7 (KJV)

The Bible is crystal clear – man, not woman is the direct image bearer of God.  This is not say that women do not also bare some attributes of God.  The common attributes of humanity that men and women share like self-awareness, emotions, free-will and creativity are part of the image of God.  But the masculine human nature was designed in the very image and likeness of God and the female human nature was designed to complement and help man to exercise is his duty as an image bearer.

God designed man to need to be the hero, the provider and protector.  So, man needed someone weaker than him, someone who would desire to be lead and desire to be provided for. So, God made woman to desire a leader, a provider and a protector. God knew that man would need someone to bare his children and to care for them.  So, he designed woman to naturally desire children and to naturally desire to care for them and nurture them.  God designed men to desire beauty because he desires beauty. So, he made woman beautiful and he designed her to desire to make herself beautiful for man.

In summary – God made woman, including each and every one of her physical and psychological attributes for man as the Scriptures tell us.

“Neither was the man created for the woman; but the woman for the man.”

1 Corinthians 11:9 (KJV)

Biblical Truth #2 – Because woman was created especially for man, God has determined that man is to be head over woman in all areas of life including the family, the Church and Society

“But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.”

I Corinthians 11:3 (KJV)

For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.”

Ephesians 5:23 (KJV)

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.”

1 Corinthians 14:34-35 (KJV)

“Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve.”

1 Timothy 2:11-13 (KJV)

Biblical Truth #3 – In those limited times when God has allowed women to be over men – it was a shame to men

“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.”

Isaiah 3:12 (KJV)

Those of us Americans who believe in Biblical gender roles are not bigots but rather we have convictions that are based on the very Word of God.  I and every other man have no more value to God than a woman does.  The Scriptures tell us that from a spiritual perspective our souls have equal value to God and we have equal access as men and women to God’s salvation.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Galatians 3:28 (KJV)

Both men and women are joint heirs of the grace of God and our heavenly inheritance to come.

But just because we are equal spiritually – does not mean we are equal in our roles or in our image bearing status.  God has made men and women physically and psychologically different by design – not by chance.  I gave the reason earlier that he made us different – he made woman for man.


I agree with a large chunk of Americans who believe America has become “too soft and feminine” and that America was better off “when men and women stick to the jobs and tasks they are naturally suited for” or in other words when men and women performed the roles and functions that God designed them to perform.

The prophet Isaiah’s words could not be more true when speaking of how America has been ruled for several decades when he wrote “…women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths. (Isaiah 3:12)

Whether it was women in various positions, or men acting like women in various positions our country has been ruled from a feminine perspective for too long and we have suffered the consequences.

What a feminine perspective of ruling our nation has looked like

We are told that it is selfish for hardworking Americans to desire to keep most of what they earn and to expect that they will pay taxes only for the basic services of government and not for a welfare state for those who do not work or do not make as much money.  To do so might hurt some poor people’s feelings.

We were told that we cannot protect our borders and force people to go back to their countries because we might separate families and people from other countries who need our help – even though Americans can’t find jobs and many of these immigrants will be a drain on our social welfare system. To do so might hurt some foreigner’s feelings.

We were told we cannot tell countries that they are treating us unfairly in their trading practices.  We were told we can’t protect our companies and workers and put tariffs on other countries. We were told that we could not inform other nations that we have the most powerful economy in the world and we are going to start acting like it by telling them it is a privilege, not a right for them to sell their products to our citizens.  To do so might hurt the feelings of these nations that we trade with.

We were told that we cannot protect our country from terrorism by calling out Radical Islamists for the enemies that they are.  We are told we cannot control what nations immigrants come from as this is “discriminatory and unfair”. To do so might hurt some Muslim’s feelings.

We were told calling for respect for police officers is racist. Our government would not acknowledge the fact that the black community bears the brunt for the reason that they are arrested and incarcerated at a higher percentage than whites because of the breakdown of the family unit in their community.  Our leaders couldn’t talk about the elephant in the room that 70 percent of black of babies are born out of wedlock and maybe, just maybe, this is the biggest contributor to crime and poverty in the black community.  To do so might hurt some black people’s feelings.

We were told that we cannot bring the full force of America’s military might to bare on cities in Iraq and elsewhere that have large terrorist populations for fear of collateral damage.  We might hurt the feelings of our enemies if we accidentally kill their families in during the bombing of cities.

All of these types of decisions are based on feelings, not logic. This is the feminization of American leadership.

This is why it was so refreshing to me and millions of Americans to see a man stand up and not be afraid to tell people the truth.  A man who is not afraid to make tough decisions that may hurt some people’s feelings.

He was far from a perfect candidate and he will be far from a perfect President.  But for all his faults I believe God can not only use Donald Trump to make America Great again, but he can also help America to be masculine again.

147 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump making America masculine again?

  1. Blog,

    I’m not really sure what you’re talking about with regards to American slavery. The exceptions that you mention were highly exceptional, even as far as exceptions go. The occasional “good” owner doesn’t really change the systematic evil of American slavery.

    Furthermore, your claims about some freed people becoming rich on slavery overlooks the fact that many slaveholding states had laws forcing freedmen and -women to leave their state (and often their own still-enslaved families) after being freed so that they wouldn’t give those still enslaved the “wrong” idea.

