Why Am I Here?

“Why Am I here?” The answer to this question was known from the beginning thousands of years ago when God created man. But then mankind turned against the one true God and turned to false gods and false religions and the truth of our origins was forgotten by much of mankind.  Many philosophers have tried to answer this question apart from the Bible and have failed in their attempts.

One of the most popular Christian books written in the last couple decades, “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren, sought to answer this question from a Biblical perspective. Like all Christian writers before him, Pastor Warren correctly states that we were created to bring glory to God.

But we must answer the question of HOW God meant for us to bring him glory other wise the answer has no practical guidance for our lives. Every thing God created was made to bring him glory in a unique way.  As men and women we were created by God to bring him glory in very unique and special ways.

In my new 12 part podcast series on BGRLearning.com entitled “His Image Our Purpose” I show that while Rick Warren had good intentions with his book, he actually missed the primary way that God meant for us as men and women to bring him glory.

Click here to go to the free section of BGRLearning.com to hear one of the episodes from this 12 part series.  If you find this to be a blessing you can subscribe to BGRLearning.com to hear all 12 parts of this series along with other new episodes on various other topics from a Biblical perspective that are posted each Saturday.


12 thoughts on “Why Am I Here?

  1. Hi
    Do you have any articles of yours you can link to on how women belong to their husbands?
    If you can help in any way it would be much appreciated.
    Got attacked, then called a woman hater, then banned because I told some feminists that a wife belongs to her husband, and that man was made in the image of God, but women are made in the image of men.
    Thank you

  2. feministdestroyer,

    The following is a statement I made in my recent article “Why God’s Identification as Male Is the Key to Understanding Life’s Meaning”:

    “Piper states:

    “Woman was not modeled after some other god. There is no other god. She was modeled after God.”

    This is what is called a strawman argument. Who said woman was modeled after some other god? The false argument Piper is pushing is woman must be modeled after a god, and therefore since we know there is only one God then woman must be equally modeled after God in the same way man is.
    The fact is that woman is NOT modeled after God or man while she does share common attributes with man whom she was taken from and therefore God as well because man was made in the image of God.

    I used to say in error “Man is the image of God, and woman is the image of man” but I realized that statement is also theologically incorrect. The Bible never states that woman is the image of God nor does it state she is the image of man. She shares a common human nature with man but she is not his image as her nature is still very different.

    Woman was given her core human traits like self-awareness, creativity, the ability to feel emotions, the ability to appreciate beauty and the ability to learn to make her a “help meet” (Genesis 2:18) for man. Man was given these same core human traits and then addition traits of increased strength, competitiveness, aggressiveness and many other traits we understand as masculine for a different purpose.

    Man was given his masculine human nature to image God and thereby bring him glory. Woman was given her feminine nature not to be God’s image bearer, but instead to be a HELP to his image bearer. This is the truth of the Word of God.”

    You can find the complete article here:

    As to your question about where the Bible says women belong to their husbands – you can find an article here that gives Scripture passages proving men own their wives(and their children):

  3. I am in your debt….Those links you showed me with your articles is just what I needed. Your work here is invaluable, I am just saddened that you don’t get more views
    Do you have any answers BGR for those feminist witches who hate and resent how God has ordained biblical gender roles for mankind, because I came across a blog who says that complimentarianism is wrong and has flaws because , and she sites e.g’s of when a man is lower intelligence than his wife, so a wife should not have to follow his lead, and men who have been injured and confined to a wheelchair, wives have to take over the role of working and looking after her invalid husband, so therefore the biblical roles don’t apply any more…..she also brought up the most hurtful e.g, what happens through no fault of his own that a man is made redundant and can’t find work?, she says that a wife no longer has to submit to her husband because he is not doing his part as a provider

    I hate to bother you like this, but if you could provide more links it would be much appreciated.

  4. Links are great; but truly your best weapon is the Word of God! The bible is our source and according to 2 Tim 3:16:

    All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness;

    Truly there is no argument that can be mustered against the Word. There are lots of excuses and reasons why they don’t have to follow the word, but their problem is not with you, but with the Word, and ultimately with God. They simply refuse to follow the path that God has set before them, choosing instead to attempt to redefine God into something that He isn’t.

  5. FD, I would approach this by saying exceptions never trump fundamental rules. And we must be very careful in saying what is an exception. For example, the speed limit is firm. A medical emergency is a valid exception but running late to work isn’t.
    None of the examples given by the feminist above are valid exceptions. God didn’t say that the spouse with the higher IQ or who has more fiscal responsibility is the leader. He said the husband is the leader period.
    What about physical infirmity? That is no exception either. Leading a family does not require that the husband be physically stout. FOR led this nation through the great depression as an invalid. A man can lead his wife and children just the same.
    Neither does the Bible say the one who makes the most money leads. Unemployment doesn’t change the rule. Now the husband should be earnestly seeking to provide for his family either by a job or by other legal means such as having his own business. But he is to lead regardless.
    Now one possible exception would be genuine mental incapacity of a husband. This doesn’t just mean that he isn’t as “smart” as his wife but that he is actually incapable of making normal daily decisions for some actual reason like Alzheimer’s, a stroke, or a tramatic brain injury. In such cases a wife may lead until he has regained functional mental capacity, and she should lead only according to her husband’s established patterns as she is only acting as a steward in his stead.
    This woman and those like her are just looking for any reason to defy God’s standard and usurp their husbands because they are a rebellious lot. They are foolish women with hard hearts and i feel sorry for their poor husbands.

