Feminism will come to an end one way or the other


On August 18th 1920, the ratification of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution forever changed the course of the American nation. This amendment giving women the right to vote, began the process of the feminization of America. America was not the first nation to give women the right to vote, but it was one of the most influential world powers to do so. The system of patriarchy that had served the world since the beginning of creation, was now being taken down in favor of a grand new experiment.

It was not something that happened overnight. It took over forty years from the time Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton drafted the amendment in 1878 for it to be finally ratified in 1920. It was passed under immense pressure from women’s groups and the pressuring of men to give women “fair” and “just” treatment.

I believe if you could go back and show the men who voted to give women the right to vote how their vote affected our nation over the next century, the amendment would have been massively defeated.

Feminism will eventually end in of one of two ways

Previously I wrote a post about how Fathers can save our families from feminism. I believe this is one of two ways feminism in America and Western Civilization will end. Fathers teaching their daughters to reject feminist ideals and to embrace their God given roles as wives and mothers would certainly be the less painful way that feminism will end. But if Fathers do not step in and lead, and teach their daughters what is right, a more painful end to feminism will occur.

Emotion verses Logic

While there are more emotional men, and more logical women, the reality is most men are more logical and most women are more emotional. Most men tend to think with their heads first, and their hearts second. On the other hand, most women tend to think with their hearts first and their heads second.

But in the end logic always beats emotion. Emotion may seem to triumph over logic for a period, perhaps even for decades or centuries. But eventually logic prevails.

Emotion says if, we as a nation are nice to our enemies, and we lower our defenses, or withdraw, they will leave us alone.

Logic says an enemy does not want to fight with a nation they cannot beat. So having a larger military, and more advanced weapons actually promotes peace.

Emotion says if we as a nation deal gently and proportionally with our enemies, then they will appreciate the merciful treatment and stop seeing us as enemies.

Logic says if you crush your enemies with overwhelming force, they will think twice before opposing your interests.

Emotion says if you have a more diverse culture (with different languages, religious beliefs and value systems), you will have a better culture.

Logic says if you have a more diverse culture, you will have a more divided culture and a weaker nation. Logic does not say everyone must think exactly the same on all issues, but the more similar the people are to one another in their religious beliefs, their language and value systems, the more unified the nation will be.

Emotion says if you are softer and gentler toward criminals, you will have less crime.

Logic says if you are harder on crime, and give harsher punishments then you will deter crime.

Emotion says you should not have a gun in your home, because you might use it in the wrong circumstance or hurt your spouse. Your child might find it and get hurt, or you might react wrongly and kill someone with it.

Logic says when criminals know that every home in a neighborhood is armed, with citizens who are willing to use these weapons, crime goes down because these criminals don’t want to be shot in the face as they try to enter someone’s home.

Emotion says we as a nation cannot let anyone starve.

Logic says if a man does not work, he does not eat. If we as a nation continue to give people unending government assistance we will create a larger and larger segment of the population that is dependent on the other segment. Eventually the boat will tip over.

Emotion says every person, man, woman or child should be able to choose to do whatever makes them happy.

Logic says each person should do what they are biologically designed to do. If they are a man, they are designed to lead, protect and provide for women and children. If they are a woman, they are designed to bear children, feed those children and nurture those children into healthy adults.

Emotion says men and women should not have to marry, but should be able to have casual sex and just live together.

Logic says the best relationship is a committed relationship within the institution of marriage, where both the man and woman have clearly defined roles. The security of marriage provides security to a nation and a civilization.

Emotion says women don’t have to have children, it is their choice.

Logic says the most critical and important role women play in civilization is the bearing and raising of children. If women don’t have children (at least 3 children per woman to make up for women who cannot have children) then eventually the human race will become extinct. If those children are not given the nurturing care of a loving mother they are more likely to get into crime, or be less productive and more dependent citizens that will way down on the resources of the nation.


If we as a nation, and as Western civilization, keep following emotion eventually Western civilization will fall. The reason our civilization will fall is because of the feminization of the West. It is because we think more with our hearts, than with our heads.

It is because we won’t protect our language, borders and culture, for fear of offending others.

It is because we won’t protect marriage from easy divorce because we don’t want to make two people live together who don’t have feelings for each other anymore.

It is because we won’t make women stay home, bear and raise the next generation of young people for fear we are being unfair to women.

It is because we won’t be tough on crime.

It is because we won’t be tough on government corruption.

It is because we are unwilling to crush our enemies with overwhelming force and fight to protect our interests.

It is because we are unwilling to let lazy people starve and go homeless.

It is because we continually take what people have earned, and it give it to people who have not earned it all in a futile attempt to eliminate differences in income and economic classes (which will never happen).

It is because we continue to spend more than we have, both as individuals and families, and as a nation.

It is because we are willing to kill the innocent (the unborn), but unwilling to kill the guilty.

In the end though, Feminism will not survive. If we cannot turn around our society the easier way through the influence of fathers teaching their daughters what is right, and teaching our young men to reject feminist women when they look for wives, then eventually western civilization will collapse, and with it feminism.

