77 thoughts on “Equal Rights For Women A Blessing or Curse?

  1. Trey,

    AMEN, AMEN and AMEN!!!

    I have a 16 year old daughter that has made similar commitments to me. Just in the last month she renewed this commitment to God and to me as her father. I hope and pray by God’s grace she continues in this direction. And with my daughter it is not a matter of me constantly insisting on this – it is that she knows what the Word of God says and she wants to obey it.

    Trey I do have a question for you – Are you purposefully holding back your daughter from courting? I am just curious about that as she is age 24. For me with my daughter the plan I have with her is as soon as she graduates high school(at age 19) I will be helping her sign up for several dating sites and helping her creating profiles and looking at potential candidates for courting. Just curious as to the delay with your daughter in courting.

  2. kryptonian51

    Your Statement:

    “The issue was, the only females who need their daddy’s permission to “date” are little girls who are still living at home, I seriously doubt that once your eldest daughter leaves home, and enters the real world, and works and finds a job, and deals with “real” people, that she would be too concerned to only date someone YOU approve of…..1 day she will grow up and not need your permission or consent. The retarded notion that daughters will live with mommy and daddy, and still be a virgin, especially at 20 years of age, and not work for a living, but wait for the “right man” to come and wisk her away is idealized fantasy at best”

    I stated earlier that it is true that a vast majority of women would probably be as you describe and not care what their father thought about whom they dated or married. I also would also agree that most women today(sadly even professing Christian women) will not remain at home and stay virgins until they are married.

    But where you are wrong is in dismissing the reality that there still are a faithful few who remain true to the faith they have been raised with. Yes this takes two parts – the first part is it takes fathers raising their daughters right, and raising them in the Word of God. The second part is the young woman has to have this truly penetrate her heart where she truly believes this is right and stays faithful to it.

    Guess what my friend – there are women who do stay faithful to what they have been taught. Trey daughter is not the only one I have heard of or known over the years who remained in her fathers house until she married. You may think this is “retarded”, but my daughter and his would call it “godly”.

    kryptonian51 – I am sorry that you have grown up in an area where you have never seen this, where such concepts seem like only fantasy, but I can assure you brother that even though they are a minority – they are a very real minority.

  3. BGR,
    I am absolutely NOT holding my daughter back from courting. She has been “on the market” for about 4 years now. She does have a profile on one of the Christian dating sites. She is very active in our church and singles group and I am constantly looking for suitable suitors but none have been found. I continue to pray the Lord will bring the right man forward in His timing.

  4. Trey,

    I would be interested in picking your brain before my daughter comes “on the market” in 2 1/2 years.

    What has been the biggest issues you have found in having to disqualify men you have seen on the dating sites(or at your church singles groups) for her?

    I know for myself I have talked with my daughter a lot about this. I have told her that no Christian man will see everything the way I do as her father. If we waited for that she might never be married. But what I am looking for is the most important things.

    Is he a genuine believer in Christ?
    Does he have a track record of being involved with his Church?
    Does he believe in the inerrancy of the Scriptures?
    Does he have a love for studying the Word?
    Does he ascribe to the courtship model?
    Will he agree to not be alone with my daughter?
    Does he believe strongly in Biblical gender roles?
    Will he be able to fully support my daughter from day one of their marriage?

    I am probably forgetting a few things but those are critical for me blessing the man she marries.

  5. BGR,
    Regarding the biggest issues that would disqualify a man for marrying my daughter, your list is about equal to mine.

    A genuine believer in Christ who is a member and faithful attender of a church, who is living out his faith in a way that can be seen in his everyday life and testified to by those closest to him.
    Basic doctrinal agreement of the Five Solas: To affirm that Scripture alone is our highest authority and that salvation is in Christ alone, by grace alone, through faith alone, to the glory of God alone.
    He would have to agree to a courtship model and to never be alone with my daughter until their wedding night.
    Want’s a traditional (biblical) marriage where the man fully provides (from day one) and the wife stays home and takes care of the home and the children.

    Honestly I have not had to be very involved in this thus far as my daughter has ruled out the ones that have shown interest in her without needing my input. Sadly, of the ones that were the most serious about pursuing her, none of them were even able to fully support themselves, much less a family so there has not been any real contenders thus far for me to have a serious conversation with.

