Listen to BGR on Rumble!

I have started a brand new channel over on I will be moving over old content I had over on my YouTube channel to Rumble, as well as adding new original content on Rumble. I am also in the process of converting several of my older podcasts from my subscription podcast site,, to videos for my rumble channel. is a new free speech version of YouTube and I am looking forward to being able to speak more freely there and not get my videos taken down like they have in the past on YouTube.

My plan in the coming months is to create some content that will be exclusively distributed on my new Rumble channel to get you folks over there. Creating a rumble account for just viewing is easy. Give it a try today. You can join rumble and subscribe to my channel for free! And the more subscribers I get to my channel – the more options will open for this ministry.

I greatly appreciate your support in this new extension of the ministry here at And as always, please pray that God blesses and gets his truths about biblical gender roles out to a larger audience with rumble. He has really blessed my extension Instagram in the last couple of years and I hope he does the same with Rumble.

6 thoughts on “Listen to BGR on Rumble!

  1. Dear, BGR

    That pretty cool! It’s nice to know that there are social media sites out there that do not seek to quash free speech the way YouTube and Facebook have been doing lately. Will your podcasts also be including transcripts or Closed Captioning?

    I am Deaf, that is why I am asking.

    I like it when videos on YouTube and other media-based websites include such things for the Deaf.

    With Respect,

  2. JasonH,

    I am sorry but at this time I do not have the resources to do closed captioning or transcripts for deaf. I work a full-time day job to support my family and do this in my time after that.


  3. To Larry,

    Thank you for responding to my post and addressing my question concerning the possibility of closed captioning or transcripts. I sincerely appreciate it. That said, it is unfortunate that you won’t be able to provide such services, it seems that I’ll have to stick to reading the standard posts you put up. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

    With Respect,

  4. If you’d like, I can try to make transcriptions for you? I could send them to you. Please let me know if you’re interested.

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