    It’s also true that very few slaves were actually educated because, again, it was illegal to teach them to read. And even those who did receive an education from their masters or mistresses on the sly felt worse, not better, after learning because it showed them even more how limited their options were in life. Frederick Douglas talks a lot about this in his writings.

    Additionally, you seem to be mistaking practicality for kindness when you mention slaves being fed, clothed, and given their own bedrooms. (Really not sure about that last one, unless you’re counting household slaves having quarters in the household so that they would be readily available any time, day or night.) American slaveholders had to provide their slaves with adequate food and some clothing because they had a basic interest in keeping them relatively healthy. After the ban on the importation of foreign slaves in 1809, slaveholders had to rely predominantly on the slaves that they already held, the children that their slaves would birth, and any slave that they could buy within the country (plus the occasional group of slaves smuggled in from overseas). Therefore, they had to provide their slaves with an adequate daily caloric intake so that they could work hard all day, whether in the fields, in the house, at other tasks, or at jobs their masters had hired them out to do.

    (Still, their diets were nutritionally inadequate, even by the standards of the day, and enslaved women typically started puberty and gave birth for the first time three years after the average free woman of the time. They also suffered a higher rate of miscarriages and still births. I mention these things because those are all indicative of inferior diet and health as a result of forced lifestyle. Harriet Jacobs mentions a particularly brutal account of an enslaved mother’s struggles in her autobiography, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl. According to Jacobs, her aunt was a house slave forced to sleep at the foot of her mistress’ bed every night so that she’d be perpetually on call. She was kept from proper sleep and her family even when she was pregnant. As a result, she never successfully carried a child to term. And if you go through the WPA slave narratives, which actually downplay much of the brutality of American slavery because those interviewed have been freed at a pretty young age and because they didn’t want to speak badly of their former masters, likely because they stilled lived near their descendants, you’ll find account of pregnant women being beaten brutally and the special procedures that were undertaken for those punishments. Aside from the horrifying thought of endangering the life of a pregnant woman and her child in that manner, we must also consider how much worse women who weren’t pregnant and men were treated.)

    For a couple final points, slaves often had to supplement the food and clothing that they were “given” (in quotes because who do you think grew and made those products?) by tending to gardens by their cabins in whatever spare time they had, usually after they were released from the fields at sundown. House slaves may have been given nicer clothing, but that was only so that they’d look good for guests. Furthermore, the average house slave worked 18 hours a day and had an extremely physically demanding job. They had to beat rugs, wring clothes dry, carry water up and down stairs, get fires going, and all sorts of other strenuous tasks.

  2. As for black families…

    The assault on black families didn’t begin with welfare. Oh no. It began with slaveholders splitting up families by selling husbands, wives, and children away from one another. And yes, this was actually quite common, especially around the Chesapeake region where most slaveholders made their money via the interstate slave trade. Basically, they kept a certain number of slaves to do agricultural work and housework, but, because their region wasn’t as warm, flat, or fertile as the Deep South’s, they sold “surplus” slaves down south, where slaveholders always needed more hands. And even in the Deep South, slaves living on large plantations could end up separated from their families. For example, some historians have looked more closely at George Washington’s slaves’ family lives and have realized that husbands, wives, and children all owned by Washington and/or Martha Washington could easily end up living miles apart from one another because the Washingtons’ holdings were so vast.

    Adding on to this, the assault on black families also began when slaveholders refused to formally recognize their slaves’ marriages as legally binding or equally as valid as their own. You hear about rituals like “jumping the broom” because enslaved people couldn’t bind their commitment anymore officially, either religiously or legally. It also began when slaveholders didn’t respect black husbands’ and wives’ marriages and forced enslaved women to become their “mistresses.”

    Then it continued under the era of segregation when black husbands and fathers could easily be lynched for an imaginary crime against a white woman, leaving their wives and children as widows and orphans. It continued when black husbands and fathers were paid so poorly that their wives had to work too to make ends meet. And of course, as the book At the End of the Dark Street: Black Women, Rape, and Resistance catalogues meticulously, much of the fear of black men raping white women was actually psychological projection from white men who were frequently guilty of raping black women.

  3. And for a final, general point about minorities’ contributions to American culture…

    Yes, the principles that formed the basis of our Declaration of Independence and constitution came from seventeenth- and eighteenth-century philosophers of English, French, and German origins. However, as the history of American slavery and segregation shows, minorities who were citizens or (as was the case for slaves, had lived here their whole life) were very often not given the same legal protections as white citizens. The protests and activism of minorities in the U.S. has made our country change its laws and heart so that we can more fully and truly hold to our founding principles. During the era of slavery, freed and escaped black men and women like Frederick Douglas and Harriet Jacobs told their stories and the stories of their fellow slaves to turn more people towards abolition and to make those who were already abolitionists more dedicated to their cause. And of course, the most effective, passionate, and dedicated Civil Rights activists were black men and women. Furthermore, many of the white people involved in these movements were religious and cultural minorities–usually Jews or Quakers.

    So we can’t discount the ways in which racial, cultural, and religious minorities have, in the past, changed our country for the better.

