17 thoughts on “Alan Colmes Interview time change

  1. I tried to tune in, Larry. Maybe they did more research and found out your ideas are actually logical, that you don’t condone real rape, that you tell husbands not to force themselves on their wives, and they decided you weren’t controversial (ie. crazy) enough?

    šŸ˜¦ Either way, I was really looking forward to listening.

  2. “Maybe they did more research and found out your ideas are actually logical, that you donā€™t condone real rape, that you tell husbands not to force themselves on their wives, and they decided you werenā€™t controversial (ie. crazy) enough?”
    I’d be willing to bet a good amount that’s the case, Dragonfly.

    ” Either way, I was really looking forward to listening.”
    Me too. Ah well. Hadn’t heard Alan Colmes in a few years. Still the same character. I always thought they hired him for the opposition because he truly resembles a weasle.

  3. Well, they didn’t let you talk that much because otherwise you’d sound too rational in your explanation of why you wrote that controversial post.

    He cut you off when you were trying to explain that you wrote it because you constantly have men emailing you, asking you how they can enjoy sex with their wife, when she’s obviously just begrudgingly giving them “duty sex.” And when this is the only type of sex they ever get.

    When a wife is constantly denying her husband sex, and even tells him she “hates sex” and “never wants to have it anymore,” and then sometimes gives in to placate him, the man is obviously in a horrible situation. He can either go sexless and just masturbate like Colmes was suggesting he indefinitely have to do (like that’s healthy for a marriage), or he can try to convince her that she has a responsibility to have sex with him as per biblical instruction.

    Even if he convinces her, she may still decide to have a bad attitude about it and just want him to go through the motion while she just lies there and gives him “starfish sex.” These men that only get mostly star fish sex, have the dilemma of either taking what they get and trying to make the most of it to feel connected to their wife, or to live in a perpetual hell of a sexless marriage.

    Alan Colmes doesn’t care about men living in sexless marriages. He needs to read DeadBedrooms on reddit, and really see the hell those men (and women) live in when their partners don’t care at all about never giving them sex, constantly turning them down for sex, sometimes even for years on end. Maybe then he’d have compassion for these people, and slightly begin to understand how you’re trying to give them a way to not be bitter, to not harbor resentment against their wive’s. Many men who have wives like this, become bitter, angry, resentful and I’ve even had a man who had lived in his sexless marriage for 40 years, write on my blog that he is afraid he took out his frustration and anger at his wife on his children. Her selfishness and sin caused him to become embittered toward her, and even affected his relationship with his kids.

    The women in these marriages cause this disruption in their families, and cause their husbands to feel the bitterness, anger, and resentment – but you’re giving them a way to focus on the pleasure they physically get from the awful duty sex, and to NOT harbor bitterness toward their immature and selfish wives by not acknowledging her giving it begrudgingly. But instead accepting it as a gift, and helping them to give her grace in this.

  4. Dragonfly,

    Does it ever occur to you that problems in the
    Sack might not always stem for the wife? There may be other issues in the marraige as welll.. Such as a cold, aspie- like husband who only touches his wife when he is horny.

    You judge women far too harshly- the way I read it is that you do it in order to get the boys on your side. What’s up with that?

    There is a bigger picture here. Open your eyes. When your perfect marraige hits the “bumps” hopefully you will grow some compassion for your sisters.

  5. “Dana” … I’m willing to bet that you’re the same Dana-gay-perrin who tried to comment on my site to say I was getting old and ugly because I’m 29… you probably came over from Insanity’s site right? Maybe you’re even her sock-puppet (you have said exactly the same things to me here and before on my site).

    I do feel compassion for the women who are married to men who aren’t affectionate. But most men ARE easy to please, are not “cold aspie husbands” like you’re trying to paint them all under. A woman who marries a “cold aspie” man probably knew he was like that before marriage, and had a reasonable guess of what she was getting into. You’re trying to say women are children who don’t understand the consequences of their choices. I think women are adults who need to mature and deal with the choices they’ve made – that’s what healthy people do.

    It bothers you, doesn’t it, that a woman could stand up for men and the trials they go through? It bothers you that people can see that women aren’t always the victims, doesn’t it? The only reason a woman would ever do this is not because she believes in truth or understanding or men’s rights, but it MUST be that she’s just trying to placate men.

    You think women are children who aren’t responsible for the bad choices they make, women are always the victims, that the husbands are always the bad guys not doing enough.