  6. @Trey “I have a 24 year old daughter, who still lives at home and is not only a virgin but she has never been kissed by anyone other than family. She has never been on a single date. She was home-schooled and raised with the expectation that she would not date, but someday would court with the help of myself guiding her to choose an appropriate husband. She did get a 2 year degree (no debt) from our local community college and does currently work a full time job to support herself. She drives a paid for car and has quite a bit of savings in the bank. She wants nothing more than to be a wife and mother and live out the purpose for which God created her for.”

    I believe that some men and women have different and unique purposes and not all pertain directly to marriage. Have either you or your daughter considered that perhaps she was gifted with celibacy?
    I could be wrong, maybe it’s just taking a long time for her to find someone. However, to not find even a date at the age of 24 is unusual (even for someone with very high standards.) I truly believe a small percentage of people are not intended to have relationships as they are gifted with celibacy.

    For example, I used to feel it was MY calling to be celibate while devoting my life to charity work. I never wanted biological children and I didn’t really have any intention of getting married let alone, submitting to a husband. However, the life I thought I was supposed to pursue never happened meanwhile the life I thought I WASN’T supposed pursue literally found me and very fast at that. I feel as though a marriage and a child basically fell into my lap with no effort, even though it wasn’t my plan. I have never had an issue finding a man, even in my late teens as I have always been pursued. I feel the reason for this is because God’s plan for me was always for me to have a family, it was always for me to be a wife. I was trying to force a life that was never meant to be. Now at age 27 I am trying to adjust to male headship within my marriage and it’s all new to me as it was something I had never planned on. Honestly reading your comments it seems your daughter is experiencing what I experienced, only in reverse. My first thought was that your she could be gifted with celibacy, which in my opinion is really awesome. I could be wrong, perhaps it is just taking longer. I know a woman in her 80’s who has never been on a date or kissed a man and she still to this days tells me “it just never came into her life.” If something doesn’t ever come into your life I don’t think it was meant to ever be in your life to begin with.

  7. D,
    I have no clue what God has in store for my daughter. She has not “found a date” yet because she is not looking for a “date”. She is looking for a husband and only qualified applicants need apply. NO time will be wasted on others. Our commitment is that she will do it God’s way… Period. So far, her commitment is steadfast.

    Throughout God’s word, we are told to “Wait upon the Lord…”. I understand this to mean that we are to be obedient to God’s word and wait on His provision in our lives; trusting in His character and goodness to provide for us what we need, when we need it. He is faithful.

    Psalm 34:7 says: “Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart.” I can tell you that she has no greater desire in her heart than to be a wife and mother but a qualified suitor has just not come into the picture yet. As you say, when God chooses to do something, things can happen (fall into your lap) very fast. Until then we pray, as we trust in the Lord… and wait.

  8. Trey,

    Your Statement:

    “she has not “found a date” yet because she is not looking for a “date”. She is looking for a husband and only qualified applicants need apply.”

    That is a fantastic and Biblical attitude for your daughter to have. I pray that my daughter will continue to have that same attitude but only time will tell.

    You are absolutely right that the Scriptures admonish us in several instances to “wait on the Lord”:

    Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.”
    Psalm 37:34 (KJV)

    But the God’s Word also tells us this:

    “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you”
    Matthew 7:7 (KJV)

    So we have this tension in the scriptures between the concept of “seek and ye shall find” and “wait upon the Lord”.

    I understand this to mean that we should do everything in our power to seek out those things which God commands for our life and then we wait upon him to bring the harvest. God commands marriage, unless he has given us the gift of celibacy for his service. So if a young man or woman does not feel the call to celibacy in service to God, they are to be actively seeking marriage.

    You said your daughter is looking via data sites and also being involved in her singles group in your church. Statistically speaking the chances of her meeting her future husband at your church is very slim unless you attend a very large church.

    For me personally the strategy I am discussing with my daughter is to put her profile on all the Christian and even non-Christian dating sites. The reason I would use even non-Christian dating sites is because there are many Christians on those sites. And many people make the mistake of putting their profile on only one or two sites.

    Most stats show that 35 percent of couples each year who marry met on a dating site and that number will be rising. It might be as high as 40 percent in a few years when my daughter is on the market.

    While there are certainly some risks and drawbacks of these online dating sites I actually thing they are good for objectively picking candidates. It also allows you to look for candidates far outside your general area.
    A lot of people make the same mistake with dating sites that they do with looking for a job. They only look locally and very close.