  4. Alex,

    Thank you for your reply. I find what you wrote to be true and accurate and really dont know why you felt the need to go into detail as I never stated that any of these events were not true. My purpose in writing what I wrote was to point out the bigger picture regarding slavery and how it has always been used even before it came to America. That is why I stated that the muslim culture was one of the biggest slave trades owning more blacks then anyone else in history. They also enslaved whites, jews etc. I remember clarifying in my post when talking about slavery that I do not, in anyway shape or form, condone slavery, or think it was justified in any way! I think owning any human being no matter what the race is inhumane. But what I dont like is how history isnt taught in full. The examples of what I gave with regards to blacks owning slaves, slave owners treating slaves nicely etc. may not be the norm, but it did happen is all I was trying to point out.

    I then tied it into politics today, and how i believe that a lot of people are trading one form of slavery for another, meaning big government. This is why my world view and values lead me to vote more conservative and support life.

    Wanted to clear that up so my original intent wasnt taken out of context.

  5. Thank you Alex for your reply. I don’t remember anywhere in my recent comments that I was trying to make light of slavery. I in no way shape or form think owning another human being is okay. No matter what the race. My point in my comment was to simply state that the history of slavery here in America hasn’t been represented in a way that tells all sides, just the sides that fit the narrative of what our educational system and government is trying to push. Black slave owners, wealthy black oeople, and whites who treated their slaves well was not the norm but it did happen.

    This is also why I brought up the point that the Muslim culture enslaved blacks, whites, Jews and actually owned and enslaved more black people then America ever has. Again, slavery is horrible, but why can’t we talk about the other aspects? White people weren’t the only ones to slave people.

    I then brought this full circle in saying that now with how our government is wanting to be apart of every aspect of our lives is the new slavery. Black people and minorities have traded one form of slavery for another. Big government seeks to enslave in more subtle ways.

  6. @Blog,

    Thanks for your reply as well. I understand your point more now. And, yes, it is true that Arabs (mostly Muslims) living in North Africa were responsible for capturing, selling, and trading black Africans to white Europeans. It’s also true that Muslims primarily traded and owned slaves during the medieval and early modern periods while Europeans, in contrast, mostly owned serfs, although with the rise of urban centers and the collapse of serfdom, Europeans did begin buying African, Arab, and Eastern European slaves in greater numbers. (Theoretically, slavs sold to Christian Europeans couldn’t be Christian as well, so most were Muslim, but there are documented cases where slaves were arguing that they were actually Christians and that the slave trader who sold them lied to their master.)

  7. so im just imagining these crimes happening to black americans then? my father is an officer, my uncle is an officer majority of the men in my family are either police or served in the military but that does not mean i am blind to what i see before me.

    blacks are not playing victims when we try to speak our truth, whites want to ignore it. We have to deal with a system that does not want us to rise up. Like there is so much information out there the we as balcks constantly try to tell white people yet its like you dont want to listen. you say we play the race card, you say we play the victim not wanting to understand that this system was never meant for us at all.

    there are plenty of documentaries on the justice system and blacks people in the country, i i stated before in a comment watch the documentary called 13th on netflix, read abagond on wordpress and i myself will be doing some research on how slavery affects us today.

    i’m tired of the same thing being told to me, black on black crime yet no one is talking about white on white crime or they fact that majority of school shootings, serial killers happen to be white males.

  8. All the evidence actually suggests otherwise. Police officers are 18-20 something times more likely to be killed by a black male than a black male is likely to be killed by an officer.

    Sorry you don’t understand or believe the actual things happening. The movie you mentioned is pure propaganda.

  9. For other people interested, look up Colin Flahtery’s youtube channel where he reports on almost every crime where blacks are targeting non-blacks for violent horrendous crimes. It is brutal and was really eye-opening to me this last Fall when I found his channel.

    I was not at all aware how violent blacks have become as a people group in our country – they are the most racist race right now, and that crimes are just horrible.

    And Sapphire, just this morning I watched a young black mom RUN OVER HER OWN CHILD’S FOOT at the school drop off. It’s tragic what is happening to y’all’s race. This mom hardly ever actually pulls into a parking space like MOST parents, she just pulls up sideways (not in a spot) and lets her little first grader jump out on his own and run in – she never even walked him in when he was a kindergardner – which I thought was bad back then considering how dangerous that parking lot is with parents rushing off.

    There are irresponsible parents of every race… but why do y’all have MORE irresponsible moms and dads in the black race? Why did that poor child have to have his foot run over by his own mother’s car?????????? Why the hell is your race failing your own people – your own children – to that degree that y’all are actually murdering your own children through abortions and child abuse way more than any other race or ethnic group?

    I’m sorry, but y’all have to sort these problems out for yourselves. My family came from slaves in Europe – many whites came from backgrounds like that. Slavery isn’t an excuse at all for neglecting your children, murdering your children, abusing your children like the black race is doing disproportionately more than any other people group in our country.

  10. Oh… and you know who helped the young black mom this morning who RAN OVER HER SON’S FOOT WITH HER CAR? My white Police Officer husband. He was one of the only people who would rush in to help her.

    So seriously… take your anti-police rhetoric somewhere else. Your people are y’all’s own worst enemy treating your children like crap and not valuing them enough.

  11. in what way is the movie propaganda? this is facts, im sorry its hard for to understanding that they are laws like this is place and that our prison system is a modern day plantation

  12. yes whites had slavery but white is the ideal in this country. no one looks at a white woman and sees a welfare queen, hoe , video vixen etc and same for white males no one sees them as a thug or a criminal. Whites made themselves the standard from beauty to intelligence. Skin bleaching is a serious issues among not on blacks but indians and other pocs as well because being light bright,damn near white is seen as better and with lighter closer to white skin, people treat you better.