  6. I want to add another couple of thoughts: Practically every woman could find some reason not to submit to her husband. None of us is perfect or even close. While we must strive to love our wives and children as Christ loves the church, we all fall short. But God’s standard remains- husbands are the heads of the home. We lead as imperfect men being transformed as we die to ourselves and live in Christ. We need to be patient and loving towards our wives, but we must not allow them to take the place the God intends that we alone occupy.

    A godly wife looks for ways to submit to her husband knowing that God calls her to submit in everything. An ungodly wife looks for any reason not to submit and to usurp her husband’s place of authority in the home. It really is a matter of the heart. A submissive heart doesn’t make excuses or try to weasel out of God’s plan. Any wife who is struggling to submit and looking for reasons not to needs to repent. As she does so, she will find God’s grace to live as she ought.

  7. One more thing- Goofy auto-correct got me on the first comment! “FOR” should be “FDR” (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). While I don’t approve of his politics, I do think he did a good job of leading in troubled times in God’s providence.

  8. Anm1,

    In his defense, feminist destroyer was asking for links containing Scriptures that address the issues he asking about. I agree our greatest weapon is not man’s reasoning or statistics but it is indeed the Word of God. And that is why while I do try to reason with feminists and I also try to show them stats on things like women having less children and how that impacts nations – I wholeheartedly believe the Bible is our best weapon in this spiritual warfare against feminism all other evil ideologies that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God:

    “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”
    Hebrews 4:12 (KJV)

    “6 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;
    5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”
    II Corinthians 10:4-5 (KJV)

  9. @Wiscot

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions Wiscot
    I guess I kind of knew the answer, but it is good to have it confirmed by your words. Women will look for any excuse to disobey their husbands and not be in subjection to them
    A very close friend of mine, lost his job, and is finding it very hard to get another one, and he is trying, but that was all the impetus his wife needed to throw that in his face and start saying she no longer has to obey him, or do “her part” because he is no longer the provider….It has destroyed my friend’s self esteem, nearly to the point of suicide, whatever happened to “through richer or poorer”? I guess in the end all women care about is money

  10. FD, That’s really sad about your friend. Sometimes it takes a difficult circumstance to reveal true character.

    Not all women are like that. My wife has stayed with me through many ups and downs. I’m presently jobless and having difficulty finding something. She has been encouraging and supportive. I’m blessed.

  11. fd, it isn’t “all women care about is money”, but rather “all many women care about is money”. Many women, like many men, are completely lost in this world following their own human selfish motivations instead of looking towards God and following Him. Your friend, while I understand is in defeat, needs to reach down inside and get back to action. He needs to be strong. A problem I see for many men now is that they are very quick to believe the notion of defeat, self focus, pity party, and victim hood that is sold men these days. You won’t see society saying anything about a defeated man who wants to just crawl in the corner and give up; that is what society wants. And it is everywhere. I was teaching my son the other day this very lesson that you can’t stay in defeat or avoid something you don’t want to deal with. It is always better to get into action and work out a solution. In the case of your friend, he needs to start first with the wife and say, nothing in our marriage has changed and we will not be redefining it. He needs to mount resistance to her foolishness. I understand he may not be in a position of strength right now, but that is what he must do. Secondly, he needs to get up everyday and look for a job. He needs to get out there and hustle and take his skills where he can. He may need to take a lesser job on the meantime until the one he wants comes up. Men have forgotten how to be strong.

  12. I think what I hear you saying is that a wife’s obedience and subjection to her husband is not conditional in whether he is currently employed or not?
    I’m pretty sure that is the answer he was hoping to hear which is good news for him, bad news for his rebellious wife ha!

    My friend ain’t the type to dwell in self pity, or have a defeatist attitude, or play the victim, he’s just genuinely finding it hard to get a job, any job….he believes it’s his age that is a factor (over 51),….he keeps looking, but jobs are scarce when you don’t have skills I guess
    He’s starting to feel that adopting true biblical gender roles for his family only works if you’re employed, and he has no right to insist that his wife be obedient as she constantly throws that in his face with accusations that “you’re not doing your manly part, so don’t expect me to do mine”
    I get sick of his constant whining to me, but I fear she is wearing him down with her belittling and nagging
    Anyway enough of my ranting…….I see BGR has posted a new thread which I need to read

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