The Greatest Threat to Feminism is Patriarchy loving SAHMs

The young woman pictured above is Madison, otherwise known as @thereservedwife.  I came across a video she did on Tik Tok and it was awesome! She talked about how she just loves to do all the cooking and cleaning in her home.  She also talked about how feminists by the hundreds come on her videos telling her how she is “wasting her life” and “setting women back decades”.  And I love how at the end of the video she tells her feminist detractors that she was engaged at 18, married at 19, pregnant at 20 and gave birth to her first child at 21.  And then to really stick it to her feminist detractors, she adds that she is pregnant with her second child and barefoot in the kitchen.

I also looked up another video where she talked about her background a bit and she mentioned that she did not go to college, had no plans to go to college, because it would have saddled her future husband with debt and would have been a waste of time because she would not be using it as a stay-at-home mom. 

In many ways this woman sounds just like my 19 year old daughter who just graduated from high school. I showed her Madison’s video and she was very encouraged and blessed by it as she has been by so many other young Christian SAHMs who are now taking a stand for God in this way.

SAHMs like Madison are a grave threat to feminism.  Why? Not just because she is a SAHM, but because she is SAHM by conviction.  She was not forced to be a SAHM, she chose the life and actually promotes the lifestyle to other women.  Not only is she an SAHM, but she also believes patriarchy is good thing.

Feminists can easily dismiss men teaching about the need for women to return to their traditional place in the home as a “self-serving” exercise.  But they cannot dismiss the myriads of young women who are now choosing the SAHM lifestyle and those who have very happy and fulfilling lives as a result.  And that is why godly women like Madison who are Bible believing SAHMs and support patriarchy are such a threat to our post feminist culture.

You can find her video here.

3 thoughts on “The Greatest Threat to Feminism is Patriarchy loving SAHMs

  1. I love Madison! I just watched that same video yesterday.

    Hubby and I are expecting our first child in a month, and while the original plan was for me to stay home as soon as he is born, I’ll unfortunately have to go back to the workforce. Anything I make for the next year and a half is going to go straight into student loans to pay them off so my husband can easily provide for our family without the worry of student loan debt and I can stay home to raise and teach our kids. I wish I could be at home now and do all of the cooking and cleaning. Madison is living the life I hope to have by the beginning of 2023!

    Thanks for your blog, BGR. I always eagerly await your posts.

  2. I watched a few of her TikTok videos and I admire her for living the life she wants to live. She looks happy and content, and that’s beautiful.
    One of her videos revealed that she had a miscarriage, but she doesn’t lose her faith.
    The only thing I didn’t agree with is the video about the movie “Unplanned”. While the movie might be based on true events, the way abortions are shown are not fully acurate.

  3. I married my now husband at 31, the period of time from us meeting to marrying was six months as age was a pressing factor and he wanted a large family, when he was 21 (I was widowed at 23 with no children) and now at 35 we have three children with another on the way. Being a stay at home mom is the happiest, most fulfilling way to be live.
    I chose this life, and I can’t imagine a woman wanting anything more than being a keeper of her home, and a helpmate to her husband. I was a miserable, lonely, and unfulfilled woman as a si glow, childless person wasting away my 20’s.
    God bless all. Love her Tiktoks.

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