  13. for someone to say my people treat our children like crap, i could say the same for white children. According to what i see, ya’ll dont seem to like the idea of spanking your kids when they act out or disrespect you in public. Also why do white teen boys like to shoot up schools? like what is the white community doing about that?

    also what is white womens obsessions with the myth of the big black penis? also why do you guys try on culturals like its a trend calling bantu knot mini buns and why do you guys what big butts suddenly? black women were degraded and humiliated for having huge bottoms but now white women gotta have them?

  14. “Skin bleaching is a serious problem…”

    LOL! It’s AMAZING that you don’t even care how many of your own people are just flat out murdering their own children either through abortions or the massive rates of child abuse. I’m sorry, but there is coming a time when NO ONE is going to take black’s complaints seriously anymore when y’all treat your own children like crap more than any other race.

    It is your problem to fix, and our husbands help y’all more than any other people in this country. But ultimately, it’s up to black people to start actually loving their own children and people.

  15. You care more about skin bleaching problems than all the blacks murdering their own children.

    That right there tells me everything I need to know about you.

  16. we do love our children, we have to prepare our children every single day for a world that tells they their natural beauty is beautiful unless its on a white woman. We have to prepare our children every single day for a world that sees them as nothing but whores and thugs. We love our children dearly and for you to say that we don’t love how children, the fact that statement even came out of your brain shows me how you truly see my people.

  17. It’s tragic Sapphire, but no the world does not see them as thugs and whores – we see the children and wish we could take them away honestly from the bad parents and raise the black kids in homes where they’ll be valued. It was horrendous to watch that mom run over her son’s foot this morning. All the child abuse and abortions and murder rates cannot prove what you’re trying to claim about blacks loving their children. It’s tragic that you don’t know these statistics that prove that your race has a serious problem — a huge amount of the problem is blacks not loving their own children or valuing them enough. That is fact. Of course it’s not all black people – thank God there are many that are really trying to raise healthy two-parent families. But when the child abuse and child murder rates, along with all the millions of abortions happening disproportionately in your race, that statement is true. I’ll pray for you that you can accept the painful truth that your own people hate their own children and don’t treat them like other races treat their children by valuing them. Just like I’ve been praying for that mom and am going to talk to her tomorrow about safer measures to take with her children so she doesn’t get them taken away from her for being negligent and endangering her children.

  18. SapphireYagami,

    Your Statement:

    “i’m tired of the same thing being told to me, black on black crime yet no one is talking about white on white crime or they fact that majority of school shootings, serial killers happen to be white males. “

    This is a false comparison. While serial killers and school shooters get more press the fact is serial killers and school shootings account for a tiny, tiny amount of the violent crime in this nation. Murders, manslaughter, assaults, robberies and rapes are what account for the vast majority of violent crime in our nation(as with any other nation) and guess what racial group is is vastly disproprotiantely represented in this group of people?

    Even though blacks only account for roughly 13 percent of the population they account for these percentages of crimes in United States:

    50 percent of all murders and manslaughters
    52 percent of all robberies
    33 percent of all aggravated assaults
    32 percent of all forcible rapes

    Just let that settle in for a minute that 13 percent of our population – that 13 percent made up of your people – is responsible for such a large percentage of the crime in this nation relative to their size. Yet you blame whites for this problem in your own community.

  19. @BGR and Stephanie,

    I have to ask why sapphire should feel responsible for the behavior of other people who share her skin color. I’m guessing that she’s never had an abortion or abused her children. If you two don’t want to feel responsible for school shooters or serial killers, that’s fair because you didn’t do those things, and you’re not responsible for stopping the actions of people who aren’t connected to you except by skin color. (If you happened to know someone who went on to commit a mass shooting or a spree of serial killings and you ignored signs that something was wrong, then yeah, you’d share some responsibility.) But it is also unfair to turn around and blame Sapphire for what other people who share her skin color are doing. You may not think that that’s what you’re doing, but you’re asking to do things like accept “her people’s” problems. You’re doing exactly what she’s talking about when you lump her in with people who’ve had abortions or joined a gang and shot someone.

  20. And you’re doing exactly what you’ve asked her not to do when you’ve asked her not to lump you guys in with cops who’ve wrongly shot people.

  21. Sapphire,

    Let me give you a revolutionary concept that might change your life and it would change the life of every single black person in America who sees being black in America the way you do.

    The word is “acceptance”. We all face mistreatment and prejudice in different ways whether it be because of our race or our religion. That has existed since the beginning of mankind and will always exist. When you are a minority race in any given nation you will be treated differently. Trust me – white people in Japan or China will tell you they are treated differently than the native population. White people in African nations where 95 percent of the population is black are treated differently.

    Is there any evidence to back up the persona of blacks being seen as “whore and thugs”? Well when 70 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock and 50 percent of all murders, manslaughters and robberies are committed by blacks even though they only make up 13 percent of the population some people might just get that impression of black people.

    Does that mean all black people are thugs and whores? No. But what it means is because you are minority in this nation and your minority group has such a crime problem along with a culture problem(total complete family breakdown) you might want to stop blaming whites and look inward.