Then a new society will form, built on the ashes of the old, and mankind will have learned that the greatest mistake it ever made was giving women the right to vote and by extension allowing the feminization of society.

10 thoughts on “Feminism will come to an end one way or the other

  1. Wow. You said it. You actually said that women shouldn’t have been given the right to vote…. I can’t say I disagree.

    “This is ponderous, man. Real ponderous.” -2NU

  2. I have patient who builds things all over the world and does commencement speeches at many high ranking universities. He hates fishing, his wife travels with him and fishes all over the world. She agrees, says women are to emotional and shouldnt vote and said its ruining the usa. They have 4 daughters.

  3. Although I hate to say it, there is a great possibility that Hillary will be the next president. Why? Because financial security is more important, even to most so-called conservatives, than moral values to the American people. (This is according to a poll in a conservative news outlet.) All she has to do is remind people how good the economy was in the Clinton years and she will get elected! Shortly after she takes office, feminism will increase even more and then the U.S. will collapse and most of the world will be ruled by the anti-Christ. The new society will be built on the ashes of the old when Jesus comes back.

    However, I believe that feminism will be purged from the church before then. When the soon coming great persecution hits the church in America, the vast majority of those who call themselves Christians will abandon the Christian faith and probably be the worst persecutors of true Christians. Through all of this, God will purify the true church and make the church a pure bride ready for the soon return of Jesus Christ to rule and reign in this earth!

  4. I am beginning to believe that my wife’s sexual refusal was necessary so that I could recognize the root cause of the problem – a Jezebel spirit operating in her (Jezebel is synominous with feminism). I probably would have put up with the Jezebel spirit if we would have had a great sex life together.

    However, since Jezebel represents rebellion and witchcraft, God no longer allows me to put up with it in my home. My wife not only wants us to live like brother and sister without sex, but like mother and son, with the mother being the boss of the home and the son providing for all of her needs. This is a very unacceptable arrangement for us before God!

    As I’ve said in other posts, I married a Latin American woman thinking that Latin American women aren’t into feminism like so many American women are. Boy, was I wrong about that! Feminism has invaded the whole western hemisphere, including the Latin American Evangelical church!

    My wife is now in Colombia visiting her family there and is planning on coming back here in March. But, I cannot allow her to come back here to live with me until she is completely delivered from the Jezebel spirit! This is what I am earnestly praying for!

  5. Yes, I have seen that a change has taken place in the way that the USA has been run since women were given a right to vote. From my knowledge of history, I see that you are correct in your points. Thank you.

  6. Yes, feminism will end because it cannot sustain itself. It relies on the strength of the male to enforce it while at the same time undermining the strength of the male. One outcome is a non feminist culture invades, kills the feminized males and subjugates the feminist women. The other is an internal collapse. Men use their life force to either create or destroy. Men need women to help direct this force from destructive into productive. This current situation of feminized deadbeat men is a brief transition. Soon the men, without women to help them or strong men to stop them, will become incredibly destructive. Even the angriest, most strident feminist woman knows she can’t deal with a gang of violent young men who feel no moral restraint or hope for a future. Either way is a reset.
    There may be a sci-fi like outcome though. Women may begin to selectively abort male babies similar to the selective abortion of females in China for many years. If that trend were to continue until men were significantly outnumbered it could usher in a new age unlike anything we’ve ever known. A few men could survive and serve as studs to perpetuate the species but not pose an existential threat to the order. It would be like a bee hive or a dairy farm. The challenge would be for women to learn to work together without clawing each other’s eyes out. Think high school girls locker room. Just like men need women to call out their nobler nature, so women need men.
    This scary option should spur men to action against feminism now since we may not be able to count on a collapse and reset outcome. Fortunately we men are the warrior gender so we are much better suited to the fight before us than our female feminist opponents.

  7. I totally agree. I also think this started the whole transgender movement. Girls were confused, they started thinking they should take on more masculine roles and boys thought maybe they should be more feminine. I am a woman saying women shoukd not be allowed to vote in any type of government election, it has destroyed society. Allowing only men having the right to vote would bring about a more powerful and populated society. As my father told my now husband before we married, “she is yours now,make sure you put her in her place”! Whatever happened to that way of thinking for men?? Where did it go? I took it as endearing, now it is looked down on or worse abuse.

  8. Feminism is simply a trap, like the apple in the tree in the Garden of Eden (See Genesis 3). It says “did God really say, man is head over woman?”, to which many women respond by saying “yes, but I am the ‘neck’ who controls the head”.

    This of course is a lie, and a stupid statement, as man, who has God-ordained authority over woman, ultimately is the one who determines whether he upholds it or abdicates it. If he wants to exercise it, he will, and woman cannot overthrow it in her own strength. A society in which that happens is therefore one full of rebellion against God, which leads to nothing by misery, anger, frustration, and all kinds of deranged thinking. It is simply against the natural order.

  9. Equal property rights for men and women is enough to bring down a civilization. Look at ancient Rome. Women live longer and therefore always end up with everything. Women are also far more greedy and ruthless in satisfying this greed.

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