    But if you want to be successful in your goal and if something is important to you (like finding a job or finding a spouse) then you will widen that net as far as location goes.

    What if the perfect Christian man for my daughter, a man of both fine Christian character and the means to support her well lived 6 hours or 10 hours away? Would I deny my daughter that man simply because she may have to move? Of course not.

    So while I think we should not be willing to compromise on our core values in what we want for our daughters in a husband and what they should be looking for I think location is one of those things that we should be extremely flexible on and we need to realize the chances of our daughter finding her husband at our church is very slim so we should not put too much stock in that.

    I am curious if you feel your daughter has spread a large enough net in this manner?

  9. Trey,

    Regarding your statement:

    “Sadly, of the ones that were the most serious about pursuing her, none of them were even able to fully support themselves, much less a family so there has not been any real contenders thus far for me to have a serious conversation with.”

    This truly is a sad reality for many women today. So many men today lack ambition and forethought about providing for a family. All they think about is dating and having fun with girls with no thought about the seriousness of marriage and supporting a family.

    Any man who has approached your daughter who cannot fully support himself, her and a future family should be ashamed of himself for even wasting her time.

    I have really impressed this upon my sons and hope they will follow this. My 20 year old(soon to be 21) and my 18 year old(soon to be 19) are both doing very well in building their careers. I have no doubt that they both will be making far over the 50K threshold to support a family within the next couple years. I have coached them and taught them how critically important it is for a man to be a provider for most of their lives. And while they both are not where I think they should be spiritually right now, they are men of good character for the most part.

    This is why I truly have a burden from the Lord to encourage young men to be the men God wants them to be as well as young ladies to be the young women God wants them to be. We need both. In many ways it is just as hard to find a man who truly lives by what God’s Word says as it is a woman who does so.

    But I trust in God’s Word when he says:

    “Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace.”
    Romans 11:5

    I believe even in the midst of this wicked generation God had preserved a faithful remnant as he has throughout all of history. We just need to seek them out to the best of our ability and then wait on the Lord.

  10. Why would young men seek building a career and supporting a family when women are doing it for them?

    Women: you not only have to care for the home and children, but now you hold careers and nurse your man-baby husband, too!!

    I’m also shocked at how many men with stay at home wives hit a financial wall and the fiest thought is to make her go to work instead of taking on a second job, himself. I assure you, men, it is MUCH harder to be a wife, mom, homemaker, and career woman than it is for you to work a 9-5 and deliver pizza 3 evenings a week.

  11. @livinginblurredlines You are spot on! It is comforting knowing that you have been able to recognize what a lot of couples are going through right now. I hope that the daughters referred to above will find what they are looking for. It sounds like they will make great wives and mothers. I don’t want other young women to have to deal with the types of circumstances that most of our generation is in. These young ladies are going to be far better off staying at home without debt and without dealing with some of the struggles in which I am about to explain.

    My husband actually makes a good living but he is spending 50% of it on debt that was acquired years ago. I realize and take full responsibility in my choices to marry into that debt so I am not seeking sympathy. This situation is very much a standard circumstance for many young women and men these days. There are a lot of families who are hardly making it by and women are getting bitter about footing the bill.

    The question to move forward should be “where do couples like this go from here?” It makes it very difficult for a wife to submit to her husband in circumstances where the she brings home a bigger paycheck than him. I think many women, including myself have the entitlement that when work for what WE OWN we have EVERY RIGHT to dictate all and every aspect of our lives. That’s where the “women’s rights” concept ties in. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having the freedom to vote, ability to own land, etc. I can also see the validity in the argument against women’s rights and the ties with divorce rates.

    Up until very recently I had come up with every excuse not to listen to my husband…
    “I made better choices than him.” or that “He doesn’t have a relationship with God.”
    “I made more money than him…”

    Things had gotten to a point where my husband had actually mentioned how there are times that he wishes he could legally implement a belt on me because of my constant stubbornness and tone with him. His father did this with him growing up so it was/is perfectly normal and endorsed by him, but to me this is a very foreign concept. Although I was frustrated that he had even brought that up, something occurred to me later after I cooled down. Was it really bothering him this much that I was going my always own way? I love my husband to the moon and back, it made me feel ashamed that I had drove him to this point. I hurt someone I love dearly without even realizing it. I think many women and men are struggling with issues very similar to this and I hope that they can start to find themselves again.