    If you are raising your black children right then God bless you. And guess what – your young black students who are trying to do what is right might be treated unfairly sometimes on account of what other blacks are doing wrong. That is LIFE. DEAL WITH IT. That is not an excuse to to vandalizing stores and riot.

    Let me tell you about another community in this country. They make up only 2 percent of our population. Their ancestors were enslaved and also suffered brutal genocide attempts. Yet this people of former slaves went on to create one the greatest nations in the history of the world . They are the Jewish people. To this day people hurl slurs at them. But the Jews did not sit around languishing for hundreds of years feel sorry for themselves because of their treatment at the hands of the Egyptians. No they dusted themselves off, accepted that the world is not a fair place and made a great people of themselves.

    I wonder why blacks in America – over 150 years since they were freed and then it has been 60 years since the civil rights movement with all kinds of extra government help are not much better as a culture than when they were freed as slaves? Sure we have exceptions of great Blacks who went to be very successful. But as a race you have not succeeded here. I wonder if it is not for the same reason Africa as Continent has failed to enter the modern world?

    You know what they both have in common? They blame whites for their problems. Africans still blame white colonization for their issues and so do black Americans. Stop blaming others, stop feeling sorry for yourselves because life is unfair and look inward to fix your own culture. If you continue raising your children to think all their problems are due to unfair white treatment toward them whether in the past or present they will never ever succeed.

  22. Alex,

    This is where you and I are going to disagree. I have actually been putting together a post for the last month on this subject of race. It is why I had not posted in about a month so I decided to get some other things out while I was continuing work on my culture and race post.

    I will give you a sneak peek of truths I will reveal in that post. America did not start off as a multicultural or multiracial nation. In fact if you look at the first few decades after our constitution was ratified our founders and the people of this nation passed what would be considered today very “xenophobic” and “racist” laws to prevent both the cultural and racial makeup of this nation from changing. The 1790 census shows that 80 percent of this nation as originally founded originated in Northern Europe(England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark). And it is clear we were a white, Anglo Saxon, protestant people and what we now call WASPS. In 1790 our founders passed legislation require new citizens be “free white persons”.

    I will bring up some history(especially that of the Roman empire) that shows multiculturalism and multi racism do not work. Nations for the history of the world have been homogeneous where there was always a dominant racial population whatever that race was. A nation’s racial homogeneity as well as cultural homogeneity was always of utmost concern because whenever there were strong divisions in either of those categories civil war was not far behind.

    I do not agree with every that has been said or done against minorities in this nations past(whether they were Black, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italian or other). However I do believe a nation does have the right to try and protect its racial and cultural homogeneity as our ancestors attempted to do.

    My daughter right now is studying abolition and slavery at the public school she attends. They are talking about how Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. I told her “If you really want to throw your teacher for a loop – bring up that while Abraham Lincoln was against slavery – he was not for equality of the races. There are tons of statements from him both before and while he was President that he did not believe blacks should be freed to live in America. In fact he believed it would cause great strife for them to stay and that they should be sent back to Africa as other freed slaves were(who started the nation of Liberia))”.

    What I am saying and the case I will make is that multi-culturalism and multi-racialism in any nation eventually leads to civil war and the break up of that nation. It took 200 years for Rome to fall after it made all it’s citizens equal with the Italians and I think within the next century America as we know it will no longer exist. We will be three nations – one primarily black, one primarily Hispanic and one primarily white.

    Race does exist and it is far more than skin color. Races within each nation naturally cluster and form their own sub cultures. It is the history of the world. We see it, we feel it and we know it. That is why 60 years after the civil rights movement schools and neighborhoods are just as segregated as they were. We simply have migrated to different areas to reestablish the natural segregation that races do(the urban areas were abandoned to minorities as the whites fled to the suburbs).

  23. @BGR,

    I think that your daughter’s history teacher is probably aware that Lincoln was not for equality of races, given that he stated those feelings and wrote down those feelings multiple times over the years, most famously in the Lincoln/Douglas debates.

    As for race, yeah, we’re going to have to disagree, and I hope that your science is more up-to-date than phrenology.

  24. We know many blacks here that adamantly do not agree with anything you’ve said. They are honest about the problems in their race and are doing something about it to try to fix things… skin bleaching etc. is not even hardly on their radar because there are much bigger problems that need fixing for blacks in general. And they try to warn women and men like you who tout these blatant lies about black victimization, that the country is getting really really tired of it. So your point of view is what’s holding the race back with constant claims of this victimization and zero accountability for the criminality, child abuse, murder rates, hate crimes against other races, and abortions. Eventually, the “silent majority” will completely stop listening. The majority of blacks who are actually contributing to society and trying to have strong families etc. know this (that y’all are actually making it worse for racism etc.), and resent people with your ideas.

  25. I also don’t know who’s arguing that the newly-founded United States of America was predominantly Anglo-Saxon in makeup (excluding the African slaves and the Native Americans still living in within the borders of at the at-the-time much smaller United States). That’s not really a revelation.

  26. As a final note on race, yes, I’m aware (and I’d imagine that most people are) that the DNA that determines skin color also tends to co-exist (on the same chromosomes and genes and all) with DNA that affects facial structure and that certain races are more susceptible to certain diseases (such as sickle-anemia). But the idea that different races tend to have different genetic strengths and weaknesses doesn’t argue that we need to avoid mixing races. It argues the opposite–that we should be mixing races in marriage to improve ourselves genetically.

