Manjot – Christian & Traditional Indian Man Seeks Christian & Traditional Wife

A man going by the first name of Manjot has given me the following information about himself for any Christian and traditional single women who may be interested:

“I am a 24 years old Indian traditional man living in Spain, waiting till marriage. I am 5 feet 7″ I am an average built guy. I am finishing electrical engineering, and will have a well paid job when I finish my bachelors. I believe in traditional gender roles within a household, I want to live a simple life with my wife and children. I want to be married to somebody who would like to live as a housewife after marriage and serve her husband and raise her kids. Looks/Ethnicity wise I don’t have any particular choice, she should be in shape (doesn’t mean looking like a model, it is unrealistic), feminine and Virgin.”

If you are a Christian and traditional woman who believes in Biblical gender roles and you are interested in speaking to Manjot further – please email me at  Make sure to include in the subject header “Regarding Manjot profile”.

And for others who would like to send me their profiles to put up on my page – please feel free to do so.  The required things I need from you are first name (even if fake), age, ethnicity, general location (like country or state you live in) and some basic information like you see in Manjot’s profile.  Also a requirement for any ads I place are that the person must be a Christian and believe in biblical gender roles – with the man leading, providing and protecting and the woman submitting to her husband, bearing and caring for children and being a keeper at home.

Dear BGR – You Are Wrong About Your View of Forced Sex in Marriage

In this latest segment of my “Dear BGR” podcast series, I address the concerns and differences that one my subscribers have with my teaching on the Biblical view of forced sex in marriage which in modern times is referred to as “marital rape”.

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Abortion Is Only the Tip of the Feminist Iceberg

With the news we heard this week that there is a strong chance that Roe vs Wade may be overturned we as conservative Christians cannot miss the bigger picture.

Abortion is simply the tip of the iceberg of feminism. In this podcast, I will discuss what societal changes laid the ground work for abortion and how feminism in America has dismantled God’s order of patriarchy piece by piece for almost 170 years. I will also discuss how we as Bible believing Christians can return our society to God’s design.

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Pearl – 24 Year Old South Indian Woman Seeks Godly and Traditional Husband

This was the profile I recently received from an Indian woman calling herself “Pearl” (not her real name).

“I just turned 24 years old. I am a South Indian girl, brought up Christian and fairly conservative and currently residing there. I currently work in IT(would of course be willing to quit to be a keeper at home). I have dark skin and am average looking(yes, I am preemptively stating this, aware that it drastically affects my prospects) – around 5′ 6”, black hair 5 inches below my shoulders and slender in build – 50Kgs
I am a Christian who believes in living in simplicity and high thinking, in terms of not getting preoccupied by vain material things all the time(not that things/money don’t matter at all but to look at more deeper spiritual things)

I love watching movies and reading and also love trying to understand about history(especially the history of Christianity), cultural and sociological issues.

In terms of the kind of marriage I want – I want to make a home for my husband and support him in all his endeavours and goals. I want someone who is Other-centered and involves in any kind of ministry. I want to submissively support him in whatever vision he has for his life.I want him to love Jesus and God’s word. I want a traditional marriage where the man takes the lead – in protecting, providing and caring for his wife. I do not want an extravagant lifestyle, I am okay with a simple lifestyle, more that the amount of money he makes, what is more important to me is that he has the attitude of responsibility in caring and providing for his wife and family. The other criteria is that he must be indian – for the sake of my family. In terms of age – not more than 32.”

If you wish to be put in contact with Pearl here is what is required:

1. You must be an Indian man.

2. You must be not more than 32.

3. You must be a Christian man who believes in biblical gender roles (man leads, protects, provides and woman submits to husband, bears children and is a keeper at home).

If you meet these three criteria then please email me at and tell me a bit about your background confirming these three items so I can forward this to Pearl to see if she wishes to speak further with you.

Silly, Simply & Foolish Women

In most churches today if a pastor were to preach from his pulpit that women can be silly, simple and foolish he would be voted out by the next Sunday.  But did you know that the Bible describes women in these three ways?  Women are more educated today than ever in the history of mankind.  But sadly, most women today lack godly wisdom and silliness, simpleness and foolishness are more prominent traits among women today than ever before.

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