Ideology is the problem in both Black terrorism and Muslim terrorism

In the same way that some Muslim clerics bear direct responsibility for inspiring violence against western countries so too President Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and groups like Black Lives Matter bear direct responsibility for inspiring violence against the police officers of this nation.

My heart goes out to the families of the police officers who lost their lives today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But just as Islamic terrorism against western nations will not stop until we attack the sources of its inspiration so too Black terrorism against police will not stop until we remove the sources of its inspiration.

And please do not think I am advocating for any violence against our President or black leaders like Al Sharpton and Jackson.  By “remove” I mean we need to shame these men and these groups publically for the violence they have been inspiring for many years against police.

For decades characters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have fomented black hatred of police.  The problem in their view was not that blacks commit crimes at vastly larger rate in proportion to their population – the problem was police profiling.  Then our nation elected its first black president and instead of focusing on the problems in the black community that cause crime (like the breakdown of the family) this President chose to focus on police profiling. This President has directly fomented violence against police by giving credence to the falsehoods of people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and groups like Black Lives Matter.

We must attack the ideologies that inspire violence

In both Islamic terrorism and now in recent Black terrorism we must realize the enemy is an ideology. We cannot stop “lone wolfs” or small groups of blacks or Muslims who want to strike fear in the population at large or police in particular.  What we must do is attack the ideology that inspires these people to do the heinous things that they are doing.

Here are five things we can do to fight this propaganda war to destroy the sources of inspiration for these evil acts:

  1. Any groups which promote violent acts to terrorize citizens or police must be hunted down and brought to justice.
  2. Any websites that promote terrorism toward citizens or police must be shut down or we need target them with cyber warfare.
  3. Even groups like Black Lives Matter that do not directly promote violence but whose ideologies are indirectly inspiring terrorist acts against citizens or police must be defunded and called out as inspirations for these acts.
  4. We also need to shout from the roof tops and put in perspective the statistical facts for black citizens about the hugely disproportionate amount crime which comes out of the black community which makes race a factor in crime profiling.
  5. We need to help the black community redirect its anger and frustration with police profiling back at the problems within its own community including the fact that 90% of blacks in this country are killed by other blacks.

Black anger needs to be directed inward

The last point I just made is about the need to help blacks redirect their anger and frustration with the police back at the problems in their own community. I recently wrote a post entitled “How can we blame Police for having bias against blacks?” in which I detailed the fact that while blacks only make up 13% of the population of the United States they are responsible for more than 50 percent of murders and robberies as well as 40 percent of cop killings.

I had responses from many black people telling me that they were tired of being profiled such as being followed in stores or being pulled over by police without what they believed to be proper cause. I understand that American blacks may be frustrated by these types of things in the same way American Muslims may be bothered for being profiled.

But American Blacks and American Muslims both need to do the same thing.  They need to direct their anger and frustration inward at their own communities and those in their communities that are the CAUSE for this profiling.

The need to work in their own communities doing these four things I mentioned in my article “How can we blame Police for having bias against blacks?

  1. Encourage the rebuilding of the black family unit
  2. Discourage dependence on government
  3. Get blacks back into church
  4. Support law enforcement officers and get tough on crime

As far as profiling goes these three things MUST be accepted:

Profiling does not cause crime, crime causes profiling.

Profiling does not cause terrorism, terrorism causes profiling.

Profiling is not racism or bigotry but rather it is a common sense approach to crime and terrorism.


We need a president that instead of saying we have a “police problem” needs to say we have a “crime problem in the black community”.  The fact is that 99% of cops do their job and are not bad apples.  We cannot have a President and groups like Black Lives Matter who whip up an entire racial community against the 1% of bad apples among police to the point where police officers are literally being assassinated.

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11 thoughts on “Ideology is the problem in both Black terrorism and Muslim terrorism

  1. what videos are you watching? they have been videos showing police abusing their power not only against blacks but latinos,native americans, indians and whites.

