Biblical Gender Roles is Back on Facebook

As many of my regular readers know due to that latest doxing attempt against me, I took down the Biblical Gender Roles Facebook page since it had my personal information attached to it because I purchased ads for it.

About two weeks ago, I was contacted by one of my followers on this blog and he really felt led of the Lord to revive the Facebook page for this blog.  I told him as I have told others that I have no problem if someone wanted to revive the Facebook page on their own.  He asked for permission to copy texts from my blog for various descriptions and to link the page to send to my email and I told him I was fine with that.

He also told me he wanted to help with paying for advertising for it.  He has committed to at least $200 or more per month to pay for Facebook ads.

He put the page back up in the last week – you can find it here . He already started buying ads for my recent articles “A Christian Young Man’s Guide to Life and Finding A Wife in a Post-Feminist World” and “A Christian Young Woman’s Guide to Life and Finding A Husband in a Post-Feminist World”.  He is specifically targeting young people ages 13 to 18 with these articles and I have already seen a great deal of feedback from his advertisements.   As of today, he has reached more than 10,000 teens on Facebook with these two articles.

He gave me a way to electronically send him more money to help with Facebook ads which I will be doing as well.  If you want to help with this ministry and getting this message out you can go to my donations page and click on the Donate button to send donations which I can forward to him.

Pray that God will use this to reach many hearts and minds with the teachings of his Word in a generation which has turned against God and his Word.

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