  12. livinginblurredlines,

    Your Statement:

    “Why would young men seek building a career and supporting a family when women are doing it for them?”

    Absolutely men have lost all incentives to become sole providers for their homes from a cultural perspective. In fact they are told it is “patronizing” and “demeaning” for them to even attempt to be a provider for their future wife.

    Also you have the greed aspect. Many men are full of greed and want what two full incomes can buy. They are not willing to live the simple life.

    From a Christian perspective, as opposed to a cultural perspective, our churches have utterly failed to preach the full counsel of God regarding men imaging God by being providers. That provider aspect of Biblical manhood has been completely buried and neglected to appease our feminist culture.

    Your Statement:

    “I’m also shocked at how many men with stay at home wives hit a financial wall and the fiest thought is to make her go to work instead of taking on a second job, himself.”

    My father worked 60 hours a week at one job or 40 hours and then 20 at another for all of my life growing up. He showed us what it meant to be a provider. I have done the same with my family working two jobs whenever I needed to. I have taught my sons the same. Men should not take the easy way out and just ask their wives to work to bail them out. I think there may be some extreme cases where a wife is forced to work, but that should only be after the husband is doing everything he can with multiple jobs or maybe if he disabled.

  13. I think we need to be careful to address the real source of the issue. The real source of the issue is not whether a wife works or not or whether she can own things or not, but her heart and position with her husband and whether they are aligning their priorities to biblical ones.

    As scripture says, I do think a wife should be a keeper at home, but at the same time Proverbs 31 talks about a wife buying a field and planting a vineyard. We need to keep in mind that _both can be fine_ so long as the wife is operating within her husband’s will. This is the critical thing, a wife properly seeing her place with her husband, trusting in his leadership, and following him. The Proverb’s 31 wife has her husband’s full confidence in her. Read that to mean that he was fully okay with what she was doing (she was operating within his will). She is always under her husband’s authority here. Some husbands will have a more capable wife, others less. A wife should work hard to earn her husbands confidence.

    For those of you who say a husband has to be able to solely provide for his wife day one, what do you think of Jesus taking His bride into His Father’s house? Does that not imply that a new marriage might need some family help? Consider that the bible talks about the wife of your youth quite a lot and under this criteria very few would have the wife of their youth because they would no longer be young by time they can solely provide for a wife. I’m not talking about a no work ethic husband who is lazy, but a young man earnestly doing everything he can to make it. If I had a daughter, I would consider such a man even if he couldn’t solely provide day one depending on his relationship with God.

    The other thing that needs to be respected is that a husband can direct his wife to work if he believes it is beneficial for his family. I don’t believe that scripture ever directly condemns a wife for working, but it certainly indicates that a wife is to submit to her husband. It really doesn’t make sense for a new marriage without children to have a wife sitting at home idle all day doing nothing and a husband working 60 hours to provide for her. He is fully within his rights to direct her to work as he does. He is instructed to treat her flesh as his flesh which can mean both blessing and work. When the children arrive, then he may have to work those 60 hours as she spends probably way more than 60 at home doing the hard job there. Ultimately it isn’t about working or not, but about biblical priorities staying in order. A Christian wife should certainly not go out into the world and operate as a man building a career and not having her priority of husband and children in their proper place.

  14. They are not willing to live the simple life.


    Imagine how valuable virginal young women with simple affections and submissive dispositions would be to Christian suitors if the pulpits actually spoke biblically about harlots in their midst. Not the term “single mothers”, but harlots who birthed bastards and covenant breakers. Some might think it harsh, but then perhaps holiness is not really for them. Of course grace abounds, praise Jesus! , but failing to biblically identify sin breeds more sin and worse justifying the sin gives it an air of virtue and desirability. It seems a big house is more important than a home full of children, 2 cars is more important than nurturing those children, and a woman’s potential as monetized in the market is more valuable than the souls of her offspring or the vision of her husband, at least in evangelical church.

    Today I heard 2 PSA’s on the obesity of Americans and especially in children. Both PSA’s suggested family meals as a significant part of the solution. Another PSA stated that big family breakfasts improved cognitive function and education. When times were simpler mom stayed home, she cooked eggs and bacon and the family ate together. They started their day as a family and in Christian homes they read from the scripture and prayed. Ordinarily mom cooked a large balanced evening meal that took time and planning. Not only was snacking limited by nutrition, but the family gathered to decompress with each other at the end of the day. Evening meal was the ideal time to catechize children and discuss character lessons. Children were healthy, secure and raised in the faith. But women wanted to be all the can be, and men wanted a big screen tvs and power boats and so the simplicity of family meals was suppressed for food on the run and the blessings of a mother at home was sold for a mess of pottage.