    And it has indeed been found that mixed-race children tend to be smarter, taller, healthier, and even more attractive.

  27. But all things about race aside, I’m still not sure how physical differences between races would make Sapphire responsible for the decisions of other black people.

  28. At this point, I will waste no more of my energy on this. As for the blacks you know, they will get their wake up call soon enough. So have a lovely day


  29. Alex,

    Your Statement:

    “But all things about race aside, I’m still not sure how physical differences between races would make Sapphire responsible for the decisions of other black people.”

    As Americans(black, white, Hispanic, Chinese, Arab…) we are responsible to call out wrongs in our culture. Now we may not agree on what all those wrongs are, but when we see a wrong we need to teach our children and those within our sphere of influence those behaviors are wrong. That is a big part of what I do on this site – taking the Scriptures as well as History to teach my children and others who will listen where I believe our American culture has gone wrong. Now on some things we may agree and others we may disagree.

    But going a step further – even in our racial, religious and other ethnic groups we should call out wrong in within our sub cultures. If a white man goes in and shoots up a black church we as WHITES should call him out for this horrible crime. If a other white men go and desecrate Jewish cemeteries we as WHITE should call out them out for this. If a white police officer purposefully hurts a person simply because they were black we as WHITES should call him out for that.

    Even within our own community of WHITES we should call out the problems in our white community of white women being more career oriented or less family oriented and for them choosing to have no children, or 1 or 2 and looking down on stay at home moms.

    But in the same token HISPANICS need to call out the problems in their community. That they tolerate drug dealers. They see little problem with illegal immigration and want more open borders. They are more concerned with the welfare of the people of the countries they came from than the welfare of this nation. That is a problem.

    ARABS – specifically Muslim ARABS need a major change in their culture when it comes to the militancy of Islam. They need to be giving up every Muslim that speaks of death to America. Every single one. They need to be turning over their fellow Muslims who would advocate for the violent Islamic take over of America to the American authorities.

    The same goes for BLACKS. They must turn over ever these thugs to the authorities. They must teach their daughters to wait for sex and children for marriage. They must encourage their children to attend church and have a sense of family and morality. Men should be taught to be men, and women should should be taught to be ladies. And WHITE people cannot do this for the BLACK community. They must do it for themselves.

    As I have said before – my church financially supports some inner city black churches and ministries and that is a good thing and you know why I think it is good? Because they will not listen to some white dude telling them these things. Instead they will listen to a minister that used to be part of a gang who understands their background. We need more godly BLACK men to stand up and teach their people to stop acting like victims blaming everyone for their problems but themselves.

    So no Stephanie and I are not saying Sapphire is personally responsible for what other black people do any more than we are responsible for what some white people do. But she like us, IS responsible to recognize systemic problems in her own community, the causes of those problems and to call them out within her own sphere of influence in that community just as we are called to call out issues within our own white community. Again we may agree to disagree on what some of those issues are(like police shootings) but where we agree we should call them out.

    Does Sapphire or any black person honestly think 70 percent of black babies being born out of wedlock is a good thing? Now she can choose to blame that on whites or she can choose within her sphere of influence to call out the lack of morality within the black community when it comes to that issue.

    Does Sapphire or any black person honestly think that it is a good thing that 50 percent of the murders and manslaughters in this country are committed by her people even though they are only 13 percent of the population? How can anyone think that is good? Again she is not personally responsible for that – but she is responsible to call out her own people and the utter lack of personal responsibility that exists in the black community today.

  30. Stephanie,

    Your Statement:

    “We know many blacks here that adamantly do not agree with anything you’ve said. They are honest about the problems in their race and are doing something about it to try to fix things…”

    We have some great black men of God in the area I live that my church supports financially who are doing just what you said. They preach hard against black victimization teachings and are calling for personal responsibility and personal morality to be restored in their black community and calling people to Christ. However, they do recognize an important unfortunate truth though that even among Black ministers of the Christian faith there is still a lot of black victimization philosophy that is taught(and no surprise these are the ministers who invite Democrats to come speak). So they literally find themselves in conflict with both spiritual brothers and black brothers on this issue. I hope for more of these courageous black men to rise up but right now at least in our area they are few.

  31. @Sapphire

    I agree with you that the system is designed to keep us down. The system does have a racist tone towards people of color but a look at the black community is a picture of what the system wants to do with all of us. I say this as a white person whose husband is black and half my family is black. The move 13th of netflix while offers facts, it plays the race/victim card instead of looking deeper to rooted issues that cause the high incarceration rate of blacks. The movie makes light of crime trying to justify “this black person did a not so bad crime and got put in jail”, as opposed to ” this white male who did a crime and didnt get as much time”. Is the prison system racist? Probably. Is it all about money? A lot of it is. But what about teaching dont do the crime? Dont commit the crime in the first place and you wont get put in the situation your in. But they dont teach that. They just teach racism. What about fatherlessness? What about the government coming to the black family and telling the black woman we will take care of you if you dont have a man in the home, which leads to 70% of black families not having fathers in the house. These fathers then end up in jail, the boys in the home grow up without fathers leading to gangs, drugs, and violence.Is this the case all the time? No there are other reasons but this is a big one blacks refuse to talk about. I was dissappointed in the documentary because it offered no solutions just more problems.

