Bible Questions and Answers by Topic

Biblical Interpretation

How to Correctly Interpret the Bible

What is the distinction between the Moral, Ceremonial and Civil laws of the Old Testament?

What are the Moral Laws of God in the Old Testament?

Does the Bible require tithing for the Church?

Biblical Gender Roles

Why Did God Make Man?

Why Did God Make Woman?

Can Christian women teach other Christian women the Bible?

Biblical Marriage

Why Did God Make Marriage?

Are Marriage Licenses Required in the Bible?

Does Sex Make People Married in Gods Eyes?

Is Having Sex Before Your Wedding a Sin?

Does the Bible approve of forced marriage?

What is the Minimum Age for Marriage According to the Bible?

For What Reasons Does God Allow Celibacy?

Is Polygamy a Sin in the Bible?

7 Proofs That God Allows and Blesses Polygamy for Men

Answers to 6 Common Arguments Against Polygamy

What was the Difference Between a Concubine and a Wife in the Bible?

Biblical Divorce

Every Verse in the Bible on Divorce(with commentary)

For What Reasons Does God Allow Divorce?

Is There Such a Thing as an “Adulterous” Marriage”?

Is All Remarriage Sinful?

Biblical Sexuality

Why did God Make Sex?

Why does the Church have such a negative view of male sexuality?

Did God command people to offer a sacrifice after sexual activity or periods?

Is Masturbation a Sin?

Why God made men polygamous with an equal ratio of men to women

How the Church Made Sex “Dirty”

Isn’t it wrong for woman to dress in a way that causes men to lust?

Biblical Salvation

What is the Gospel?

What is the relationship between Faith and Works?

Was Abraham justified three times?

10 Ways to Know You Are Saved

Biblical Purity (Holy Living)

Is God against us enjoying physical pleasure?

Is it wrong for Christians to make vows?

Biblical Words

What is Fornication?

What is Lust?

What is Lasciviousness?

What is Modesty?