    “ Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We will not walk in it. ’”
    ‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭6:16‬ ‭

  15. “Harlots who birthed bastards”
    While it is true that being a single mother shouldn’t be glorified, we can’t simply lump every single mother circumstance into one. If we are being realistic, for every “harlot who birthed a bastard” there is a man who made that possible. Unless the woman was married and cheated on him, he is most likely also to blame for contributing to single motherhood. Everyone is so fast to put all the blame on the woman for being a “whore” yet it takes two individuals to produce offspring and or two individuals to decide to divorce. I understand and identify that women are not “equals” in all things but I don’t endorse putting a majority of the blame on women or any misleading derogatory phrases that lump every unique situation into one. These types of assumptions automatically demonize the woman and ONLY the woman.This really comes down to the choices and circumstances of two individuals who are blindly going their own way in a seriously upside down society. I think we need to stop exploiting sex in every advertisment, movie, song and video game, that would be a great start. We live in a society where feminists literally have “slut pride” “slut walks” and there are young men my age who see absolutely no problem with women acting like that that! These young men claim it’s a woman’s right to express herself. Of course they all want to fit in so they will glady hop on the feminist bandwagon. Our entire society is sick and that is a consequence resulting from both men and women. Many of us messed up here, time to face up to it. We have all been sinners at one point. Hate the sin, love the sinner. Peace be with you all.

  16. I am all for biblical justice applied to the fornicating males. The remedy is to forfeit five years wages for an average income earner (approximately $250,000) and if he cannot front the cash to pay it off as a forced laborer to the girl’s father for up to seven years. If the girl and the father concent to her marrying him, he may never divorce her no matter how ugly and complaining she might get. That makes the seven years hard labor sentence almost charitable. That is just as Biblical. Both remedies place high value on female chastity, the protection of women (and men) and on the dutiful honor of fathers.

    Just an aside, what do you suppose the ratio in the Bible is for condemning harlots to fornicating males? I have not done the accounting but it seems somewhere around 50:1. That might be instructive.

  17. Jonadab,

    Regarding your statement:

    “Just an aside, what do you suppose the ratio in the Bible is for condemning harlots to fornicating males? I have not done the accounting but it seems somewhere around 50:1. That might be instructive.”

    I absolutely think you have nailed it and I have mentioned this in comments before. While we all know that it is just as wrong for a man to fornicate with a woman as it is for a woman to fornicate with a man – God places a massive emphasis on maintaining virginity on the woman as opposed to the man. It is also interesting to point out that God made no physical sign of virginity on a man, yet he did on a woman. One reason is because a woman tasked with the duty of being a gatekeeper of her virginity before marriage. Secondarily it is because a woman is designed to be with one man and one man only. Man was designed to be able to be a husband to and impregnate multiple women.

    Just like in the area of submission – God always places the emphasis on the woman’s submission first, then he moves to the husbands love for his wife.

    Point being – we as Bible believers should not excuse male fornicators, but at the same time we should in fact place the emphasis where God does in this area which is on the women to protect themselves from fornication to the best of their ability. We cannot fall into the equality trap on this.

    Women should honor and extol their role as gatekeepers before marriage and then after marriage just as the hymen is torn down in the act of marriage so too their gatekeeper role comes to an end as well.

  18. I think after perusing all the comments in this thread, ive decided that there is only so much sexism, misogyny and extreme far right fundamentalism that I’m prepared to tolerate. Perhaps you people need to find some extremist cult like Gloriavale or some isolated Amish commune where you can practice your misogyny and contempt for women
    I’ve got news for you people, you’re living in some deluded fantasy IDEALISTIC world that is simply not reality so good luck in finding your submissive, virginal obedient wife who doesn’t work, who doesn’t have a career, who wishes to have a man boss her around, make all the decisions for her, that treats her less than an equal, and who treats her as a subordinate
    I used to hate the librard luny left but it appears that the “right”has its own share of religious fanatics that live in la la land

  19. kryptonian51,

    I have tried to give you long leash but your contempt for Christians who want to live their lives according to the Bible, and specifically God’s model of the relationship between man and woman won’t be allowed anymore here. There are a thousand websites you can go to and spew your hatred for Biblical Christianity but this is not one of those sites.

