5 thoughts on “Why Polygamy Is Not Unbiblical Part 3

  1. I believe you meant to say that “Mia” can be “one” or “first”. Mia is what appears in 1 Timothy 3:2 and Heis is the Greek numerical “one”.

  2. What heresy! You use the bible to disrespect women, to devalue women, and to encourage men to be unfaithful to their one wife, and to tear down being “one flesh” – of course you CANNOT BECOME ONE FLESH WITH MORE THAN ONE! What does one flesh mean? I cannot believe you are saying this? You are not even in the spirit of God! Are you a saved believer? Do you know and love God? Do you know that you will see Jesus at His coming?

  3. “one flesh” has the idea of sexual union. When two people come together in the act of sex, whether they are married, or unmarried, they become “one flesh”. Paul talks about when believers go to prostitutes they are becoming “one flesh”, because there bodies are joined in sex. God here definitely condemns men seeing prostitutes or being male whores and running around with different women, there is no debate there.

    I never once encouraged men to run around with prostitutes, or unmarried women. I have simply said in many places on this blog, a man is not being unfaithful to his first wife when he seeks a second wife. God regulated polygamy in the Old Testament, and as long as he continues to take care of his first wife, he has every Biblical right to take a second wife and there is no unfaithfulness in that.

    And yes I am believer, and yes I know I love God dearly. I do not claim perfection in my knowledge of the Scriptures, or even in my daily walk. I ask the Lord daily to forgive my sins. One day I will meet my redeemer face to face, and I look forward to that day, not because of anything I have done, but because of his mercy he saved me.

    But I would encourage you to ponder whether you are “speaking the truth in love”(Ephesians 4:15) or are you speaking the truth in hatred?

  4. What was going on at the time that God would make an issue of a man divorcing his ‘first wife’. Also,not to argue your point, but, we have so few qualified to be pastor and deacons so as it is. What if polygamy was fully allowed in this country? Wouldn’t that also disqualify one from those offices?…if the Scripture means ‘one’ and no other. Just wandering

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