6 thoughts on “8 Rules of Bible Interpretation

  1. Hey BGR,

    It’s a great work you are doing in the Kingdom of GOD!
    However regarding Youtube you still have lots to learn.
    I don’t have a youtube channel of my own, but as a user of Youtube I have a few remarks.
    Are you an openminded person? I know you are, so please consider these remarks, maybe they will help you gain more followers and also some advertisement money.
    1. Written articles have the ability to scroll. Not everyone has the ability to sit through all 10-20 minutes of youtube video / audio. Please provide links to the 8 points so we can jump directly and skim them before going in depth.
    2. If the video is not very entertaining, our attention evaporates. Please use more dynamics, variety of tone, surprise, jokes, music, audio effects, etc. Youtube user PewDiePie is a good example how to make something interesting, even if his content is sometimes shallow.
    3. Speak louder, with more dynamics (charisma).
    I guess others can contribute to this list, to make your youtube channel a success.

  2. Alexandros,

    Thank for you kind constructive criticism and I will certainly take your points into consideration. I really have not done this for money and I have little interest in ads. Word press does some ads on this blog that a I make tiny fraction on(maybe $35 a month). My sons know about a lot more about youtube then me and they said Youtube stopped a lot of ads now for any controversial sites. I have a feeling my site will qualify as a controversial site 🙂

  3. It would be very nice if you would make these available for download as mp3 (or podcast). I prefer to listen on my commute.

  4. Daniel,

    That is a great suggestion and I will look into that. Also I will be putting up a new section that has notes from this episodes that I do as many people have asked for that. Just a forewarning there is not much to my notes except headings and verses under them.

    Also just for others who are wondering – a lot of people have emailed me worrying that I won’t be writing articles anymore and just doing these audio episodes and let me assure you all that is not the case. I will definitely still be doing the written articles and that is actually my preferred medium(as the audio is a little outside my comfort zone).

  5. Finally got around to listening to this. Outstanding content; however,….. Since it is video, I would strongly suggest at least putting up headings, bullet points, verses, etc. Just as one would when doing a power-point presentation. Keep it up.

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