  2. Sapphire is right. Police need to stop abusing their power first. They can start by letting people they pull over or question do whatever they want, and stop telling them to do things like “keep your hands where I can see them” or “sit here and don’t move”. Black people who disregard these orders are simply practicing their right do ignore authority and put themselves in danger. If a man can choose to endanger himself by smoking then he should be able to endanger himself by ignoring the warnings of officers of the law. Police officers NEED to be willing to sacrifice themselves on the altar of racial equality and political correctness if America is going to change. Who cares if these people they are “abusing” are in areas of high crime! Who cares if these people act and dress like thugs, rednecks, drunks, fools and morons – they are people, and their actions and the reputation of the area they live in should have no bearing on how the police handle them. Shame on the police, and shame on America, for putting the safety of officers and the public before those of criminals. We need to continue to turn a blind eye to the fact that BLACK officers also routinely harass BLACK citizens because those citizens are acting in a strange way that arises suspicion. And yes, what about the tens of voices of the Latino community who are also routinely abused for doing nothing more than wearing gang affiliated clothing and colors, driving around in modified old cars blasting oldies at ear splitting volumes at 3 am and getting tattoos that identify them as MS13, killer, or “F**K the police”. The “Brown Lives Matter” movement is on its way, followed by “Red Lives”, “Yellow Lives” (for all those Asian engineers who are ROUTINELY harassed because they drive nice Volvos) and, last but not least, “Fur Lives Matter”, because animals are people too and Animal Control has a LOOOOOONG history of OUT RIGHT MURDER. They will take in a ‘perp’ and if no one claims them within a week or so THEY KILL HIM WITH FULL SUPPORT OF THE STATE! Shame on you, BGR. Shame on your whiteness (if you are white, I don’t know, but I assume you are because only a hateful white person would EVER write this kind of post!). Shame on your family, who undoubtedly owned black, brown and red slaves in their shameful past. Shame on your country and shame on the ivory white tower I KNOW you live in! SHAME!

  3. The videos I am most concerned with are not of a black man after he was shot – as that did not show what happened. I also am not as concerned with a video that shows a black man resisting arrest and officers fearing for their lives because he had a gun(again we don’t see what happened in the moment of them shooting him). What I am most concerned with are videos I see on television of police officers that have been gunned down in cold blood – assassinated simply for being police officers.

    There is absolutely NO moral equivalency between an officer discharging their weapon because they fear for their lives(even if later on that fear was found to be misplaced) and men setting out to purposefully assassinate police officers.

  4. “I also am not as concerned with a video that shows a black man resisting arrest and officers fearing for their lives because he had a gun(again we don’t see what happened in the moment of them shooting him)”

    Did you miss the second video that showed what happened closer up, as well as the whole shooting? It clearly shows Sterling with two officers forcing him on his back and pinning his arms down? And it shows that the officer only reaches for his own gun and starts shooting once Sterling is completely vulnerable and unable to reach for the gun in his pocket, which he can’t be seen reaching for at any point during the video. (And which the officers could have at that point taken away from him because again, he was pinned down and outnumbered. One officer was on top of his chest and blocking his access to the gun. The other was at his side and holding that arm down. He couldn’t have gotten the gun himself, and, again, either one of the officers could have removed the gun from his pocket.) It doesn’t look like two officers afraid for their lives. It looks someone outraged that someone resisted arrest and who’s decided to execute that person in cold blood. Clearly, Sterling wasn’t a good guy, and he did have a long criminal record. But he didn’t commit any capital crimes. The two cops also had a record of misconduct, and the video really doesn’t show anything other than an execution. It doesn’t look like something that could be justified by fear, misplaced or otherwise.

    And no, I’m not saying that those police officers in Dallas, who had absolutely nothing to do with what happened in Baton Rouge, should have been shot. I’m saying that there was something wrong with both of those things, and it’s not good to overlook an individual case of deadly abuse of power just because something else even worse happened elsewhere.