    I am not denying racsim, but it is a little issue between average whites and average blacks. The average White person doesnt care what color you are. You live in America, and we should be teaching our youth, white or black, you have the ability to achieve anything no matter who tries to bring you down. We should be focusing of educating people on values and character and how to be a decent human being instead on the flaws of America, because ironically, its good hearted people that will fix the flaws of America.

  32. @BGR,

    And how do you know that Sapphire isn’t using her influence with black people whom she knows and has influence over as well as trying to discourage people of other races from making mistaken assumptions about her children based on their race?

  33. Alex,

    Your Statement:

    “I also don’t know who’s arguing that the newly-founded United States of America was predominantly Anglo-Saxon in makeup (excluding the African slaves and the Native Americans still living in within the borders of at the at-the-time much smaller United States). That’s not really a revelation.”

    Actually you would be surprised at how the average American is ignorant of our history as a nation. They hear “e pluribus unum” or “out of many one” and are taught that means the founders thought America should be a country made up people from all countries. The founders notes and letters reveal that not to be the case. What they actually meant was “out of many white european nations, one ango saxon american culture and nation” That is what their laws enforced in the first several decades of this nation.

    People don’t realize that both racially and culturally the English dominated American culture. That is why we speak English. Now yes they had their own Americanized English culture which became different than that of England – no question. But they wanted to fervently protect not only a white majority, but the culture of American English. That is why Germans, Dutch, Scots, Irish and others eventually folded themselves into the Ango white culture that had been established.

    In my post I will talk about polls amongst a large chunk of Americans who believe America is failing and declining because the group that founded America – WASPs (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) gave their culture and their nation away. They do not think America becoming a multi-cultural, multi-racial nation over the last 150 years has been a good thing for the strength of the country – but rather a divisive thing.

  34. Alex,

    From her own comments on this blog in many places she places the emphasis on black victimization not on black responsibility. So while she may have some good influence in her sphere of influence in encouraging blacks to marry and stay away from drugs and crime if she is teaching black victimization and for them to blame whites for their problems the good she is trying to do is being poisoned by bad.

  35. @BGR,

    Where has Sapphire blamed white people for black people having children out of wedlock or for having abortions? From what I’ve read, she’s addressed cases where black people are (or are at least alleged to be) experiencing racial prejudice.

  36. Alex,

    I did not claim she had directly blamed whites for blacks having children out of wedlock or abortions. Although I have heard that from other blacks and I don’t totally disagree with them as the founder of Planned Parenthood wanted to encourage high rates of black abortion. However whether something is made readily available or not(and I totally disagree with abortion) – it is ultimately on the person who decides to make use of it that the responsibility is.

    What I was saying is she blames whites for high arrest rates of blacks as if black crime had little to nothing to do with higher rates of black arrest. My point is that if your main emphasis as a black person is on racial prejudice the black community will never get to a better place. She has made plenty of comments about a conspiracies to stop blacks from rising in our culture. My argument is the most part they do this do themselves when they make bad personal decisions.

    I am not saying that haters of black people do not exist in America. Believe me while doing my research for my race article I found a lot of really nasty white sites. However I think for the most part hatred in the white community of blacks as people is very low. Now I will tell you where hatred in the white community has risen sharply over the past couple decades and that is blacks blaming everything on racism and things like “white privilege”. That drives a lot normal white people nuts.

    Do we need to apologize for having white parents that taught us to take personal and moral responsibilities for our life? Do we have to apologize for doing better in school or college? Do we have to apologize for choosing to live in neighborhoods that are predominantly white? Do we have to apologize for choosing to go to predominantly white churches? Do we have to apologize for the vast majority of white(93 percent) marrying whites? Do we have to apologize for whites having 10 percent in poverty and blacks having 26 percent in poverty? For those of us whites that are poor – do we have to apologize for keeping our poor white kids out crime more than poor blacks who make the same money?

    The answer to all these questions is NO. And normal whites(not KKK or skin head whites) are sick and tired of having to apologize for our white heritage or the fact that whites built this country and as of now still dominate it culturally. I totally get that is changing quickly and over the next 30 to 40 years it will be very different. But that is also one of the reasons we have a coming civil war.

  37. Well, first of all, it would be more accurate to say that white people built this country with the help of black slave labor and later Irish, Polish, other Eastern European, and Asian labor.

    But beyond that, how can you at once disclaim responsibility for slavery (which is fair to do because you’re not responsible for things that happened a hundred or so years before you were born) while at the same time acting like the accomplishments of your ancestors somehow reflect on your own worth?

  38. Alex,

    It is absolutely consistent to be proud of the great things our ancestors did(and some ideas that we still hold today) and at the same time disagree with things that were wrong that they did.

    Can a Jewish person have pride in their Jewish Heritage even though their ancestors rebelled against God and even called for the crucifixion of the Messiah? Absolutely they can be.

    Can an African person be proud of their African heritage? Absolutely.
    Can an Indian person be proud of their Indian heritage? Absolutely.

    Just because all of our nations, cultures and races have been responsible for some bad things does not mean we cannot celebrate the good while acknowledging the bad.