    Anyone reading your previous comments on this thread can see you are all over the board on this:

    “Now don’t get me wrong, I’m actually on your side, we need to get back to the days where women have no rights, outside of what a father/husband determines for them……society has become so f*******d up precisely because we have granted too much power to women…….I believe no woman should be allowed to marry who she chooses, I believe her father should be the sole determining decider for who he allows to wed his daughter, I accept that and I long for society to be like that……BUT, and this is the key, and you need to follow what I’m saying, society is NOT like that, and will never become like that, and less than .5% of modern western women would allow a situation like that to govern their lives
    This fact alone necessitates that we stop seeing how we wish the world to be and accept the way it actually is, no matter how much it refuses to conform to our way of thinking
    If you find a woman that wishes and embraces to be under the headship of her father, where she doesn’t choose who she can date or see, and then this male authority is transferred to her husband, and he decides what’s best for her, then great! kudos to you and others lucky enough to find such a rare gem BUT that is not how women are, and that is not how it is in the world around us

    So basically you think we are right, but too idealistic? If we are right then that we should strive for the ideal while understanding what the situation is on the ground. No one here said it is easy to find men or women who want to live as the Bible says men and women should. Its hard. Its difficult. But anything that is worthwhile in life is hard and difficult and worth waiting for. I said you actually went too far in saying women should have no rights, that is not even what the Bible advocates. Women have the right to be provided for, to be protected, to be lead. The Bible commands men to honor their wives and their mothers.

    It is not hatred for women to believe that women should have different rights(not no rights) then men. There are both Biblical and logical reasons for this in order to have strong societies where families stay together and have children. And is it sexism to believe men should do certain things and women should do others? YOU BET IT IS. But as Bible believing Christians we should be proud of those beliefs that God gave different roles to men and women. Again this is not hatred for women. That is false accusation.

    If it also not hatred for women to teach that women should protect their virginity as one their greatest treasures. Today virginity is a joke in our society. But guess what my friend, God is not laughing. And yes believe it or not their are women who love for their husbands to lead them and give them direction. This does not mean she cannot think for herself or having her own opinions. That again is a false accusation. It is all about how she expresses her opinions and where and when she does it.

    I pray God will work in your heart and change the hardness you have this area. God’s ways are not just the ideal, they are holy and right.

  20. I for one, would actually live isolated in an “Amish style” circumstance. I see nothing wrong with that lifetyle, unfortunately a lot of those types of tightly structured churches and establishments don’t allow outsiders. This is the problem: just when you think you’re understanding something correctly someone comes along to confuse you again with their stance. (Throws hands up in the air, sigh)

  21. It looks like my last post was never approved, but it was a softening of things. I’ll summarize it a bit. I don’t think that a wife working or not is a hill to die on. I think if there are children that a wife should be home raising them up. It is a matter of priorities. A wife’s priority should be God, husband, children, other. My one example was for an new marriage where finances are tight, it makes no sense for a husband to work 60 hours a week while his wife is at home idle. This is not going to help. A husband is perfectly within his rights to direct his wife to work during that time for the benefit of the new marriage / new family. The big problem is not a wife working so much as it is a wife thinking she can go out into the world and build a career as if she were a man.

    My response to kryptonian51 is that I see both sides of the coin. There are a lot of people who might come here and think these ideas are way out there, when they are in fact rooted solidly in scripture. The world and the enemy will always try to make God’s ideas look bad and no Christian looking out for the kingdom should be careless in playing a part in that. With that said, truth needs to be presented accurately and with care.

    Ultimately people will realize His blessings by being obedient to God, not only when it is easy, but also when it is hard. Anyone can be obedient when it is easy.