  5. i watched a video of a black man who was stopped by two white officers, was told to get on the ground and as he was doing so, the officer kicked him in the face. i saw another video of an indian man taking a walk,he was from out of town visiting family and the police officers tackled this man and he is now paralyzed. I seen too many videos of officers abusing their power and the sad thing is many, end up with the victim dead and the excuse that many americans, especially white americans is that ‘they shouldn’t have resisted’ or ‘respect authority’ – when has asking an officer why you are being arrested , resisting? when does resisting arrest equal murder?

    i also saw another video of a black man who had a stroke and lost control of his vehicle get tazed and pepper spray and the officers threaten to shoot him. at no point did they asked the man if he was okay or if something was wrong just automatically assumed he was dangerous when the man clearly was struggling to breath and was having difficulty speaking? what happen to human decency? black people are not animals to be shot down like this, we not 3/5ths of a human being but it seems not matter what we do and the progress that we make – in the eyes of white america all blacks are guilty of something especially our black men.

    when dylan, that white boy killed all those black people in that church – where were your articles on the all lives matter or white on white crime and how white men need to stop shooting up public places. that young man was arrested and treated like a human being when ge just killed people in cold blood at a church- a place of worshipping God but yet white people are silent and try hard to defend the actions of their own when they commit crimes from the white male swimmer who rape that girl to that duggar guy who molested his sisters and a babysitter. there is always some excuse that america tries to paint them as victims instead of the monsters that they are.

    if you are a white male or female, you need have the fear of wondering if your son is gonna get stopped by the police and killed. as a black woman that is my biggest fear, that my future husband or son is gonna be gunned down by the police.

    SnapperTrx- so you are justifing the police treat latinos and blacks like this just because of the act of a few individuals? cause i forgot all blacks and latinos are thugs, whores, baby mamas, drug dealers,immigrants,welfare queens and crackheads. Also im curious as to what is wrong with racial equality? is there something wrong with the races being treated equally or does one race have superiority over the other?

    but the biggest issue is that no matter times we try to explain and get people like you to see, you never will and that is sad. its basically telling pocs that the current system that benefits whites – they don’t want it fixed. police officers are judge,jury and executioner and many are KKK members with badges. whites complaining about their guns being taken away when they can wear the guns in public proudly and hold up goverment spaces and police officers sit there and talk them them giving them chances to lower their weapons when they look like a mini militia but a black man gets shot for having a gun in a walmart- like i this point whites wont understand till it happens to you but im sure that white they want to keep the current system because if America truly did change, white America would recieve all that karma ten fold and i know they would be able to handle it.

  6. A lot of this I think boils down to personal responsibility. There is always going to be some corruption among people in power, police officers or otherwise (the whole ‘power corrupts’ principle). Corrupt people should face the consequences of their actions, but ultimately that is reactive, not preventative. We have no power to keep instances of police brutality from happening. Only the individual officers can do that. And for the few officers that are hateful, racist, and abusive, it is often a lost cause. Focusing on that angle will never work.

    For me, as a woman, the closest example I can give is rape. Rape is wrong, should be punished, and isn’t the victim’s fault; but ultimately none of that keeps rapes from happening. If I should be raped in the future, having my rapist face the consequences would not magically make it all better for me. It is much better for me to think preventatively. This means that I take responsibility for my own actions and avoid doing things like walking alone at night, being in dangerous neighborhoods, dressing inappropriately, etc. It’s not because that will have a 100% success rate, and it’s not because if I fail to do those things the rape would become my fault, but it is because I am FAR better off taking responsibility for my own situation and doing the best I can to keep myself safe.

    So should resisting arrest automatically get you a one-way ticket to the morgue? Absolutely not. But it’s much better for that person to responsibly do what he/she can than to hope that the other person (someone they have no control over) will act responsibly. Like I said above, this won’t work 100% of the time d/t our living in a sinful and fallen world, but I really do think it is the best that people can do.

