For the last couple of years I have had several regular readers ask me to start a podcasting ministry.  A lot of people don’t have the time to read but they can listen in the car or as they go about their day.

On February 16th, 2019, I launched BGRLearning.com.

BGR Learning is a seperate website that is now the podcasting extension of BiblicalGenderRoles.com. Here you will find many podcast series that are based on teachings that you can read on BiblicalGenderRoles.com.

These are the three formats of podcasts on this site:

Lesson – While some of these may be original lesson series not found on BiblicalGenderRoles.com, a majority of them will be based on articles I have written for BiblicalGenderRoles.com.  They are broken up into several lessons for each article.

Dear BGR: In these podcasts I will be answering reader questions about gender roles, marriage and sex from emails and comments that I receive from BiblicalGenderRoles.com and BGRLearning.com.

BGR Reviews: In these podcasts I will be reviewing various blogs and other news sites talking about the current issues of the day.

And yes I will continue writing for BiblicalGenderRoles.com, but I hope my readers here will be patient as I divide my time between BGRLearning.com and BiblicalGenderRoles.com.

One of the many things I am excited about doing is going back and doing audio versions of many of the most popular posts that I have written here over the several years.

I hope this new audio ministry at BRGLearning.com will be a great blessing to you all.

Click here to visiting BGRLearning.com and register for a subscription to start downloading BiblicalGenderRoles podcasts.