    I equate the modern Black problems with the family unit falling apart(out of wedlock marriages) as well as being disproportionately being involved in crime with White abolitionists in the 1800s. How so you might ask? Well back in the beginning of this nation and through the civil war there were whites(abolitionists) who opposed slavery and saw it as in immoral action of the whites against the blacks. They fought against their own people on this. In the same way today while a person does not have to be ashamed of being black – they ought to be ashamed of the immorality of their people that is being committed on a wide scale just as some whites in early America were ashamed of slavery. And in the same way white abolitionists formed to confront immorality in their own culture so too blacks must rise up like the abolitionist of old against the immorality within their own midst.

    And on the issue of whites building this country – I am not referring to the manual labor which built the infrastructure of this country.
    Did the Blacks, Asians, Polish, Irish or other eastern European workers design the system of Government we now enjoy(which was later bastardized by adding multiculturalism, multi racialism, feminism and socialism)? The answer is No.

  39. Alex,

    Speaking of modern black abolitionists I found a group!

    “What is an “abolitionist”? In the 19th century, an abolitionist was a reformer who advocated the abolition of slavery in the United States.

    Many people participated in the 19th century Abolitionist Movement including: William Lloyd Garrison, editor of The Liberator and one of the founders of the American Anti-Slavery Society; Sojourner Truth, a freed slave and speaker; Fredrick Douglass, a social reformer, orator, writer, and statesman; Henry “Box” Brown, a Virginia slave who escaped to freedom by arranging to have himself mailed to Philadelphia in a wooden crate; Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin; and Harriet Tubman of the Underground Railroad fame. Harriet Tubman was once quoted as saying “I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

    Harriet Tubman

    Reverend Dr. Levon Yuille established the 21st century Abolitionist Movement in 2004. The focus of this movement is a little different but no less important. The movement challenges and exposes the status quo political entitlement progressive ideology that pervades the black community and challenge them to move beyond race baiting into Martin Luther King’s dream for America, where people are not judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

    Reverend Yuille leads the 21st century Abolitionist Movement in metro-Detroit with some brave soldiers who were willing to answer the call. Del Marsh and Phil Stargell were included in that number. They became part of the first planning committee, and a movement was born.

    Henry Brown

    During the following years, Del and Phil helped Reverend Yuille fulfill God’s call with the “Joshua’s Trail” program. In January of 2010, Reverend Yuille was tapped to launch a new branch of “Joshua’s Trail” in Ann Arbor, MI, leading another team of 21st century abolitionists. The core group doubled.

    In the fall of 2011, Reverend Yuille blessed his spiritual sons, Del Marsh and Phil Stargell, to start the “Abolitionist Round Table” (ART). This program expands on Levon YuilleReverend Yuille’s mission and vision—to protect our American Judeo-Christian heritage, to protect life, and to break the generational curse of poverty and hopelessness.”

  40. “Wake up call” sounds like a threat you’re making to them. They are part of the silent majority – the ones fighting to keep the US a force for good in the world for our children and grandchildren.

  41. actually its not a threat but the fact that you automatically assumed it was is very telling. A wake up call is a reference to the fact that blacks that you know will eventually be hit with a does of reality soon or later in their lifetime that will open their eyes to what they gave been blind too this whole time.

  42. @BGR,

    I’m asking more why you’d be proud of something that you didn’t personally do and weren’t personally involved with.

    I also would argue that certain minority groups, especially the blacks and the Jews, contributed positively to our ideology in the earlier years by promoting abolition and civil rights. By doing those things, they were encouraging lawmakers to more closely adhere to founding principles.

  43. Clearly they have a bigger problem than ever trying to reach the ones in their race that are so hell-bent on being victims all their lives! I think they are the majority, and the ones that support Black Lives Matter etc. are a loud minority (maybe a “big” minority but still). Most do not think like Sapphire is coming across.

  44. Alex,

    Your Statement:

    “I’m asking more why you’d be proud of something that you didn’t personally do and weren’t personally involved with.”

    I am proud out race and my ancestors for these same reasons people are proud:

    1. Are we not proud when US Olympic Athletes win medals even though we did not personally do it and were not personally involved with it?
    2. Are we not proud of our World War II vets for defeating Germany and Hitler and freeing Europe in World War II although we did not personally do it and we were not personally involved with it?
    3. Would I not be proud of my father for receiving a promotion for being the best in his department at work even though I was not personally involved it?

    We can rightly be proud of those whom we have connections to either through marriage, blood, religious homogeneity, racial homogeneity or national identity in their various accomplishments even if we had no part in them. When I watched the movie “Race” about Jesse Owens I was proud of his achievements not because I am black, but because I am an American. I was also proud because he made fools of the Nazis “master race theory”.

    But there is a huge difference in believing in a “master race” theory and believing that racial homogeneity, and cultural homogeneity are actually better for a nation’s unity and stability as is proven from world history as well as current events around the world.

  45. We can be proud because although America has made mistakes, and nobody is perfect, we still have a country, a constitution, and laws that make us free and available to achieve whatever we want to achieve. We are the greatest nation in this whole world and people travel to be here because of the opportunities they can have here. So although we are not perfect, and America has it scars, we still should encourage the deep rooted values that we hold and continue to make good citizens of good quality character to carry out those values which is equality, liberty, and equal freedom for all.

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