One thought on “Why Polygamy Is Not Unbiblical Part 4

  1. “Moses says a man cannot take a woman’s sister as a rival wife while the woman lives…”
    The key here is “rival” (NIV) The passage goes on, “to vex (KJV) her beside the other.”
    If one’s first wife does not welcome the proposed second wife (or concubine), or the proposed wife is not accepting of the first wife, a man is unwise to take on the additional wife. Sisters often are very fond of one another, and would not “vex” one another. In the case of Jacob, Leah (his first wife) and Rachel (the one he wanted), it was Jacob’s unkind treatment of Leah that was the cause of strife. He let her know that she was unloved, and kept his bad attitude toward her up for years, though he somehow managed to sire seven children from her. What? Did he put a bag over her head?

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