Stories of Sexual Denial in Marriage – Episode 1 Part 2

I received an update from our anonymous commenter from Episode 1:

Stories of Sexual Denial in Marriage – Episode 1

My wife recently took a vacation (alone) to meet an old friend.  I was glad to lend a hand and be with my daughter for the weekend.  We have so much fun together.  Before my wife left, I checked her “personal kit” and discovered that a bottle of personal lubricant was missing….but nothing else.  Additionally, she purchased some men’s jewelry and did her best to hide it from me.  I believe she took it with her.  That, and the personal lubricant, makes me question everything.  I no longer trust her.  I searched every square inch of the house for both items (and I mean EVERYWHERE).  None were found.  I’m really struggling with the next step.  While God hates divorce, would he honor my decision and permit me to remarry someday with the facts I have right now?  This is absolutely unbearable.

I received this and more information privately and believe based upon this evidence this Christian husband has enough evidence to confront his wife’s sexual immorality and then file for a divorce.  I recommended that he wait till she returns and then puts her “personal items” back in their place.

He is right that God hates divorce.  But God made divorce because we are sinners and he knows that.  This man’s wife has sinned against the covenant of their marriage.

The next steps will be difficult and very emotional – she may try and keep both him and her lover(I have seen this before) and he needs to hold the line and know he is doing is right.

I pray God will be with this Christian husband on the very difficult journey he must make.  I wish this type of story was rare, but it is not.  We are living in an evil times where people living by their feelings, rather than by the commitment they made to marriage.


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