  7. Larry,

    I would suggest you not discuss Africans of unknown ancestry in this context and tone.

    As what might be considered a brother in Christ, you’re woefully misguided and out of pocket, and to prevent any strife and discontent from being manifest on your Blog, I’d consider treading lightly, as is my position with most (if not all) red-pill Christian blogger when they traipse off into race issues, as they are highly suspect as it regards whether or not they truly have His mind and intentions for all men in His creation, especially those considered to be of the lesser classes and persuasions in the diaspora of North American USA. I agree with you guys on feminism, gynocentrism, hypoagency, cultural Marxism, and misandry every step of the way. We depart as to whom Christ deems viable and who doesn’t, and justice and correctness at all times in all places in the known universe.

    That being said, just don’t do it. That is, I encourage you not to do it.

    Nevertheless, In nearly every city and precinct in the United States, we have a small contingent of demons who happen to be in law enforcement.

    Bestowed with badges and guns and unmitigated hubris, these men are emotionally arrested, intellectually dull, and spiritually desolate. They are base, wretched, trifling, simple, and common men, who while they are sentient beings, operate under the influence of hastan the adversary, having pride in preeminence over their fellow man, with no remorse for their untoward and wicked ways – which are validated and affirmed by those in the dominant society.

    In the scheme of Principalities, Powers, and Rulers in dark places, these men operate in the realm of “powers”, and they are NOT Yahweh’s people in any context.

    Ecclesiastes 12:13:
    Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear Yahweh your Elohim, and keep His commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

    People, in general, do not fear Yahweh, in the present, or for eternity. In particular this contingent of demons fear no one. They have cover on all sides. They preemptively bear false witness against their targets, and those whom they have transgressed.

    Likewise those who also do evil for evil (NOT the Black Lives Matter Movement) and who choose to do violence against this authority (wicked and blameless) are also under demonic influence.

    The Black Lives Movement is really a covert feminist cabal, and a distraction. They collectively are brass and cymbal, while some individuals talk shit and signify. They are not, nor ever will be a threat to white people. Those who believe otherwise are categorically moronic and rudderless in their meanderings. These are nobodies.

    Additionally, the people who sought out to kill these police officers should get the death penalty. I say that because I believe in justice, moreso than any law enforcement officer under the sun.

    Spouting rap lyrics and the anthems of common folks, only make you look common and foolish. No rapper has the guts, the will, or the way to get out of line with any law enforcement official.

    But I do, and I don’t have to do violence to do so. Those of my mindset just encourage fellow business partners to shut down their plants and businesses and co-ed recreation centers, and community services where demons patrol the streets. If your son or daughter plays AAU sports, sorry, the league is no longer active. You don’t do violence, you don’t protest and chant like losers…you bounce.

    Who wants to provide a tax base, services, or support to places where it has been demonstrated openly to be in the reckless hands of the corrupt and immoral? This is what we recommended in Ferguson, and it has been somewhat effective. Those who are left there – should leave – to where people in authority have moral agency.

    Don’t fight, protest, retaliate…take your god-given skills, gifts, talents, money and PRAYERS elsewhere where the people there are worthy of such.

    It’s not that deep.

    And along the way, obey the law and mind your own business, knowing full well that the evil one and his agents don’t care who godly, upright, or law abiding you are. Your life doesn’t matter. Period.

    Maybe after murdering Alton Sterling, one of the officers got a call that their pregnant wife had a miscarriage. Or after murdering Eric Gardner someone learned their mother dear had a massive heart attack and died.

    That would be tragic, wouldn’t it? No one fears such things, nor would a righteous person wish such things on another human being, for we should consider that no one is immune to suffering.

    I’m sure you’re not familiar with such things, but there is an old traditional gospel song (that has been embraced and performed by Christian artists of nearly every persuasion over the years) called “Farther Along”. and popularized by Brad Paisley (if that brings comfort). Here is the first verse and Chorus.

