5 thoughts on “Is Masculinity Toxic or Divine?

  1. Wow! Amazing video! Good Job for the Lord who must be so pleased by all of your efforts!

  2. Standing ovation. Take every thought captive or become captive to the thoughts of the world!

  3. As a woman, I did enjoy your video. I love masculine men. I don’t want men acting like me, screaming when a moth flies in my face. (Snakes and scorpions don’t bother me, though…go figure.) I have no problem with a godly husband being over his wife in terms of God’s plan for the family order. But I cringed when I read the word “dominate”. It could be misunderstand. It reminds me of dictators dominating the populace or a bully husband.

  4. Anna,

    I understand that the word “dominate” can have a negative connotation in our day and time. We think of that as a person crushing another person’s spirit. But when we understand that it means “have a commanding influence on; exercise control over” that we know it is not wrong. Should Parents have a commanding influence over their children? Should they exercise control over their children? Should Governors have a commanding influence over their states and mayors a commanding influence over their towns? In the same way should husbands have a commanding influence over their wives and exercise control over their wives? The Scriptural answer to this question is YES.

    The Bible says the husband is the head of his wife as Christ is the head of his Church. Does Christ exercise a commanding influence and control over his church – you bet he does. Does he rebuke his Churches when they do wrong? You bet he does.

    I agree with you that some men can abuse the concept of a husband’s authority – trust me I have dealt with some of these men over the years. But the abuse of the power God gave us as husbands should not stop us from exercising our control over our wives as part of duty to be the head of our wives as Christ is the head of his Church.

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