12 thoughts on “Alan Colmes show redo

  1. I thought you held up pretty well despite the fact you were up against a seasoned veteran. Great job.

    But please be careful in how you translate the verse” wives submit your selfs to your husbands in everything ” What does “everything” entail? A threesome with another woman? Engaging in shady undertakings? Allowing the patriarch to abuse the couples children? I have experienced two of those at the hands of a man claiming that was my place due to Gods will. And all because the man is the head of the household and what he says goes? I disagree. If the man is abusing his authority- the wife needs to rebel( yes I said rebel) against said husband as he is sinning against God. We have only ourselves to answer for on the day of judgement.

    You have got to stipulate boundaries when
    using Gods word to support your viewpoint. Explain exactly where you stand in how such verses can be subject to abuse. And where you draw the line. I don’t think you are abusive. You seem to come from a good place but understand the women’s rights movement never would of occurred if Christian men were abiding by how Jesus saw us. He wanted us to sit at His feet along with you fellows.

    Too many of your gender have abused the weaker members of society the name of Jesus and this is why feminists and liberals have a hard time with Christianity. And I don’t blame them.

  2. I think you handled Colmes and his callers in an excellent way. I was amazed by the caller that said something to the effect that she hopes everyone rejects everything you said, but after hearing what you had to say I thought it was biblical. I also think Colmes’ accusations about Antisemitism were made as an ad hominen attack to “win” an argument, but you made him back pedal when you told that him rejecting the Bible was just as offensive to Christians. I’ve never seen your website until today, but just wanted to say good job in defending traditional values and God’s word,

  3. I heard a few minutes of it in the beginning, but I was sitting with friends (had headphones on) so I turned it off.
    I don’t think I missed anything as it sounded like nonsense. I mean, he started by calling you an antisemite? You and I have our disagreements, but him calling you an antisemite is just plain ridiculous. Especially when the Jews DID cause the death of Jesus Christ. It’s a fact. Stating facts doesn’t make one anti-anything. Smh

  4. I spoke on Alan’s show, you heard me. Therefore, If your husband wants anal sex, but you don’t want it, buy a vibrator (Adam & Eve has a lot of them,) and tell your husband, you will give it to him, if he’s willing to to take it up his ass…e, just like you. Men have the same opening as you! Remember, Larry says that, “your husband’s body belongs to you.”

  5. ^Umm, so if a man doesn’t like being penetrated, you shouldn’t either?
    You do understand that men and women are DIFFERENT, yes?

    That said, anal sex is sodomy either way.

  6. Dana,

    I have state here on many comments and posts the “everything” in Ephesians 5:24 is does have an exception. Acts 5:29 gives us that exception when Peter said “We ought to obey God rather than men.” So if a woman’s husband asks her to do something immoral or that violates God’s law then she should NOT submit to that. If a woman’s husband asks her to participate in a threesome, or to give herself sexually to another man so he can watch she has every right to tell him no. If her husband asks her to let him perform anal sex on her she has every right to tell him no. If he asks her to cover up some illegal activity he is doing, or abuse that he is committing against her, her children or anybody else she should NOT obey him. Instead she should get out, get her kids and report him to the proper authorities.

    Dana – I so wish I could have elaborated on the exception clause, or the fact that while women are commanded to submit to their husbands men are also commanded to love their wives as their own bodies, know their wives and honor their wives. But I was very much under the gun from Mr Colmes and had limited time to elaborate. He actually asked me during a commercial break if I would be interested in coming back and doing a skype session and I said yes. His assistant should be contacting me to set that up for sometime next week. Hopefully I will get in a second to clarify these things.

  7. Larry,
    Thanks for clearing that up. I really wish you had the chance to express this viewpoint to Alan. He railroaded you with the anti Jew argument which was unfair on his part. He obviously has never read the New Testament😁. (Sorry Alan, the Jews might of not of physically killed our Lord, that would be the Romans. They were however the ones who put out ” the hit” on Him. Pick up a bible, open it. It’s in there -clear as a bell- ding ding😜. )

    Hopefully you will get a second chance to elaborate more on the topic of wifely submission. Until then I am sure some his listeners have come here and read your clarification.

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