Four Biblical Ways a Christian Wife Can Cope with a Cheating Husband

The world and sadly many churches today tell women to leave their cheating husbands.   But is this what the Bible tells women to do? How can a woman possibly stay with a cheating husband? How could she cope with this on a daily basis and have any kind of a relationship with her husband knowing what he is doing?

In my new podcast series on entitled “Four Biblical Ways a Christian Wife Can Cope with a Cheating Husband”, I first start out with an email from a Christian wife named Beth.  She has been married 8 years and has three children.  She recently discovered that her husband has been engaging in sexual sin while he is away on business trips.

I help her and other wives to navigate the range of emotions they are experiencing and point them to the Bible to put their husbands’ sin in a right Biblical perspective.  It is only when a woman sees her husband’s sin from God’s perspective and that she can fully accept how God wants her to cope with her husband’s sin.

Whoremongering husbands are nothing new in the history of the world.   Both men and women have been engaging in sexual sin since the beginning of mankind.  And as with many things in the Bible, his instructions to wives in how to deal with and cope with their husband’s sin is different than his instructions for men. 

It is possible for a Christian wife to have a good relationship, a loving relationship, with her whoremongering husband if she follows the commands and principles of the Word of God that I talk about in this series.

Many Christian women today may find this impossible to believe, but with God all things are possible. 

Even if you are not married or are married and don’t have a whoremongering husband, the Biblical principles in this series will help to strengthen your marriage.

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2 thoughts on “Four Biblical Ways a Christian Wife Can Cope with a Cheating Husband

  1. Hello and thanks for your reply. I don’t think she should divorce her unfaithful husband (I apologize if this is what I Implied). But I don’t think it would be safe for her to have relations with him. That was the part of the article to which I was referring. She could still submit to him, care for their home, care for their children, cook meals etc. He could, however, take steps to protect his wife to ensure relations are safe (get tested for STDs or use condoms, for instance ) to protect his wife’s health. But I not sure I could continue sex with him until I knew he was safe. Thanks again for your reply.

  2. Lola,

    First – if the husband had not been whoring around he would never have got an STD in the first place. And yes, even if he comes to a repentful state, realizing his sin, he should get tested for STDs and take precautions with his wife. But this podcast was not written from the perspective of the whoremongering husband who is absolutely doing wrong, this was speaking to the Christian wife as to how she should deal with her whoremongering husband.

    So, from her perspective I would say this to the woman dealing with her husband’s sinfullness – “God does not call us to be safe, he calls us to be holy”. And if she refuses relations with him for fear of getting an STD, then she sins against him and against God. God says a woman must submit to her husband “in everything” and part of “everything” includes giving her body in marriage bed. Just because he is going outside and getting sex in other places besides the marriage bed (which is sin) does not allow her to sin against him by refusing herself to him because it might not be safe from an STD standpoint.

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