  6. “When your perfect marraige hits the ā€œbumpsā€ hopefully you will grow some compassion for your sisters.”

    And it’s funny how our marriage is so often criticized as being “perfect.” We’ve had many “bumps” and gone through some serious trials in 8 years… it’s probably impossible to have a “perfect” marriage of any kind, especially after that many years. Everyone goes through trials, but because we’re extremely happy together, have a good sex life and a great marriage, doesn’t mean that we haven’t had to do major work to get there, to overcome many obstacles that could have ruined our marriage.

    Whenever someone brushes off our example as just being “perfect” or imply that we’ve had not “bumps,” I know they’re just trying to discredit the hard work we’ve done to make our marriage this good, or the work we’ve done to get through the “bumps” we have had.

  7. Dragonfly,

    You are assuming again. And you are wrong, again. I view women as adults and believe both genders need to grow up and take full responsibility for their actions.I never stated otherwise so I am a tad confused of how you came to that conclusion.
    However since I am not privy to the complicated dynamics of each couples marital woes, you won’t see me zealously accusing one particular gender ( in your case it’s always an attack on “selfish bitter women”) of being completely at fault. They more than likely are BOTH guilty for the breakdown of their marriage and love life.
    There is always a backstory. One you haven’t heard.And that’s my point. Please stop judging other women so harshly and maybe try to find out the full scenario. Flat out condemnation never helps anyone.

  8. “You are assuming again. And you are wrong, again. I view women as adults and believe both genders need to grow up and take full responsibility for their actions.I never stated otherwise so I am a tad confused of how you came to that conclusion.”

    Nope. You assumed that I have a perfect marriage. You assumed that we’ve never had trials or “bumps” as you childishly like to call them.

  9. You also assumed that we are just lucky and didn’t have to work to create a good marriage together.

    You also assume that men are always at fault, that a woman can’t choose a husband well for herself (hence the poor victim woman ends up with a “cold aspie” husband).

  10. You also assume that women should only be viewed with compassion, no matter how evil they are, we should ONLY always feel sorry for them and never criticize their actions lest we be thought of as “harsh.”

    You assume that I have no compassion for women who truly are in difficult circumstances with husbands that don’t show affection (which I corrected you, saying I do).

    You assume women don’t independently commit wrongs or do evil actions to negatively affect the outcomes of their marriage… we should only pity them – it’s always their husband’s fault to you isn’t it? Or at the very least, HE MUST have done SOMETHING to cause the bad marriage. It can never EVER be that the woman is acting badly herself on her own… because we all know that women aren’t inherently evil… they’re sinless saints that only do wrong if their husbands first do wrong. So if she sins, it must be in response to something he did badly right? The husband provoked it! Women don’t just sin against their husbands for no reason!! They’re perfect angels that merely tolerate their husbands’ bumbling actions – haven’t you gotten the memo?

    “I view women as adults and believe both genders need to grow up and take full responsibility for their actions.”

    If you actually did view women as adults, then you would agree that they have a responsibility to remain truthful to their vows and to their husbands, that they shouldn’t irresponsibly be constantly denying them sex and feel excused in doing so, like a child rationalizes away their responsibilities or commitments. You reduce women to children who can’t be responsible for their actions, or who can’t be expected to take their commitments seriously and live them out.

    Women are children to you, who deserve your pity and endless compassion, always the victims of a bad husband or bad circumstance – they are only children who don’t have the capacity to overcome hardship right?

    LOL You remind me of when Insanity Bytes wrote a long post defending the mother who killed her children – she also believed that the murderess should only receive “compassion,” that the people who put her in jail and judged her for killing her children were too cruel to her. Insanity (if I remember correctly) went on to explain that this woman was just a VICTIM of her circumstance, that she had grown up with a horrible childhood and past. She explained that “women break – they do that sometimes.” Are you sure you’re not Insanity’s sock-puppet?

  11. This has nothing to do with TRP, I wasn’t even talking about aspects of that – you are the one who seems obsessed with it.

    You came in here attacking my beliefs, attacking my motivation & conviction for believing in scriptural marriages, assuming I have no compassion for women, assuming my marriage was just luckier than everyone else’s, and then you have the gall to slightly threaten me with my own judgment day. I’m sure you don’t have the capability to see how ridiculous you are, but you can’t even stick to an argument, just resort to personal accusations/attacks.

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