    “Tempted and tried we’re oft made to wonder
    Why it should be thus all the day long
    While there are others living about us
    Never molested though in the wrong”

    This is timely. People wonder why others living in the world who get away with all kinds of wretched and evil shit (police offers). “never molested”…never wrestled with, or taken to task, held accountable or punished “though in the wrong”.

    “Farther along we’ll know all about it
    Farther along we’ll understand why
    Cheer up my brother live in the sunshine
    We’ll understand it all by and by”

    People THINK they know the beginning and end of all thing, but do they? Does patriarchy explain these things? White supremacy/racism? Mental midgets and psychopaths in uniform? Clever and protracted genocide? Beginnings of the police state or martial law?

    Who knows why? And even being hid in Christ is no guarantee against weapons being formed against you, though some might think it should.

    By and by, we’ll understand it.

    All we know is that with all the names one could classify it, it’s SIN. SIN. SIN. SIN. SIN. Whether you’re a cop or civilian, it’s SIN. White or non-white – its SIN, SIN, SIN.

    And SIN is the transgression of all the things the Father Yahweh despises.

  8. True that crime and terrorism cause profiling, but where’s the concrete evidence that racial profiling actually works? Or that with the NY Stop and Frisk example that you gave, that there was a significant decrease in crime during the period that it occurred?(
    All it did, apart from worsen tensions between minorities and the police, was concentrate more in minority neighborhoods, arrest more blacks and latinos for drug possession, even though drug possession is equal among these three races (US Department of Health and Human Services, Summary of Findings from the 2000 National Household Survey on Drug Abuse). This contributed to more black people having criminal records, being in the system and being disqualified for student loans and jobs. Furthermore, as a reference to your previous article on bias, how has America bent over backwards to accommodate black people? Are you not aware or maybe you’ve turned blind eyes and closed your ears whenever people talk about the disparity between the job opportunities and quality of education/school facilities available to blacks compared to white americans? Perhaps you don’t know that, on job applications where the qualifications are similar, a stereotypical black name, such as ‘Jamal’, is 50% less likely to get responded to than a stereotypical white name, such as ‘Chad’? ( As humans, we are not all born equal and some people have to work harder at certain things than others, but using race as a determining factor for competence is unjustified on every level. Also, do you honestly believe that there aren’t as many white couples that engage in pre-marital sex as black couples? The only difference, and the main reason why there are more black children born out of wedlock, is the level of education regarding birth control. So, suggestions about bringing the black community back to church to solve the family breakdown problem and dependence on government is at best, ignorant, and at worst, hypocritical.

    Also, the argument that black people have no right to protest about black lives matter because there’s more black on black killing than police killing blacks, is weak. The crime rate within the black community is a problem and I agree, the protests should focus on that as well, and practical solutions should be made. But it does not excuse unjustified murder by the police. It is even more wrong for a police man, who is in a place of higher authority to murder a law abiding black citizen, than for a fellow black man to do the same. As a police man, you have a certain responsibility to the people and should be held to a higher standard because more is expected of you. And not given some kind of immunity for doing the same crimes that ordinary citizens are doing. Your estimate that 99% of cops are good cops (again, you have no evidence for this) is probably not accurate. I don’t believe that a cop that uses his bias to mistreat a group of people in the society, should be categorized as a ‘good’ cop.

    Anyway, no matter how many times black people try to make others see how this is an injustice and how you would respond differently if you were a part of the black community, it all falls to deaf ears. But it’s okay, at least people like you don’t make decisions for our country. Do you think its fun for black americans to play victim and bring up slavery whenever they feel like they’re being mistreated or judged unfairly? It’s because the injustices persist, in a less obvious way, but it still affects their quality of life. Believe it or not, white privilege is real. I see it everyday. Either way, black people are not going anywhere and they’re not going to be quiet about the injustice. Grumble to your friends and family and your blog followers about how you feel its not right and want to silence them, but you’re not going to change anything. You’re simply a prejudiced man, with a prejudiced blog.

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