The Weinstein Verdict Sets a Very Bad Precedent

As far back as 3500 years ago, the Bible required that there be corroborating evidence in the form of at least two witnesses before someone could be convicted of any crime (Deuteronomy 19:15-20). In other words, you could not just accuse someone of a crime, whatever that may be. The burden was on the accuser to present corroborating evidence of the crime.

And about 250 years ago, Benjamin Franklin stated “That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved.”
But in our post-feminist and humanist society, it is feelings, not facts and logic, which have become the basis for economic and social policies. And the justice system is no exception to this rule. Before the women’s rights movements got rid of protections in the 1980’s, corroborating evidence was required to prove a man raped or sexually assaulted a woman just as you would have to have corroborating evidence to convict a person of any other crime. In other words, prior to the 1980’s the burden of proof was on the accuser of sexual assault, not the one being accused as it had been for thousands of years.

But from the 1980s onward, in any case of a sex crime, the burden of proof was transferred from the accuser to the accused. The only protection left for those accused of sex crimes without corroborating evidence was that most juries would still not convict people for sex crimes without corroborating evidence even though the law no longer required it for a conviction. This is why in most cases prosecutors would decline to prosecute people without corroborating evidence.

The Weinstein Verdict has now broken this legal precedent and many other precedents. Two women accused Weinstein of rapes than occurred more than a decade ago. The defense proved from emails they consented to meeting with Weinstein to have sex with him many times after the supposed rapes occurred. They said they only did so to further their careers.

Weinstein was convicted on two counts of rape, with absolutely no corroborating evidence. The real sad truth is that Weinstein had already been convicted in the court of public opinion and no one on this jury had the courage to stand up to the MeToo mob who wanted their piece of Harvey’s flesh no matter what horrible legal precedent this would set.

There is a Silver Lining in the Weinstein Verdict

In September of 2019, an article on made the following observations about the negative consequences of the MeToo movement on women in the workforce:

The unintended consequences of #MeToo just seem to get worse and worse. Initially, there was evidence that men were shying away from one-on-one interactions with women at work, including mentoring, one-on-one work meetings and socializing. Now, new research reveals women may be less likely to be hired for jobs where they are required to interact with men…

Reluctance to hire women joins a long list of behaviors at work that have been negatively impacted by #MeToo. Research from and SurveyMonkey last spring revealed that a whopping 60% of male managers were uncomfortable participating in common, job-related activities with women, such as mentoring, working alone together or socializing together. And the Pew Research Center found 51% of employees reported feeling that #MeToo made interactions with the opposite sex at work harder.”

Even the dating scene has taken a big hit thanks to the MeToo movement as an article from observed:

The #MeToo movement seems to be exacerbating daters’ anxieties about sexual assault and hookup culture,” she said. “In years past, young people were extremely excited about discussions surrounding sex, online dating, sexuality, etc., but now they’re worried about political correctness.”

Ella Whelan wrote an article for entitled “#MeToo has ruined the office romance” where she stated the following:

“Companies are responding to the sexual-harassment panic by banning alcohol from office parties and instituting policies on how long and how close personal interactions should be…

The truth that no one seems willing to admit is that many heterosexual women, even today, expect men to make the first move in a relationship… But in the post-#MeToo office, unless you send a memo to the guy you fancy, signed with your consent at the bottom, it is understandable that he wouldn’t want to make the first move for fear of being hauled before human resources.

So, let’s see. MeToo has made it harder for women to get hired, and for those women who already have jobs it has made it harder for them to get mentored by male coworkers and thus climb the corporate ladder. Metoo has also put a huge damper on office romances and on the hookup culture.

Sounds like a big win for those us who believe what the Bible says about women in 1 Timothy 5:14 that they should “marry, bear children, guide the house”. And also, anything that makes men have more fear about initiating sex outside of marriage is a good thing for society.


Could Harvey Weinstein have done exactly what these two women who accused of him of rape said? Yes. In fact, I think there is a good chance that he did. If Harvey Weinstein did indeed do these acts with these women and many others, he violated God’s law and God will hold him accountable one day at the judgement for all the wicked things he has done. But the same law of God which forbids fornication and forbids a man forcing himself sexually on a woman who is not his wife also requires corroborating evidence for any man to be convicted of such a crime. And that burden of proof was not met in this trial.

But the silver lining in MeToo’s corruption of our justice system is that it will be harder for women to get into the workforce and work their way up and it will help to discourage sex outside of marriage by keeping men cautious of being alone with women whom they are not married to.

