Exposing the Myth That White Christian America Is Dying

This article has been updated and moved to my new site dedicated to the discussion of politics from a Biblical perspective. You can find the updated article here.

3 thoughts on “Exposing the Myth That White Christian America Is Dying

  1. Hello folks, after a long break from posting I am back! Had a two week summer vacation with family at end of August. I know this is a long one but God really placed this on my heart. It is a lot to take in and digest but I hope you will take the time to read it.

    If you are a minority person reading this, please really take the time to read it as well. I do not preach hatred of blacks, hispanics or any other minority on this site nor would I allow it. But I do not believe it is hatred for you as a minority for me to want to encourage my people to stand up for their families, their heritage and their faith. And really just to encourage them that there is hope for a bright future for our people if we follow God’s ways.

  2. Hey, hey! I was actually just wondering about you the other day and hoping you had not dropped completely off the radar! Good to have you back! Interesting article, and one I will have to read again to fully digest, but, lets face it, believers aren’t going to just disappear, even if the left-wing, liberal socialists wish, really, really hard. The media, however, is the media, and anyone claiming to have the skinny on declining Christianity, declining white people and declining morality will gain the spotlight for a time, but when their names are forgotten into the cloud of history, the name of Jesus will still be just as strong as ever, if not stronger.

  3. My father and mother were born in the Soviet Union during the the mid 1950s. Christians during that time were oppressed by the Communists. The Communists said that there will be no Christians in the Soviet Union and the Bible will be put in the museum. Even though my father and mother were persecuted and the economy was rough, they raised seven kids. My father wanted my mom to stay home but it was not financially possible, he tried to follow the Bible the best he could.

    I want to be like my father but better, I want my wife to be a homemaker and take care of our beautiful kids (I want as many as God gives us) and home school them. This coming summer I’m going to my home country to find me a beautiful Christian wife who wants to live like a Biblical woman. I’m just sick and tired for looking for a woman here in U.S. I have invested a lot of time and money into finding my wife but God is calling me to go back to my home country.

    Biblical Christianity will never die because when you have a Biblical man and a woman working together, there is so much that could be done in America.
    There is a verse in the Bible that says, if you do wicked things, your future generations will cease to exist. But if you love God, He will bless you, and your children, and your children’s children.
    Liberals are killing their children and using birth control but true Christians have a house full of Children, and I can’t wait till the day when I have a house full of little boys and girls.

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