10 Ways to Know You Are Saved

I apologize for it taking so long but I have finally released my third YouTube episode.  I have also uploaded the episode as an mp3 and you can find it listed in the Audio section of this site here.

If you want to follow along I am basically going through an article I wrote “10 Ways to Know you Are Saved” that is posted under my “Bible Questions and Answers By Topic” section at the top menu of this blog.

2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Know You Are Saved

  1. I am surprised there are no comments on this. Salvation IS the most important decision anyone will ever make! It is literally the choice between rejecting God who made everything and gave everything or accepting and embracing his gift of love, forgiveness, and a true life with Him forever.

    The battleground for salvation is selfishness, pride, and mistruth. Selfishness and pride will keep us from yielding our will to God who made us and wishes to bless us as part of His plans. Mistruth is used by the enemy to turn us against God’s ways, to make good seem bad and bad seem good.

    I especially liked the part of the video about unlearning. We have to unlearn all the mistruth that we have been taught. What people don’t understand is that it is often our very wrong beliefs that enslave us and keep us from the Lord who wishes to free and bless us!

    I am also passionate about biblical gender roles, but the reason they are important is not because men and women will be blessed by following them (and they will), but because by following them, we are accepting and honoring God’s truth and ways, thus putting ourselves in a much better place to have true salvation. There are many topics like biblical gender roles that have the right way (God’s way) and the wrong way (world’s way). I think the more people sink into the world’s way, the more difficult it is for them to see God clearly.

  2. Anm1,

    I am glad this was a blessing to you. I get so many emails from people believing that I think the doctrines of Biblical gender roles are the most important doctrines in the Bible and always tell them the Gospel and true nature of God(God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit) are the most critical doctrines we must first accept. Those lay the foundation for us to then accept the doctrines of Biblical gender roles.

    I am also glad my “unlearn” paradigm hit home with you. I meant to really push that. We don’t realize how indoctrinated we are as Americans to believe things that go completely contrary to the Scriptures. I have been saved over 35 years I am still “unlearning” things that my culture has taught me each day. It is a journey and a process for each of us as Christians. We should never stop unlearning what our culture has taught us and learning what God wants us to learn.

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