  22. @The gutless faggot deleted my comment so here it is@

    just now
    @I have tried to give you long leash…….@

    You mean I was “tolerated” as long as I adhered to your evil misogynist viewpoint. Thank you for proving to me that far right extremist Christians like YOU have no tolerance for dissenting views, are against free speech,, and who wish to live in an echo chamber where they can circle jerk with like minded others as they disseminate their intolerant views amongst themselves, whilst banning, and censoring any view that differs from their own

    @who want to live their lives according to the Bible, and specifically God’s model of the relationship between man and woman@

    Don’t kid yourself Larry, it is certainly NOT God’s model of the relationship between men and women, it is LARRY SOLOMON’S model. God’s model for relationships is mutual submission, respect and love where women are equal with men. Your model is disgusting and sexist and it is not Christ honoring at all
    Like the coward you are, before you delete my comments so as to avoid having your filthy garbage being exposed by me, make sure you tell your deluded followers that you approve of a man beating his wife under the guise of “discipline”, and make sure you tell them that a man can rape his wife (force his wife to have sex when she doesn’t want it). Your Facebook thread on can a husband force his wife to have sex was the most disgusting thread I’ve ever seen and resulted in 100% of the comments accusing YOU of supporting RAPE….since you decided not once to intervene in that thread and correct the misunderstandings the public had over you, only 1 conclusion can come to mind, YOU support rape in marriage

    @you can go to and spew your hatred for Biblical Christianity but that not this one@

    I don’t hate biblical Christianity at all, I hate YOUR misogynist, sexist antiquated version of Christianity, and so does MOST biblical scholars and teachers and leaders of Christianity as any cursory examination of their views show the difference between what YOU believe and what they believe,. You need a huge wake up call mate, you are in an extremely small minority

    @Anyone reading your previous comments on this thread can see you are all over the board on this:@

    Yes, you are correct in that point. I have been struggling for awhile in deciding where I stand on these issues and searching the scriptures to see if I could reconcile what YOU teach with what the bible teaches. My sinful flesh wanted to believe in you so much, I was desperate to believe in your views as i have a lot of unresolved issues with women and I used your blog as a platform to spew my hatred of women for over a year now. It was not until Christ spoke to me and showed me that YOU do not speak for God, you’re actually quite a sick man and it is my prayer that Christ will show you how rotten and disrespectful your misogynistic views are and how destructive they are to relationships
    There is not 1 verse in the bible where a man is supposed to “lead” his wife, or be her spiritual provider….The bible model is 1 of mutual equality where both are responsible for their own walk in the Lord and BOTH responsible for making decisions 1st Corinthians 7:4
    There is no such term in the bible as “headship”, the biblical term that is used is “head” which does not mean rule over, or be in authority over or to lead….Paul had a Greek word he could have used which is archon but he refused to use that word when describing the relationship between the sexes, he used the word Kephale which means origin or source, NEVER as authority or to lead

    Your entire sick, twisted, evil, demonic teaching that a man has to lead his wife or be in authority over her is because of your woefully inadequate understanding of the bible and it’s Greek Koine usage

    @spew your hatred for Biblical Christianity but that not this one.@

    Like the gutless coward you are, I take it that I’ve been banned from commenting on your blog? That’s ok, I’ve unsubbed you, I have no wish to support you or your sick misogynistic views any more so I won’t be back
    But do me a favor, have the balls to let this comment stand so that others may read and be forewarned about how sick you really are. It’s one thing to hate women but to do it in the name of Christ shows how far you have fallen from grace

    Enjoy your little echo chamber Larry

  23. @Anm1 I totally agree. As far as I know, it is perfectly biblically acceptable for a woman to work as long as she is not in a high position of authority over a man. I would feel a terrible amount of guilt watching the man I love work himself to the bone just so we could skimp by. I have somewhat of a military style opinion when it comes to work ethic. If there’s one thing my dad did teach me correctly it was “You get your a** up and do what NEEDS to be done in order to survive.” Life was harder years ago as we didn’t have washing machines, cars, etc. Staying at home used to mean taking care of the homestead. There’s no reason a mom can’t take up at least a part time job in a time of true need. Nobody is saying they have to go out and get a degree in law or physics. Wives without children are absolutely capable and should find a job in a time of need. There’s nothing wrong with learning first hand the true value of a hard earned dollar. I was raised in and still reside in the country where work means sweat and “buckin’ bales” (yes, even for us ladies.)

  24. Anm1 I don’t think that a wife working or not is a hill to die on.

    Of course a wife should work.

    The question is work at what? Work as some other man’s helper to receive money or work from home to be a helper to her husband, nurturer of her children, educator, home maker, dietician, caretaker and home administrator.

    A second important question is whose choice, her’s or her husband’s? I think the hill to die on is that it is his choice, his responsibility.

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