And I am all for a man needing a document with a woman’s signed consent to have sex at the bottom of it and that document is a Marriage Certificate. Then he never has to worry about making a move on her again for the rest of his life! A man can freely do what the Bible not only allows husbands to do, but commands husbands to do and that is to “let her breasts satisfy thee at all times” (Proverbs 5:19) never “leaving the natural use of the woman” (Romans 1:27).

One final note to men in wake of this Weinstein verdict. If you follow the Pence and Graham rule and never allow yourself to be alone with a woman that is not your blood relative or your wife then you won’t have to worry about becoming the next Weinstein.

5 thoughts on “The Weinstein Verdict Sets a Very Bad Precedent

  1. The guy seems like a sleezeball, but being a sleezeball is not a crime. Not only that, but it is apparent by evidence that these ladies, and likely many others, prostituted themselves out for the opportunity to become Hollywood starlets. Their actions, however, would never be considered to be criminal because they were only “using their bodies in the way they chose”. Absolute ridiculous and chilling.

  2. SnapperTrx – totally agree on Weinstein being a sleezeball, but even sleezeballs have a right to due process and only being found guilty based on corroborating evidence of the crime, not just based on “we think you are a sleezeball, therefore we don’t need to prove what we think you did with actual corroborating evidence”.

  3. Starla,

    DNA can certainly be corroborating evidence, but then you have to prove whether the sex was consensual or not. And even if there are signs of forced sex on the woman’s body, what if you find that she was into kinky bondage sex or had rape fetishes? All of these things must be taken into account. In the end the principle that Benjamin Franklin stated “That it is better 100 guilty Persons should escape than that one innocent Person should suffer, is a Maxim that has been long and generally approved” makes for the best justice system.

    Today we have reversed this entire concept of justice. Those who agree with the Weinstein precedent of trying rape cases would rather see 100 innocent men go to prison than one rapist go free. I think as more cases build on the Weinstein precedent and men who don’t have a history or a reputation of being sleezeballs like Weinstein go to jail for rape with no corroborating evidence there will a huge backlash against this precedent. But a lot of innocent men will suffer in the mean time.

  4. “In addition, a bias against attractive women emerged. Almost one in five men, and about 6% of women report that as a result of #MeToo, they are less likely to hire attractive women. This research, soon to be published in the journal, Organizational Dynamics, is the first that has found that both men and women are altering their hiring behavior as a result of #MeToo.”

    So attractive women are less likely to be hired? GLORIOUS!

  5. Point one: Weinstein is an evil man and I am enjoying my schandenfreude even if due process was not applied. When evil men are snared in the nets of evil, it provokes a smile.

    Point two: God’s justice ie Justice was long ago set aside for social justice ie injustice, and expediency by those that hate His law. Until the law of God is once again taught and preached the magistrates will continue to replace God’s law with whatever will coalesce power to themselves.

    Point three: #meetoo is only possible because the proper context for sex has evolved away from God’s prescriptive plan. Rather than marriage being the context for human sexuality, humanistic culture thought erotic love was what made sex beautiful. But, post- humanist culture has defaced beauty and rid the requirement of love and instead found consent to be the required element to sexual activity. In the post humanist view the marriage bed is not a place of covenant or love but convenient consent. The marriage bed is not holy and sexual consent freely withheld or given capriciously. Fornication is as legitimate as marriage and adultery is moral if there is but consent. What follows is the codification of homosexuality, polyamory, soon beastiality followed in the not too distant future pedophillia, as long as the child gives consent. When God’s law is eliminated the vacuum is filled by man’s law which is tainted with wickedness. With no standard evil desire is as legitimate as righteous desire. Eventually the evil desire steals the label of moral and condemns the truly moral as evil. The homosexual onslaught has been successful at just this reversal and the persecution of the stubbornly righteous is coming soon in earnest.

    Point four: Feminism is a cause or a catalyst for: social justice theory, the abortion holocaust, defilement of the marriage covenant, delayed marriage, sexual license, the destruction of masculinity, the weaponization of sex for power and the stripping of protection from our daughters. A daughter willing to use sex to gain fame and advance their career is unthinkable within the context of Biblical-patriarchy. The modern church Continues to nurtures the tree of feminism, yet it does not enjoy the flavor of all the fruit, just some of it. Repentance starts in the house of God, so when will it start?

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